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Weekly and Daily Coaching Levels to provide feedback, accountability and a plan tailored to your life, abilities, and goals.

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Training Plans

The 100% Custom 3-Month Training Plan provides you a road-map to your goals based on where you are now and where you want to go.

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Bike Skills Sessions

One on One and group sessions to improve your bike skills for road, Cyclocross, triathlon and mountain bike.

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Consummate Athlete Podcast

A Podcast that discusses movement variety and different sports. Learn how to optimize your health and fitness and learn new skills.

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Testing and Bike Fit

Testing and Bike Fits provide one-on-one time with a coach to assess areas you can improve your performance and comfort on the bike.

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About Peter Glassford

Smart Athlete has been helping endurance athletes reach their performance and health goals since 2005.

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How to Warmup

This is an exchange I had with a client where he was curious as to the variables and practices of warming up. I thought that this alphabetized thought process may be useful to you as well. It is a document that I will continue to edit as questions and experiences shape my thinking on the subject.
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Great 35 Min Yoga routine for Cyclists

[youtube] Check out the post on Cycling Magazine HERE Check out Kula in Toronto and Oakville Ontario
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Cross is Coming: What Workout Should You?

Inevitably or eternally, #CrossIsComing, so when you decide it’s time to get ready for CX season what workouts are best for you to do? The best workouts for one athlete may not be the best ones for you. Your friend, or your favorite pro, may be very good at high power, sprints and spend the […]
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The 3 Essential Cyclocross Skills (VIDEO)

I worked with Canadian Cycling Magazine on 3 videos to help enhance your cross experience. These 3 foundational concepts are key to review for the beginner and advanced rider to ensure you are getting the most out of your efforts. Book a one-on-one Cyclocross Skills Session with Smart Athlete Today Email to setup with Contact […]
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Pick a Big Crazy Goal

What is Your Big Crazy Goal this Season and Why did you pick it?  I did an Ironman last weekend. It was my first triathlon, which is sort of a crazy way to start doing a triathlon, but I like a good challenge and I had a lot of relevant experience that made a challenging […]
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How to read long title on training peaks mobile app

I am getting some feedback from folks on using the mobile app, which is great because it means folks are using the mobile app and logging comments/workouts more! The Issue I will occasionally (often) use the title of workouts for extra notes specific to clients (wattage, reps, pace etc). This is great, but the title […]
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Banish Race Day Nerves

One of my latest articles on MapMyRide/MyFitnessPal is on race nerves and how to optimize your ‘excitement’ for race day. It goes through visualization techniques, avoiding common mistakes that ‘back of the pack’ riders make, developing a routine and training for Race demands. Remember the goal is not to avoid being nervous but to focus […]
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How to Race and Ride Gravel

I wrote an article for MapMyRide on the gravel ‘trend’ that is taking over. Many Smart Athletes are riding more and more gravel to stay away from traffic, ride next to friends and push their technical limits a bit more. I talk about what a gravel bike is and about the advantages of gravel Check […]
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Troubleshoot Popular Power Meters

One of the trade-offs with power is that we must deal with having electronics strapped to bicycles that undergo tremendous forces and extreme conditions (temperature, precipitation, altitude, dirt, sweat and a few other possible bodily fluids …) You wouldn’t expect your iPhone to survive so be ready to deal with some device troubleshooting and do your […]
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2017 Bike Skills Sessions

View the entire Smart Athlete Calendar on Frontdesk Or Email with interest in one of the sessions   -> more dates pending and by request Pre-Rides & Skill Sessions at Race Venues   -> Ontario Cup #7 – Provincials Sir Sam – Friday, August, and Saturday, August Private/Semi-Private Sessions Available around any of the […]
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What Blend of Training Elements Do You Need?

Each athlete needs a different mix of training elements. One athlete may be very good technically but require endurance or interval work. Another athlete may require more strength training or a focus on mental training techniques. Smart Athlete helps you find your perfect training blend.

Endurance and Interval Training 30%
Technical Skills 10%
Sport Psychology 15%
Strength and Movement Training 20%
Nutrition 15%

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