Training Plans

Training Plans Are Like a Map to Your Cycling Goal

There are lots of ways to get to a given goal or destination and seeing even one method to get there can be quite helpful to guide your journey.

But what if the map doesn’t start where you are?

Pre-Made Training plans suggest you can do “X” type of workouts and that should get you ready for cyclocross season or do this much volume per week to be ready for that 100 mile MTB race. But what if you can’t handle that workload or weekly volume? Or, what if you need a different type of training to do your best at your goal event?

A Route to Your Goal Mapped Out For You!

Smart Athlete 100% Made for You Training Plans take your schedule, ability/fitness, past experiences, gear available and builds a plan that takes you from HERE to THERE. From where you are now to that big goal you want to do this year.

At $99 dollars for 3 month of training you get a program designed around your life, your ability, your training tools (e.g. zwift? ski? strength?) and, most importantly, around your goals.

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Why Custom Plans?

  • Fit exactly into your daily routine with family, work and play!
  • Accounts for group rides, your race dates, and vacation
  • Can include general strength/core/yoga guidance
  • Downloadable workouts for Zwift/Garmin (as requested/required)
  • My latest workouts, techniques and training blocks
  • Guidance on goal setting, recovery
  • event-specific advice & preparation

Train for Your Goals With the Time that You Actually Have!

Have you been following a general training plan and finding it too hard, or too easy? Chances are that plan wasn’t designed for someone with your ability, your age, your job, and your family. There is no way that plan knows that you play hockey every Monday, go on a run every Wednesday morning and that your weekends are spent chauffeuring the kids to baseball, birthday parties, and scooter sessions!

3 Month Plans Give You Direction, Workout Ideas, and Variety

Having a plan that reminds you to work hard on some days and to take recovery. This is one of the most common training errors in athletes without a plan. Having a daily reminder of what workout is scheduled to progress to your goal event helps you avoid over and under training

Apply for Your 100% Made for You Plan 


100% Made for You 3 Month Training Plan includes:

1 Initial Email Consult / Based on your Athlete Intake form
Adjustments, consultation or assessment during plan are often added to augment the plan
100% made-for-you program, no cookie cutters, no conflict with your family/work schedules.
Add Phone Consults for only $25 to answer your questions and get
your plan updated during the 3-months.
3 Months of 100% Made-for-You Training Plan for $99+ Tax Total
 Purchase HERE  and/or Fill Out Intake Formto start no commitment conversation 


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Need a Guide?

Want Accountability and Feedback from a Coach?

Then you want Coaching!

Training Plans are great options for those looking for some guidance towards a goal but who can not commit to the daily, weekly or monthly interaction with Smart Athlete Coaching Levels. 
If you need more support, updates, and Interaction than you are a perfect candidate for coaching.
Get unlimited email contact, discounts on all services and frequent updates to your plan so that when the kids’ soccer gets moved, your spouse has to stay late at work and that deadline at work gets missed your plan reacts so that you stay on track and reach your goals.

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