Episode ZERO

A New Project has come from many different influences, suggestions and inspirations.

The Goal of the Blog ? 365 days of Bike Skills Ideas to augment your ‘Training’

We (cyclists in general) spend way to much time ‘training’ and forget about all the little things that go into actual performance. The ‘training’ matters and I love it but we need to ‘up our game’ and spend more time on all the other important stuff that goes into game day performance.

The other important stuff ?
Anything that is going to improve Your Bike skill. Mostly on bike skills but look for lots of influence from Nutrition, Mobility, Bike Mechanics, Cross Training, strength training and Coach/Athlete interviews.

The Characters ? Anyone I can get on camera with me, sharing ideas and their angle

The Mission Each Day : Find a Bit more Safety, Confidence and Speed on the Bike

And So It Begins …

*Please spread the word*

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