Bike Fit-FaCt Test

FaCT Lactate Testing ** Now with VO2 Component! **

For Testing and Fitting Smart Athlete Bows to the Experience of Steve Neal/Crossfit Orangeville

10 Years of Experience

Reliable Data and Interpretation

Why Pay more somewhere Else ? 

Get the info you need to train effectively 

The union of the traditional FaCT test we have done for 10+ years and adds the element of Vo2 (respiratory/metabolic) assessment. This gives us more information about what the weakest link is for you and where you may benefit from spending your valuable training time.
Watch Fact Test in Action

Watch Fit Mate VO2 in Action
Sports Tested Include: Cycling, Running, Triathlon, Team sports . Your Facility or ours !!! 
The FaCT protocol for testing endurance athletes determines Lactate Balance Point, which is a true steady state for heart rate, lactate and performance. This heart rate is crucial information for determining the most efficient training intensity. (*THIS IS NOT Vo2 Max or Lactate Threshold that does not help you get faster!) Discounts offered to Coaching and Crossfit Clients!
Pricing (includes 30min post test Training Discussion)
** New 2011 with Fitmate Respiratory Assessment **

1 Test - $200 +HST
** committing to 3+ tests is the suggested course of action to ensure your training addresses the limiter / and see improvement / Retesting every 4-6 weeks is recommended*
Follow up Consult for Training $75+HST

*Follow up Consult with SMART ATHLETE Training to discuss building a plan off your test discounted $50 +HST

Steve Neal Performance BIKE FIT 
Your Hands Shouldn't get sore
Butt Pain should not be a limiter 
You should be able to apply power in the saddle
Your Bike Should fit you ... Not the other way around. 

Change the way you think about your bike. Increased power and efficiency and most importantly comfort. Proper bike fit decreases the chance of injury and allows you to enjoy cycling while performing your best whether you are riding recreationally or competing at a world class level.

 Available in Orangeville  or a location of your choice (other fees may apply).

  What to Expect
Each Fitting  Session varies depending on what each client needs, but usually takes 1.5-2.5hrs and involves: 
1) Assessment of current position, pedal stroke and limiters such as leg length discrepancies. 
2) Measuring select segments (I.e. Femur or 'Thigh') lengths, 
3) Next, your bike may be assessed for crank length, top tube/seat tube length.
4) As you continue to pedal adjustments to reflect your optimal position will be made until your bike setup reflects your measurements, flexibility and form.

4) Once setup pedal stroke, posture and limiters (such as flexibility) are assessed and worked on. This final process varies between clients but may include riding outside to better optimize fit and help the client understand a concept. 

1) Initial Full Fit - 1st Bike
    $200 + GST
2) All Fits after Initial Fitting
    $175 + GST

3) Time Trial / TT Fit
    $225 + GST 

(incl. Aero-bar positioning) 
4) Re-Setup (ie. new seat, changed flexibility / goals)
    $50/hr + GST

- Pedal Analysis can be done alone as a Skill Development Session

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