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2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic Results, Photos, Videos, links and Story




2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic Results – Via Outdoor Expience (Trans-Sylvania Epic ) 


1) 7 day series on my experience and learning from 2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Race for Canadian Cycling Magazine

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6 Stage 7

2) Single Track Summer Camp, Why You Should Do it  By Molly Hurford 

3) PinkBike Stories, photos and video interviews from 2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic by Devon Belat

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6 – Stage 7    (Search pinkbike all Trans-Sylvania results )

4) Dirt Rag final recap of Trans-Sylvania Epic 2015 Lindine and Barclay win


-> Devon Belat

-> Official TS-EPic Galleries and Photos – Abe Landis Photo

-> Official TS-Epic Facebook Page – LINK


-> My Stage 6 Interview – LINK

-> My Stage 4 Interview – LINK 





Check Out Trans-Sylvania Epic 2015 Stage 1 and Stage 2 Reports on Canadian Cycling Magazine

I am doing Trans-Sylvania Epic this week. You can follow along with my reports at I will be bringing brief stage reports but also insight into the training, strategy and gear for Mountain Bike Stage Racing. You can find the first 2 entries below.

Post race shade and discussions with Justin Lindine



There is a snake in there 

Stage 1

Stage 2


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2015 Tremblant Canada Cup MTB-XCO – Results, Photos, Stories

I had the sensation that things might change this year as I got in my last workout at home before heading to the familiar Canada Cup Venue at Mt. Tremblant. Sure enough I was behind the news and the organizers had put in some work to loop the first single-track back towards the village and the ‘classic’ minime (13-14 year olds) descent beside the river would be used by the elites after being passed-by for so many years. The minime descent is quite rooty, technical and really fun so I was excited to get to race it.

I felt good on the start and was within the  top 20 and soon closed a few gaps that ‘eager’ starters had let open. I found the Wheel of Watson (shotgun novel title) and decided that it was the day we would race together. Sure enough I bobbled 3 times in 10 feet on the big mud hole and ended up going over my limit to get back on lap 2. Regrouping I rode steady and consistent, albeit with less speed then I would like. Ended up in 13th and grabbed a couple points.


-> Canadian Cycling Magazine Tremblant 2015 Coverage

-> Cancyclist Tremblant 2015 Results

-> Pedal Mag Tremblant 2015 Results/Photos  &  DOwnhill Results/Photos

-> Canadian Cyclist Downhill Results 2015 Tremblant




catching or loosing the ‘wheel of watson‘ 

-> Rastasproduction photos (Saw some of Karlee and Raph so far) 


BLOGS and Stories

-> Journal de Quebec story on race / Raph Gagne

-> Slaughter Blog 

-> McSneaky Tremblant    (also see McSneaky Rockshox upside down fork post)


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Question Via Email – Fueling Before, During, After

Before Rides and Races:

Stick to your normal. Don’t eat to excess the day or morning before.

Leave 2-3 hours before the race without eating and use 16-20/oz of water per hour and 200-300kcal / hour (divide into bottles and/or laps as needed)

(for me) I will add more rice and less veggies then I usually eat and generally less meat. Most people can/should just eat what they normally do. Especially for shorter races like Ocups. Excessive ‘carbo-loading’ is not generally recommended for most people. What is more key is that you don’t go too long without food on day prior especially after training. (recovery snack and fueling in workout + regular meals/snacks)
*watching fiber/spicey foods is a good idea.

During The Rides/Races

Doing what you do every key workout. Game-play your pre-ride meal daily, especially for key workouts.

Most people do some sort of sandwich or oatmeal/cereal. Carbs and a bit of protein is general recommendation. Again not a ton of food just enough to top up.

I do not use different things in my bottles as it complicates things for the feeder. I will generally do sea salt and water, often with BCAA.

I use mostly gel in a Hammer Flask for fueling for all but longest races. (>4 hours) . I rarely use bars or mix in races. . Separating fueling from hydration lets me drink more water if hot but not affect my fueling schedule and also I can use my water to douse myself if hot or my drivetrain if very muddy.

Many people use a carb solution (like Hammer HEED or Accelerade) … if doing this I would likely just put all the fuel you need and skip gels but you might do a mid race top up with caffeine or a ‘gel on the line’ within 15min of start.

If fading in races is an issue (ie. long races > 2 hours) then fueling may need to be increased (kcal/hours) .

After Rides/Races

Aim to eat within 30min. Most people do not need any magic potions or vitamins just eat something.

If training/racing later that day or the next day or you are very busy with podiums and/or shuttling kids around then a product like Recoverite or a smoothie with Whey protein may be a good solution.

More Reading and Watching:

-> Bike Skills project on fueling –
-> If you need Hammer product use ‘Glassford15’ at shophammer and get it delivered to your door at 15% off! **
-> How I Fueled My Long Weekend Game-Play for Transylvania Epic
-> Faster at Leadville without any extra training ->


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Woodnewton O-cup 2015 – Report, Photos, Results

Ted from Apex caught me sneaking some air behind McSneaky

Great first day back racing mountain bikes. I enjoyed the time off but last few weeks I have been going crazy to race. So good to see everyone (mostly everyone) at Ocup #1 Woodnewton. Kudos to Superfly Racing for great organization and for mixing up the course abit this year. Course was harder (about 1km/hr slower for most categories/athletes) .

Most Smart Athletes  had good/best days and most were on the podium.

Peter Kraiker Got me banking a corner on the final descent


-> Via OCA for 2015 Woodnewton Ocup #1

-> Strava for woodnewton ocup #1 2015



the popular ‘ocup podium hop’ staged photo (above by Molly) ( men 2 (by Kraiker) , women


-> PedalMag story and photos from 2015 woodnewton ocup

-> Waterloo Flickr 

-> McNeally (McSneaky) posts podium photos (not jumping) 


Jon Slaughter

MsSneaky Report from Woodnewton