Month: March 2015

Successful Women's Workshop at Active Life Conditioning Collingwood

Thursday March 26, 2015 saw the running of a Women’s Workshop at Active Life Conditioning Collingwood.

This is the gym I have been working out of this Winter doing testing and Kinesiology sessions.

The Collingwood Cycling Club and several other vendors, including Hammer Nutrition, kicked in prizes, workshop content and some great snacks!

Topics included:

Molly’s Saddle, Sore Best Tips:   ( you can buy the book online here )


Noelle speaking on saddle choice and displaying some awesome, women specific Terry Saddles  , which Molly often mentions in her talks


I went over a few key movements to be incorporated in a healthy cyclists routine via yoga, stretching, strength and/or random daily movement. We looked at how our movement in the gym and in daily life influences our posture on the bike.


I also got the group to try out flat changing, some for the first time while others refined and helped teach the technique to solidify their own technique and confidence. HUGE breakthroughs for participants … should lead to some big rides and adventures this summer. IMG_6647


Hammer contributed 2 new flavors of gels for participants to take home and try on their rides (Nocciola/Nutella and Peanut Butter Chocolate!)

*use the code Glassford15 at Shophammer to get a 15% discount on your first order


Finally, Active Life contributed their great facility to us and it made for a great evening

Get Ride Ready-2       IMG_6642


Molly and/or I are booking 2015 clinic and workshop dates. Please feel free to email me peterglassford @ gmail to find out how we can organize one for your club, shop or team.

Spring: Transition from Indoor to Outdoor Riding

This time of year is tough for athletes and coaches as we try to follow or create plans based on extremely variable schedules, temperatures and ability to do certain sports (i.e. snow available for skiing?)

The big take-a-way is to be adaptable and excited about whatever weather you have. Use your context. If on trainer keep working on quality if outside find hills and technical situations, if on ski or snowshoes enjoy the final(?!) days on snow for 2015.

The following are solutions I have used personally or with clients to get more training hours or more quality training in.


– you may have to ride trainer more. Try rollers and mixing strength into rides to mix it up.
– get your kids/significant others walking, hiking, tobogganing, skating orJOYRIDING … just move.
– schedule short lunch workouts ( have you asked?)
– get up earlier and go to bed earlier ( reduce TV/Sitting!)
– Arrange ‘child care swap’ with another athlete friend.


– Think outside the box – pole running, hikes, combo classes etc.
– Borrow from a friend
– look at gear from other sports – re-purpose warm clothes/gloves
– Start building your gear collection, late winter is great time to get tights, fenders, skiis, snowshoes etc.


– Try a class like my Strength for cyclists OR ‘Pedal Performance’ At Active Life
– Ride outside for some or all of your workout (try joyride 150!)
– Worth repeating = do combo of outside AND INSIDE WO

bike life joyride sept 2014 (6)

– Commit to ride with a friend, decide on a minimum time and tough it out together.
– Get out door, just start and see
– Do intervals inside / then crosstrain or ride ‘winter bike’/mtb outside


– Wear more clothes (overdress & get good at taking layers off. Gloves and hats and vests are easy to put on and off for changing weather/wind.
– wear clothes from other sports – doesn’t have to be cycling specific
– MTB on road/gravel/paths = keeps you warmer, safer and is goal bike for many!


– Some clients are in the city but not at ski slopes. Use your mtb and ride city paths, roads as possible. Find hills and practice hill climbing.
– do point to point to visit relatives for weekend = makes you finish ride AND access different terrain/weather.

What are your challenges this spring? How have you overcome?

Talk soon