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Testing and Bike Fit

Testing and Bike Fits provide one-on-one time with a coach to assess areas you can improve your performance and comfort on the bike.

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About Peter Glassford

Smart Athlete has been helping endurance athletes reach their performance and health goals since 2005.

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Should I use Gel or Mix for Bike Racing

GAME-PLAY With all the hype about nutrition and sports-nutrition, it is hard to know what you should use to do your best on race day. My advice is always to practice what you *think* you should use on race day on your key workouts (intensity, volume, race-specific simulation). If you find you perform well and/or […]
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Race Cancelled? What Workout Should You Do?

Races don’t get canceled often but it does happen with bad weather and financial/sponsorship issues.   This is always a bummer as we all look forward to races as a test of our fitness, to see friends, and to push our limits. Getting first races out of the way is also a big reason early […]
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Can You Prepare for The Goal You Have Set?

Picking Point B – The Goal You Want to Reach Where do you want to go? That ‘Point B’ is the big race, big ride, or new power output you want to achieve. The big Crazy Goal that scares you into doing awesome training and learning new skills and pushing your personal bests. Read about […]
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Foam Rolling and Low Cadence Intervals

The latest episode of the podcast has a couple interesting but not simple to answer questions.   These questions are really a matter of who you are, and what you are trying to do. What is your goal? A second question is to ask what you are trying to do and what the main thing […]
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Polarized or Threshold?

A Common Question I get is whether someone should do polarized or threshold/sweet-spot training   I have done several articles on the different types of training individually (threshold, HIIT, Polarized) but to find your own way can be tough. We all want to be part of a ‘camp’ or club (e.g. CrossFit). For training intensity […]
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Great June Event – Try Cycle for Sight!

Cycle for Sight is a great event I have taken part in the last 3 years and have enjoyed the big day on the bike around my home in Collingwood with some good people, for a great cause. CHECK OUT THE CYCLE FOR SIGHT WEBSITE FOR INFO ON REGISTRATION, ROUTES, AND FUNDRAISING It is now […]
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Apps to Improve sleep by minimizing blue light from screens

A Common question is how to improve sleep, perhaps by reducing screen time or ‘blue light’ exposure. This can be an easy adjustment to make on most devices, some changes are ‘native’ while others require you to download an APP. Reducing the screen time especially, and to a lesser extent, the brightness/blue light could possibly help […]
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How to include group riding in your training (without giving up your goal)

I wrote a post for MapMyRun recently on ways to include group riding in an effective training routine. You can read the mapmyrun article on optimizing group rides here The trouble with group rides is that they are often not specific to the goals we set, they are often moderately hard but missing the specific […]
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Shred Girls Cycling Caps!

Check out these new caps from Shred-Girls. Great design and price for a piece of clothing that will help keep you warm through those spring rides This is a limited run of 100 and they ship April 2nd! ORDER => Looking for more info about Shred-Girls the book series?
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April 2018 – MTB Group Sessions and Gravel Training Rides

Please see below planned dates for sessions and gravel training   *I am always open to location, date, time suggestions   Tuesday, March 27 – Joyride Foundational Skills – 3 pm group session, 5 pm Private session  REGISTER Saturday, April 7th – Don Valley – MTB Group Session – 10am – 12 noon   REGISTER Sunday, April 15th – Gravel Training […]
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What Blend of Training Elements Do You Need?

Each athlete needs a different mix of training elements. One athlete may be very good technically but require endurance or interval work. Another athlete may require more strength training or a focus on mental training techniques. Smart Athlete helps you find your perfect training blend.

Endurance and Interval Training 30%
Technical Skills 10%
Sport Psychology 15%
Strength and Movement Training 20%
Nutrition 15%

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