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Mobility and Movement – Some Updates, Refreshers and Rules of Thumb to Try

Mobility and Movement – Some Updates, Refreshers and Rules of Thumb to Try

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Mobility and Movement

Movement is my passion. Seeing people grasp basic movements on and off bikes gets me excited.

When we are not moving as well as we would like or in pain it can be quite frustrating for the athlete and also for the coach/therapist.

The important thing is always to stay positive and SOLUTION FOCUSED. What can we try or change that might help?

Often we develop habits that do not help our situation. When in doubt try doing things differently or adding variety.

Some ideas for your mobility and movement

1) Move frequently.
    => Many (most?) of us move often enough and in a variable fashion.
    => How could you sit/type/stand differently ? Can you ride your bike standing & sitting ?
    => If you are a cyclist & work at a desk could you incorporate yoga and/or hiking and/or strength training for variety ? (without being sore for a week?)

2) If/When You Can’t Move Frequently.
    => Focus on avoiding poor positions (slouching, weird sleeping postures, optimize driving posture) to minimize damage & mobilizing you need.
    => Mobilize to help overcome the effects of being in compromised positions (sitting, cycling, or anything in excess)
    => ‘Mobility Wod’ is a great resource. ***Easy way to access the free/older videos via Youtube

3) How to Mobilize.
    => Don’t do too much at once, keep it simple and focused on your 1-3 main trouble areas.
    => 5- 20min , 1-3 areas/movements , minimum 2min per area, go slow and BREATHE = if you rush/cram it is not worth doing.
    => focus on improving a position you want to get into (ie. cycling position, bottom of squat, arms overhead, standing with hips open)            
    => Rolling, Contract/Relax and oscillating in and out of the ‘end point’ of the stretch are preferable to traditional static stretch in most cases.
    => rolling each glute (butt cheek) for 5min each and then moving in and out of a lunge stretch (back foot up or down) for 2-3 min each is good place to start.

4) More Free Info !
   =>Below is a free chapter to Crossfit Endurance’s book “Power, Speed, Endurance”(buy here) by Kelly Starett of Mobility Wod
   => This is a 1-2 hour circuit you can do 1-2 x a week and get great results. Doing this whole routine will really help you isolate your ‘big 2 or 3 movements’
   => Free Mobility Chapter is Here in .PdF

5) Even More Info!!
   => A more slowed down and systematic explanation may be Network Fitness / Jeff Alexander.

6) Get Help.
  => A Great way to learn about mobility and work on your limiter areas is to get a Kinesiology assessment. Book Yours Now.
  => I am always looking for small groups and locations to spread the movement and mobility word. If you have a space and a few friends. Let’s do a group session.

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