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Successful Women's Workshop at Active Life Conditioning Collingwood

Thursday March 26, 2015 saw the running of a Women’s Workshop at Active Life Conditioning Collingwood.

This is the gym I have been working out of this Winter doing testing and Kinesiology sessions.

The Collingwood Cycling Club and several other vendors, including Hammer Nutrition, kicked in prizes, workshop content and some great snacks!

Topics included:

Molly’s Saddle, Sore Best Tips:   ( you can buy the book online here )


Noelle speaking on saddle choice and displaying some awesome, women specific Terry Saddles  , which Molly often mentions in her talks


I went over a few key movements to be incorporated in a healthy cyclists routine via yoga, stretching, strength and/or random daily movement. We looked at how our movement in the gym and in daily life influences our posture on the bike.


I also got the group to try out flat changing, some for the first time while others refined and helped teach the technique to solidify their own technique and confidence. HUGE breakthroughs for participants … should lead to some big rides and adventures this summer. IMG_6647


Hammer contributed 2 new flavors of gels for participants to take home and try on their rides (Nocciola/Nutella and Peanut Butter Chocolate!)

*use the code Glassford15 at Shophammer to get a 15% discount on your first order


Finally, Active Life contributed their great facility to us and it made for a great evening

Get Ride Ready-2       IMG_6642


Molly and/or I are booking 2015 clinic and workshop dates. Please feel free to email me peterglassford @ gmail to find out how we can organize one for your club, shop or team.

Washington Saddle, Sore and 'Training For Busy People' Talks at Rose Physical Therapy Group


This past weekend we were on the road for a few clinics and conversations.

First stop was in Washington D.C. for a very well run event at Rose Physical Therapy Group where we had been invited to talk to a group of women from the Washington Area. There was a great mix of goals ranging from riding more, commuting, first races, better group rides all the way up to IronMan racing ! I always find it cool to see how certain issues are common between goals and how different goals can have different solutions that another group might benefit from hearing. Learning to hop up on a curb might become important to a commuter who never thought of bike skills before a mtb rider mentioned it as something that changed their riding. A triathlon racer might have a saddle or short they love that changes a commuter to a regular rider when comfort is improved.

molly talking washington shaving and waxing women's only night clinic conversation
Molly lead off with her “Saddle, Sore” Conversation, which went amazing. The group did a great job contributing their experience and taking in some of the new ideas Molly has to share from her book and from other conversations. Being able to get the conversation going, infuse some ideas and let a group run(bike!) on with new comfort, performance and enjoyment is huge part of what we are aiming to do with this tour of events.


I was the ‘closer’ this week, going after Molly. I added some ideas about training and riding to the group.


There was amazing food provided (cooked even!) by the Rose PTG team and also some ‘Shake Shack’ dessert.


More talking, possibly about Snot rockets, Sweet Potatoes, training for a goal (i.e. what would you do if you only had 3 x 15min training sessions each week ? do you ever do that now?)


Amazing setup for this event … so many little finishing touches that make this a great way to spend a Saturday in D.C.


Rose Physical Therapy Group donated to the local club WABA – Washington Area Bicycle Association.

Pictured is Nelle of WABA and Clair of Rose PTG exchanging the donation and holding one of the cool signs that were made up for the event!


After the event a quick tour with Claire and Damon (Rose PTG owners)  and a super dinner in Capitol Hill capped off a great day.


=> Check out the new, instant pre-made plans level from Smart Athlete – Plans built towards goals like Leadville 100 for less

Upcoming "Bike Skills Foundations" – Level 1 and 2 Courses

Check out this months Course offerings in Southern Ontario. ( Link to Register on Front Desk for  Level 1 Course ) 


Bike Skills Foundations – Level 1

CAD$100•Purchase required to enroll 2 hour course

Assesses, Explains and Develops the foundational skills required to thrive in any cycling discipline.

Topics Covered: -> Slow speed skills, Rolling over obstacles (weight transfer), Front Wheel Lift, Cornering, Standing Pedaling, balancing

Great course for beginners and intermediates looking to gain confidence, speed and fun in their riding.

Many advanced riders find the assessment of these foundations reveals areas they can work on to build their consistency and ability to perform more advanced skills (e.g. poor front wheel lift limiting jumping or log hop)

November 1 =  At Hardwood Hills Barrie – MTB

November 2 = Dufferin Forest 2 hour course

November 13 =  Joyride 150 – 2 hour course – Bike Fee/Entry fee extra of $25 will be added to account

Bike Skills Foundations – Level 1

Bike Skills Foundations – Level 2

CAD$125Purchase required to enroll
A 3 Hour Course Clients should have participated in Bike Skills Foundations – Level 1 prior to this course.
Advanced clients may be allowed entry without the Pre-Requisite. Continues the assessment and development of foundational skills to include variations and progressions
Topics Covered include Slow speed skills, trackstand, side hop , trials skills, Cornering berms, Cornering exceptions , Log hop / wheel lift progressions,
Depending on location and group focus may cover: Jumping basics, Drop-Offs, Mount-Dismount, Cyclocross skills, Hike a Bike, Pedal kick wheel lift, Skinnies, Teeter Totters, fakie riding, trials skills

November 1  Hardwood Hills Barrie Ontario – ** Trail pass must be purchased on top of entry fee

Bike Skills Foundations – Level 2


Rochester Ellison Park Cyclocross Race 2014 PB Trek – Report, Photos, Links

A Great weekend in Rochester NY for the Full Moon Vista – Ellison Park CX – Presented by Trek

The weekend started with a Skills clinic that Molly and I Co-Instructed with The Durrins, Jeremy Durrin and Gabby Durrin (nee Day). We had a great mix of abilities and our split between a more foundational look at skills and cross with the Durrins taking the more race oriented folks on a more tactical and course specific session (sneaking skill work in as it is just as important for the advanced folks!).




