Mountain Bike and Cycling Client Testimonials 

"As parents of two athletes who have trained with Peter for two years I feel completely confident in his methods. We all know of Peter’s track record as an athlete, but it’s his ability to put that same level of dedication into his athletes that is truly impressive. Peter trains the whole athlete mind, body and soul. We have been fortunate to have some great coaches for our children over the years, and Peter has raised the bar to a level that is impressive." KK and PK

"I recently switched coaches and have been pleased with my experience with Peter.  His workouts, both on and off the bike, are refreshing and have reignited my motivation. His attention to workout details and response to my questions has been terrific and prompt.  He provides encouragement and thoughtful advice that has helped me deal with unforeseen set backs and the daily challenges of training in a busy life." RK Mas Ex. MTB

 "Hit some nearby trails for a great skills session with Peter. After a thorough assessment of my skills, we worked on practical tips to help improve
specific aspects of my riding. Peter's professional and thorough approach left me with great information that I can applied during my training sessions to gain
speed and efficiency in races."  SS - Mas Ex. MTB

"The group pre-rides were a positive experience for me this season especially at venues i have not raced at before. Riding the course with a few other athletes lead by you was definitely beneficial in terms of exposing sections of the course to pay close attention to and look at different lines which i would have missed on my own."
M.F. University Student, Expert/elite mtb and Marathon mtb

"I found that Peter greatly improved my health with a number of improved nutrition ideas and diet strategies. It has made me feel a lot better about my eating habits and my body feels better overall as well. He has also worked to improve my training with increased endurance and selective workouts to target my weaknesses/limiters that are holding me back in my racing ability. It is great to see the improved results in my workouts and on the race course throughout the year and know that it is making a difference."
J.Sl. University Student / Elite MTB

"I’m happy with my training and coaching this season. Second full season with [Peter], and I understand the workouts, terminology, routine better than 2008. Allowed me to put more energy into the workouts, and less into the process.Makes a difference with limited time to train/think about training due to work."
P.C. - Dad, Coach, Master Ex MTB

"Nutritional advice has made a difference to my health and wellbeing." 

"yeah, session was really fun.  amazing how much we were able to cover in 1.5hrs! "
T.R.S.   - Expert MTB / Teacher

"Coaching was timely, flexible, and specific to me. Group sessions with group of your clients were excellent, more of those please."

"Bike fit and position made a huge difference this year. Going up a size frame felt great. I was able to get my power down better this year, and my upper body/back was less fatigued even though I was on a hardtail. The way I sit on the bike (hips rolled forward, back arched) is feeling 100% natural now. At the start of the season I had to consciously think about this, and got lazy every now and then."
S.S. - Returning MTB Master / Dad / Full Time Career

"Many thanks on your coaching and support this season.  Life is good."
Je.S.  - Elite MTB / Full Time Career

This is my first few months with Peter and I already see a difference with him. The training is much more specific to achieving my goals. Peter helps me to balance my busy life of being a high school student, working on the weekend, and doing my best to be a competitive mountain bike racer by taking into consideration how I might be feeling after a tiring day teaching skiing. Peter is easy to talk to for me, all my questions are answered in a way that i understand, and in good time. In my experience he has also given me more than simple workouts that get my heart rate going. I have been doing much more planned stretching which has greatly improved the way i look at my training, my amount of stress in life, as well as how i feel on the bike. Peter also is a great person in general, he would give me advice when he was not my paid coach. I would suggest Peter as a coach to anyone who is willing to listen to their coach and want to become faster on a bike!
E.G.  - Junior Ex MTB

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