Endurance Coaching

Smart Athlete Coaching Services
 - 3 options to fit your skills, goals and life -

SMART ATHLETE - Made for You - Training Plan:
- 1 Initial Email Consult / Based around Athlete Info Sheet
100% made for you program
- extra Phone Consults at $25 
3 Months of 100% Made for You Training Plan for $120 Total 

Athletes looking for customized plan, weekly feedback
 Best for Athlete's with predictable schedules
$125+HST/Month, 2 Month Notice to Cancel
- Basic Training Peaks account included
- General Strength Plan included
- Personal Sessions @ $75w/HST
- Phone Calls @ $25 / call (as long as required)
*** New for 2014! No Startup Fee !  ***

Athletes demanding the best of themselves, 
Athletes with variable schedule
Athlete's who value daily customization to their training

($300+HST/Month, 12 month Commitment)
UNLIMITED Question / Account Changes, Responses under 24 hours
- Unlimited phone time (Athlete or coach Initiated)
Advanced TrainingPeaks.com account, ($150+ value) using any device
- Training prescribed on a weekly, monitored daily via training peaks email updates
- Personal Sessions at $50 / Session
Startup Fee: $150 (covers initial meeting, ATP Setup, Training History Assessment)

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