Coaching helps You Achieve Your Goal. Whether that is World Championships or simply riding better in your weekly rides. Most Smart Athlete Coaching clients are busy people with lots going on at work, with their family so Coaching is meant to help optimize the time you have to train.

Smart Athlete offers 2 Coaching Levels based on how often your plan is updated (details below)


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Daily Coaching

Great for busy parents, executives, small business owners, and elite athletes. Anyone looking to achieve something well beyond their past experience or with ambitious timelines. The daily plan provides extra coach-initiated feedback and motivation that the weekly plan does not. 

  • UNLIMITED Questions / Account Changes, Responses under 24 hours
  • Unlimited phone/text time (Athlete or coach Initiated)
  • CUSTOM Strength Plan + Custom Nutrition Guidance
  • Coach initiated calls, emails keep you honest and accountable.
  • DAILY inspection of training files/comments
  • Training prescribed weekly, adjusted daily via training peaks
  • Bike Skills / Consult Sessions at $50 + HST / Session

$400 + HST/Month, 2 Month Notice to Cancel

Weekly Coaching

Great for those with predictable life schedule, past training experience, conservative goals, under 10 races in a season, minimal injury/illness history. Typical clients have predictable job and family schedules. Those with lots of past athletic experience can thrive on this programming as well.

  • Basic Training account to receive & log your workouts
  • General Strength programming is included
  • Unlimited emails for your questions
  • Support and Resources to support health and nutrition.
  • Bike Skills Sessions @ $75 + HST each or 4 for $250.
  • Phone Calls @ $25 / call

$139 + HST/Month, 2 Month Notice to Cancel

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Please Email if Questions!

For less commitment, see 100% custom 3-month plans. No adjustments but lower buy-in lets you try following a plan before committing to the demands of coaching  Training Plans