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Weekly and Daily Coaching Levels to provide feedback, accountability and a plan tailored to your life, abilities, and goals.

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Training Plans

The 100% Custom 3-Month Training Plan provides you a road-map to your goals based on where you are now and where you want to go.

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Bike Skills Sessions

One on One and group sessions to improve your bike skills for road, Cyclocross, triathlon and mountain bike.

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Consummate Athlete Podcast

A Podcast that discusses movement variety and different sports. Learn how to optimize your health and fitness and learn new skills.

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Testing and Bike Fit

Testing and Bike Fits provide one-on-one time with a coach to assess areas you can improve your performance and comfort on the bike.

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Updated Plan: 16 Weeks through Cyclocross Season

This popular plan has been updated and tweaked to better suit the busy, adult cyclocross racer who balances family and work with a busy cyclocross calendar. 16 Weeks of Cyclocross Workouts delivered instantly in Training Peaks for $39 This plan is best applied during the summer so you have time to train before adding in […]
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The Generalist Athlete – Try new things

I was quite excited to have David Epstein on the Consummate Athlete recently to talk about his new book Range (which you can get here). His latest book looks at whether being a generalist with a varied background is better than being a specialist with a deep understanding and experience in subject, sport or career […]
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How Do You Choose Supplements?

In the below episode of the Consummate Athlete Podcast, we discuss 3 topic areas from listener questions. Supplements, Plateaus and Post-Workout meals for busy people. Supplements One of the big topics we cover is based on 4-5 specific questions in the direction of, “should I take this supplement” and/or “What do you think of ‘x’ […]
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Smart Athlete Cyclocross Training Day – Aug 24 2019

Be ready for the first cyclocross races of the year. Join Smart Athlete on Saturday, August 24th in Collingwood/Duntroon Ontario for a 4-hour training session involving both cyclocross skills and gravel endurance training to boost your fitness before cyclocross season. Schedule 9am – Warmup – easy shake out to cx location 9:30 – 10:30 – […]
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fueling for women, training on vacation, adding races, core

This episode of the consummate athlete podcast answers 4 questions from listeners. Fueling for Women vs. Men Training on Vacation – should you? How? How much? Adding races Core routine – any suggestions?
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2020 – Where do You want to go?

Are you interested in a Winter or Spring Training Camp with Smart Athlete? I would love your feedback/requests via this quick survey form. The survey is below or at this link Loading…
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Hormones, Performance in Hot Weather, and not so great Diet Trends

Stacy Sims was on talking about how you can perform better in the heat this summer. she also covers off some important information on women’s health around hormones, including birth control options lastly, diet trends that seem like a great idea but aren’t – play the episode below or check it out on for […]
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Intervals and the Lap Button

When you start a race, like the young cyclists above are, someone presses a ‘go-button’ on a stopwatch. This may be a high tech ‘laser’ timing system or literally someone pressing ‘start’ on a stopwatch (like this one) By pressing start, the athletes in a race will know how long they took to do the […]
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Climb and Descend Switchbacks on your Mountain Bike

2 Videos thanks to Canadian Cycling Magazine for capturing these thoughts and drills. Descending Switchbacks CLIMBING SWITCHBACKS
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Q&A – Fueling in Heat, CTL in season, strength and Fading/Pacing in Intervals

Topics Covered in the latest Q&A episode from the Consummate Athlete Podcast. In this episode, we answer questions from Smart Athlete Clients and listeners of the show! – Fueling in the heat –¬†Cyclocross bike fit + numb hands¬† – Fueling after Late night training – Race season Training Load (CTL) Decrease, Will I lose all […]
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