SMART  ATHLETE is founded on the belief that to reach Performance AND Health we must first balance Stress, Nutrition and Sleep. 

Our Health Optimization Clients can be put along a continuum (1 - 3) :
1) Some are most concerned with recovering from Illnesses (Digestive Issues, Sleep Issues, Fatigue, Blood Sugar) 
2) Improving their Health Further, perhaps working to maximize sleep, improve daily energy from an already
3) Supporting and Maximizing Performance. 

Regardless of what point of optimization you are at it can be difficult to assess and make directed efforts at improving your overall Health Status. Should I Train Less ? Eat More ? Eat Better ? Sleep More ? Stress Less ? How ? 

We approach this Health Optimization from several perspectives, starting with basic strategies to reduce stress, improve sleep and improve nutrition. Supporting you in your personal challenges along the way. Beyond our successful base program we maintain a network of Professionals (Naturopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors etc.) that will ensure any exceptional challenges receive the required level of attention. 

Smart Athlete offers one on one consults where the client meets for a Consultation, establishes baselines and then over the next several weeks records data about key health factors including sleep, mood, nutrition, social factors, performance, digestion and stress.

30 Day Health Coaching is available for $150 Initial Consult/Set Up Fee + $75 for Follow Ups. 

Please Email to see if Health Optimization is Right for You

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