Month: October 2014

Canadian Cyclocross Nationals Winnipeg 2014

Goal Achieved ! I have Cyclocross UCI Points ! … actually goal was to wear Knee warmers, go big on the ‘grassy knoll booter’ and then rub my knee warmers on McSneeky until he started fighting me so that I could jersey him and tell him to stop judging people … and that was achieved.

In any case, a great race venue and organization and very fun course. Mike Garrigan and Catherine Pendrel won in the elite fields.

Results => Via Canadian Cyclist 

Event Website =>WPG Cyclocross Nationals

Streaming for Canadian Cyclocross Nationals 2015 Winnipeg via Canadian Cycling Magazine

=> VIDEO ARCHIVE OF Canadian Cyclocross races 2014 Winnipeg RACES 

Canadian CYcling Magazine Story from 2014 Canadian CX Nationals Winnipeg 

Mike Garrigan won his second nationals ( he won in 2007 as well) which is awesome. He was sad at the finish because he thought he had lapped me out … this was not the case. His video interview(s) below from PedalMag (includes kabush and Mike V. interviews)






Upcoming "Bike Skills Foundations" – Level 1 and 2 Courses

Check out this months Course offerings in Southern Ontario. ( Link to Register on Front Desk for  Level 1 Course ) 


Bike Skills Foundations – Level 1

CAD$100•Purchase required to enroll 2 hour course

Assesses, Explains and Develops the foundational skills required to thrive in any cycling discipline.

Topics Covered: -> Slow speed skills, Rolling over obstacles (weight transfer), Front Wheel Lift, Cornering, Standing Pedaling, balancing

Great course for beginners and intermediates looking to gain confidence, speed and fun in their riding.

Many advanced riders find the assessment of these foundations reveals areas they can work on to build their consistency and ability to perform more advanced skills (e.g. poor front wheel lift limiting jumping or log hop)

November 1 =  At Hardwood Hills Barrie – MTB

November 2 = Dufferin Forest 2 hour course

November 13 =  Joyride 150 – 2 hour course – Bike Fee/Entry fee extra of $25 will be added to account

Bike Skills Foundations – Level 1

Bike Skills Foundations – Level 2

CAD$125Purchase required to enroll
A 3 Hour Course Clients should have participated in Bike Skills Foundations – Level 1 prior to this course.
Advanced clients may be allowed entry without the Pre-Requisite. Continues the assessment and development of foundational skills to include variations and progressions
Topics Covered include Slow speed skills, trackstand, side hop , trials skills, Cornering berms, Cornering exceptions , Log hop / wheel lift progressions,
Depending on location and group focus may cover: Jumping basics, Drop-Offs, Mount-Dismount, Cyclocross skills, Hike a Bike, Pedal kick wheel lift, Skinnies, Teeter Totters, fakie riding, trials skills

November 1  Hardwood Hills Barrie Ontario – ** Trail pass must be purchased on top of entry fee

Bike Skills Foundations – Level 2


Rochester Ellison Park Cyclocross Race 2014 PB Trek – Report, Photos, Links

A Great weekend in Rochester NY for the Full Moon Vista – Ellison Park CX – Presented by Trek

The weekend started with a Skills clinic that Molly and I Co-Instructed with The Durrins, Jeremy Durrin and Gabby Durrin (nee Day). We had a great mix of abilities and our split between a more foundational look at skills and cross with the Durrins taking the more race oriented folks on a more tactical and course specific session (sneaking skill work in as it is just as important for the advanced folks!).




*  Day 2 – pedalmag


1) Behind the barriers – Interviews! Hear the real stories behind the results @ellisoncross.

2) Caroline Mani Blog

3) Ellison Park Cycling News Coverage 

4) Live feed of by Gnarly Monkey: via


Day 1  @Sanctum_Cycles –

Day 1 velo news

Day 2 – Sanctum_Cycle: Gallery: Ellison Park Cyclocross Festival, day two

Day 2 by Velo news –

Night Weasels – Wed. Night Cross race in Massachusetts USA During 'Holy Week of Cross'

Perhaps one of the best events I have been too. I finished 12 or 13th and Justin Lindine somehow put a lot of time into me to win on the slippery course.

So many people out on a Wednesday night to race cyclocross in the rain !

Great pricing, course and organization .

Super psyched on the skill based Prime for first female to ride the stairs (Mical Dyck got it !!)  VIDEO 


Results (and links to a lot of photo galleries):

Official race photos on our FB page:

Video coverage from


 => Night Weasel’s PHotos on Facebook 

I rode the stairs (4 uphill logs) and was psyched that the organizer put up a $100 Gift Card Prime for the first Lady to ride them (Mical Dyck took it !)

How to upload Garmin to Training Peaks and Strava Automatically

This is from the latest Smart Athlete Newsletter – Don’t miss content like this – Sign up HERE 

Link to the Newsletter and the extra content / upcoming clinic-session info

As I work through the end of season reviews and new client intake forms one of the big topics is always communication. To maximize the time and money spent on coaching and training we need to make communicating part of our daily routine. As technology advances, we are more and more able to automate our processes and reduce the work we need to do IF WE ARE WILLING TO INVEST TIME UP FRONT!!Let’s take some time, now that it is off-season to review our processes and try some new things!


The first step is to get using training peaks comments daily. Tell me about everything, just like a diary (food, sleep, social, and everything about your ride)
=> Training Peaks Mobile App for your smart phone (HERE) makes this easy to do


Next is to get uploading your files. Most clients use a Garmin device now and a new ‘hack’ has made uploading almost mindless … just plug in your device.
a) download Garmin Express HERE
b) Get a Garmin Connect account HERE
c) Connect Garmin Connect to Training Peaks HERE
d) Test it out byPlugin in Your Garmin!


Strava is another great tool
-> you can also allow Garmin connect to send to strava automatically and save time

=> Basically click ‘upload’ in strava, then select ‘get started’ under the Garmin logo and enter your GarminConnect Login.
-> DC Rainmaker did a How TO HERE in more detail.


MyFitnessPal is also now sync’d with Training Peaks and is the nutrition tracker I use and recommend
=> Sync your accounts now.

5) If you have old Training data in Strava you can export it as a GPX and then drag it onto the calendar.
PS. Remember you can book a call with me easily w. Front Desk and I can help you or even do these tasks for you.