Training Plans

Do you ever wonder what workouts you should do today?


Have you been following a general training plan and finding it too hard, or too easy? Chances are that plan wasn’t designed for someone with your ability, your age, your job, your kids and there is no way that plan knows that you play hockey every Monday, go on a run every Wednesday morning and that your weekends are spent chauffeuring the kids to baseball, birthday parties, and scooter sessions! 


Having a plan that reminds you to work hard and to take recovery and that gives you new workout ideas that fit into your schedule lets you focus on putting in the work each day.


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3 Month Plans Eliminate Those Questions


Training Plans are great options for those looking for some guidance towards a goal but who can not commit to daily or weekly interaction with a coach with Weekly or Daily Coaching Levels. 

While I would love to work one-on-one with clients each day in the gym, on the road and trail this is not always possible. 3 Month 100% Made-For-You Plans allow you to access a plan made 100% for you and your goals. I include my latest workouts, techniques, event-specific advice and extra guidance on goal setting, recovery, and on preparation in each plan.

You follow the template, adjusting where life gets in the way and enjoying fresh workouts and the confidence of having a plan laid out to get you through race day.

100% Made for You 3 Month Training Plan


1 Initial Email Consult / Based on your Athlete Intake form

Adjustments, consultation or assessment during plan are often added to augment the plan

100% made-for-you program, no cookie cutters, no conflict with your family/work schedules.

Add Phone Consults for only $25 to answer your questions and get your plan updated during the 3-months.

3 Months of 100% Made-for-You Training Plan for $99+ Tax Total

 Purchase HERE  and/or Fill Out Intake Form to start no commitment conversation 

Please Email Questions!


Pre-Made Event Plans Delivered Instantly via Training Peaks 

Plans designed by a Training Peaks Certified Coach

Designed for specific goals, races or types of client.

Great way to get ideas for your workouts and some general progression towards a goal, especially if you have some experience with training and your specific goal.

does not include support or customization for your life and current fitness.

consultation, adjustments, and Assessments may be added to these plans as well

Check out plans ready for you now on Training Peaks HERE

Want Accountability and Weekly Feedback from a Coach?

Then you want Coaching!


If you need more support, updates, and Interaction than you are a perfect candidate for coaching.

Get unlimited email contact, discounts on all services and frequent updates to your plan so that when the kids’ soccer gets moved, your spouse has to stay late at work and that deadline at work gets missed your plan reacts so that you stay on track and reach your goals.

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