*  Day 2 – pedalmag


1) Behind the barriers – Interviews! Hear the real stories behind the results @ellisoncross.

2) Caroline Mani Blog

3) Ellison Park Cycling News Coverage 

4) Live feed of by Gnarly Monkey: via


Day 1  @Sanctum_Cycles –

Day 1 velo news

Day 2 – Sanctum_Cycle: Gallery: Ellison Park Cyclocross Festival, day two

Day 2 by Velo news –

Bike Life: Clinics and Conversations = Coming to your area soon !

I am pleased to announce a new element to my offerings here at Smart Athlete.

As requests for speaking to groups and also basic skill clinics are increasing I have been looking for a way to get out and spend in-person time with more people in more areas and make booking such an appointment more straightforward.

peter talking to group with hands head shot    

Molly Hurford, author, cycling industry personality and Bicycling Magazine Staff Writer has proposed a tour to share the valuable concepts from her latest book, “Saddle, Sore: A Women’s-Only Guide to You and Your bike” combined with mini-clinics going over the basic skills discussed with  The Bike Skills Project

Each event will consist of a combination of a Bike Skills Clinic that really gets back to basics to make your riding on or off-road a lot more enjoyable, and a Conversation event following the clinic, where Molly discusses the top tricks learned while writing Saddle, Sore: A Women-Only Guide to You and Your Bike. Often, there will be wine. There will always be hilarity, and an open space where you can ask your most awkward cycling-related women-specific questions.

For groups that want to open the clinics and/or conversations to both sexes, we will have a third option for Uni-Sex events discussing bike skills, cycling hygiene and enough women’s specific ‘stuff’ to help dads, coaches and friends be better assets to their women cyclist friends.

canva bike life

So in brief if you have a club, team, store, race or group that would benefit from a night of conversation on being more awesome on your bike please contact us through the form (HERE)

Read More about the tour and Molly at Molly’s Site

Visit the Bike Life Site 


Team Trek Hardwood Expands with Trillium Grant


Team Hardwood-Trek expands with Trillium Grant.

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Simcoe North MPP Garfield Dunlop, right, is pictured with Team Hardwood-Trek at Hardwood Ski and Bike Saturday.  Team Hardwood-Trek will receive $75,800 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation over three years. SARA ROSS – THE PACKET & TIMES

Team Hardwood-Trek is opening its mountain bike development program to younger and older riders with help from a$75,800 Ontario Trillium Foundation grant, says head coach Rob Fex.

“We’ve been looking to expand. Part of the challenge is funding and to have the money to give you the resources to do this,” Fex said. “This is our kick in the pants to get us going.”

To date, the team, based out of Hardwood Ski and Bike in Oro-Medonte Township, has focused its efforts on training eight- to 18-year-olds. The $75,800 grant, doled out over three years, will allow Team Hardwood-Trek to teach ages six to 70.

“We take these kids into introductory mountain biking and cycling, we develop them and we have a path that can lead them right up to being some of the best athletes in Canada,” Fex said.

Team Hardwood-Trek will develop a program for newcomers, aged six to seven, and will create a masters program for the parents of young athletes.

“It’s a family sport,” Fex said. “Even if you can’t keep up to your kid, you can still go out and ride with them. You don’t have to sit on an arena bench and watch them.”

On Saturday, Simcoe North MPP Garfield Dunlop and Frank Steeve, Trillium’s Simcoe-York grant review team, congratulated Team Hardwood-Trek on its achievement.

“We want to give money to things that benefit the youth. We want to benefit communities,” Steeve said. “When you get young people involved, then it carries on.”

Dunlop said the grant is worth much more than its cash value.

“The reality is that turns into so much more money with the volunteer time, the in-kind work, the donations you get from different projects and that sort of thing,” he said. “Quite often, these grants turn out to be at least twice or three times the amount of money you actually receive in the value it is to your community.”

Team Hardwood-Trek is one of Canada’s largest mountain bike development programs, Fex said. In 2013, Hardwood hosted the Canadian XC Mountain Bike Championships. Five of the national champions were trained through Team Hardwood-Trek, Fex said.

“The focus of what we do is having fun, family and developing friendships. The by-product of that is we develop really fast cyclists,” he said.

In 2013, Team Hardwood-Trek was made up of 48 families.

“This year, we hope to expand by 20%,” Fex said.

With the grant funding, Team Hardwood-Trek plans to upgrade its coaching certification by sending its coaches to professional development programs, Fex said.

“Coaching is probably the best thing we do. So, to keep good coaches and to train good coaches … some extra money was absolutely crucial for us,” he said.

The team also plans to purchase equipment like additional indoor cycling trainers.

Racing her mountain bike through the forest is what got Dana Gilligan involved with Team Hardwood-Trek.

“I just came out for the Wednesday night series and I got hooked and came back ever since. It’s just fun,” the 14-year-old said.

Gilligan began four years ago and is now on Team Hardwood-Trek’s gold team.

She is pleased to see the program recognized by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

“It’s great and (will get) more people to ride their bike,” Gilligan said.

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