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Weekly and Daily Coaching Levels to provide feedback, accountability and a plan tailored to your life, abilities, and goals.

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Training Plans

The 100% Custom 3-Month Training Plan provides you a road-map to your goals based on where you are now and where you want to go.

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Bike Skills Sessions

One on One and group sessions to improve your bike skills for road, Cyclocross, triathlon and mountain bike.

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Consummate Athlete Podcast

A Podcast that discusses movement variety and different sports. Learn how to optimize your health and fitness and learn new skills.

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Testing and Bike Fit

Testing and Bike Fits provide one-on-one time with a coach to assess areas you can improve your performance and comfort on the bike.

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Coach David Roche talks Happiness on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

This episode had me so psyched for life, coaching and training. I hope you get the same awesome take-a-ways from this talk with David Roche and accomplished Runner and Coach, and now the Co-author of the Happy Runner (which you can buy here)   You can listen to the episode below in the player or get […]
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Strength Training for Cycling

I was back on the Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast talking about Strength Training for Cycling. We talked about some of the variations and approaches you could take as a cyclist and as an adult with other things going on (family, work etc.) You can listen with the player above or subscribe to their podcast (my […]
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Road Cycling Training Plan on Training Peaks – Be Ready for Spring!

New Plan Alert! Get the Plan Now from the Training Peaks Store This plan is for road cyclists coming into a new year and wanting to be ready for the spring. Likely you are dealing with some bad weather and riding the trainer, or at least not riding huge miles. This plan is for you. […]
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Joyride Women’s Day 2019

Book Your Private or Small Group Session with Smart Athlete BOOK YOUR SESSION CONTACT WITH QUESTIONS!
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Base Phase for the Busy Working Person

I discussed the concept of ‘base’ (or General Preparation) on the Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast in January 2018. This episode comes in mid-winter when motivation is starting to decrease and the reality that all those intense trainer rides were perhaps a bit ambitious! This episode also includes details about some crazy (FUN) fat bike adventures, […]
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2019 OCA / NCCP Coaching Courses

I am excited to share the dates that have been announced for 2019 for Coaching Education via Ontario Cycling / NCCP February 15, 2019 general Competition Development Workshop Mattamy National Cycling Centre $250 May 1, 2019   MTB XCIntro to Competition MTB Skills and TacticsHighlands Nordic     $100    ** I am facilitating this one  May 31, 2019   MTB XC Intro to Competition MTB Skills and TacticsHardwood […]
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Front of Knee Pain & Bike Fit

Anterior Knee Pain (pain in the front of your knee) is common in cyclists and runners. There are many possible causes of this, including everyone’s favorite ‘reason’ … TOO MUCH, TOO SOON. Go from zero to ‘a bunch’ of kilometers, climbing, strength, running, stairs, squats etc. and your knees might just let you know, and […]
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Fit Bit added to Training Peaks

  This is exciting for anyone who wants a ‘cross-training’ watch/device to follow/log their training on and who already has a fit-bit
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