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Weekly and Daily Coaching Levels to provide feedback, accountability and a plan tailored to your life, abilities, and goals.

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Training Plans

The 100% Custom 3-Month Training Plan provides you a road-map to your goals based on where you are now and where you want to go.

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Bike Skills Sessions

One on One and group sessions to improve your bike skills for road, Cyclocross, triathlon and mountain bike.

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Consummate Athlete Podcast

A Podcast that discusses movement variety and different sports. Learn how to optimize your health and fitness and learn new skills.

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Testing and Bike Fit

Testing and Bike Fits provide one-on-one time with a coach to assess areas you can improve your performance and comfort on the bike.

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TWO New Cycling Training Plans in the Training Peaks Library

Two new Cycling Training plans for mountain bike and cyclocross are available for instant application to your training peaks calendar. Both are base/general preparation phase training for those with limited time available to train. Time Limited Plan – Busy People Preparing for MTB Season (Base) This plan uses short workouts, mostly under an hour and […]
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Fit Bit added to Training Peaks

  This is exciting for anyone who wants a ‘cross-training’ watch/device to follow/log their training on and who already has a fit-bit
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Maximize Your Indoor Training

So you want to ride indoors. Maybe you want to try Zwift, or maybe you are over Avatars and want to focus on pedaling and doing work and not paying another monthly subscription I will begin this article by reminding you that you are SMART and that you always have the option of riding indoors, […]
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Putting Your Hands in the Fire – How to Race Faster

  Often I catch myself talking to Coaching Clients about race results (or goal events) for extended periods, long calls or back-and-forth emails. It is tough not to since races are fun, exciting and ultimately why we train for months on end! It is fantastic to share so many of these post-race conversations with clients and […]
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Fall Base Training Plan for Mountain Bikers w. Strength

Looking for a Training Plan for Mountain Biking? Check out Smart Athlete’s most popular pre-made Training plan last month made specifically for Mountain Bikers who want to do strength training and some indoor-Trainer Workouts Get Your Plan now via MTB Base for those with 5-12 hours to train each week 3 months of fall/winter […]
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Practical examples of how YOU can use Sports Psychology in your Training and Racing

This episode of the Consummate Athlete is a good one (see the show notes here). Many times Sports psychology gets ignored as people think you have to be a crazy person to use these techniques but the fact is that no matter how hard you pedal into that “smart” Trainer on the imaginary island your brain […]
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Learn How to Hop Cyclocross Barriers! (VIDEO)

I am very excited for this polished video highlighting 5 steps to learn to bunny hop over Cyclocross Barriers. I also share the key training tool you can use to learn to flow over things (and eventually jump, unweight and bunny-hop too!) Want More? Don’t forget to refine your Dismount and Mount Skills as those […]
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Do You Need to Run for Cyclocross?

This is a great question and one that becomes too polarized. I believe that many cyclists, especially non-elite/age-group/masters aged athletes who have to balance work, family, health, and travel with their training can really benefit from being able to run. Should you run? or do you want to run? Or do you need to run? […]
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5 Articles to Help You Get Faster (even if you aren’t in the ‘perfect’ spot)

These are 5 articles I have written for MapMyRun/MapMyRide recently that address common barriers to training for certain elements of cycling. If you want to get faster at cycling than you often think about getting faster on hills, or for time-trials, or in corners but your surroundings may not be perfect for this or, they […]
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Free Cyclocross Clinic in Durham, Ontario- Sept 26 2018

Free Clinic and Awesome Series alert! Put Wed. Sept 26th on your calendar and come to play cyclocross with me. Your dismount/mount will get better and then we can all race around the awesome course that the Durham Shredders have laid out for Wednesday Races this fall.     From the Shredders Website (check out the […]
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