Check Out the Consummate Athlete Podcast

Check Out the Consummate Athlete Podcast

Molly and I have started a podcast.

The Consummate Athlete. (ITUNES)  and the podcast site HERE

We wanted a chance to talk to more awesome people who are doing multiple sports while pursuing new skills and awesome lives!

We also wanted a place we could share our learning from all these awesome people—especially as we adventure around the world and meet more and more people we admire (and secretly want to emulate).

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On the podcast, expect to hear ideas for new ways to move, events to try, tricks and ‘hack’s to push your movement and life to new levels.

The name, if you’re wondering, stems from this idea of being the kind of person/athlete who can just jump into any kind of situation, whether it’s a downhill MTB ride, a trail run, an aerial silks class or kite-surfing. She doesn’t need to be great at whatever she’s trying, but we’ve realized that there’s a type of athleticism that focuses on a few key movements that can pave the way to competency (and fun) in pretty much any sport.

When we thought of the idea of a ‘consummate athlete,’ our friend from BC immediately came to mind: he’s a wilderness rescue guy who works 3 days on, 4 days off, and when he’s not in the backcountry making crazy rescues, he’s mountain biking, surfing, hiking, cross country skiing, sky diving, or walking a borrowed dog around a farmers market and having a great time. He’s basically the best guy to vacation with, because whatever activity you want to do, he’s up for it… and can probably give you pointers.

And that’s what we want to be!

That said, we also want to dial it back to the basics. Peter is a pro mountain biker, and Molly has raced multiple types of bikes and triathlon pretty seriously, so we’re test cases with a decent fitness background. But the idea of being a ‘consummate athlete’ to you might mean that you can run with your kids in a stroller to the playground, lift them up to the slide, play on the monkey bars, and jump around a bounce house with them at a party. Because the skills, movements and practices that can take someone with already decent fitness to the next level can also help make someone totally new to exercise and activity quickly gain competency.

Anyway, check it out—the first three episodes are live, featuring a couple of getting to know you interviews with Molly and I (and some cool stuff you didn’t know about us before), plus our first guest, Ryan Leech, the amazing Norco trials rider turned coach/yogi (but still crushing trials).

Also, please let us know what you think and any ideas for improving the podcast (we’re new at this!) or ideas for who to have on the podcast.

The Consummate Athlete Podcast can be found on iTunes or for download for Android and other services.

Show Notes at ConsummateAthlete.com

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