Month: September 2014

Sept 2014 Bike Life Women's Night at Joyride 150 Recap

Well our first BikeLife night at Joyride 150 Bike Park went very well !

bike life joyride sept 2014 (1)

We had a great group of women come together for our first time doing our clinics at an indoor location such as Joyride.

The group was a great representation of what we are trying to do with this BikeLife movement. They had different skill levels, different experiences, different goals but a common desire to learn more and be more rad on their bikes.

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We started the night with a discussion of the night’s goals. This idea that regardless of our goals there are foundational skills and concepts that make all disciplines and applications of our sport more enjoyable.

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Quickly we were out getting used to the ‘dirt jumper’ bikes Joyride 150 rents. These bikes are 26 inch with a very low seat and intimidating to many cyclists initially but as a group we quickly were on the bikes, standing up and rolling around confidently.

bike life joyride sept 2014 (6)

Over ~90min we worked on standing, ready position, getting over obstacles, cornering, using the pump track, exploring the XC track and applying the concepts we learned and we might have caught a little bit of air in there somewhere too!

bike life joyride sept 2014 (4)


The change in confidence and amount of fun we had in the clinic portion was amazing and everyone was tired and ready for some snack and some conversation .









Molly took over and the group quickly got chatting about all the important topics from “Saddle, Sore“. The best part of these talks is the open dialogue where participants can share their problems and their solutions … Molly always comes away with more ideas to share with other groups and keep this movement rolling to the next group, club, team or community.



Thanks to the ladies who came and pushed their limits, we had a blast.

If you want to find out more about upcoming clinics please visit ( Oct 8 at Joyride, Oct 9 Hamilton, Oct 10 Rochester, Oct 10 evening Rochester, Oct 25th Manitoba and more ! )

2014 Ontario Provincials Results and Photos

I sat out this years provincials as I recovered from Crank the Shield the weekend before . The chance to observe all the athletes I coach on one of the , if not the most, important races of their season is quite valuable and the course allowed for a good observation of each athlete’s ‘tool-box’

Senior elite women podium

Tori in 3rd in Elite Women




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Some Great Smart Athlete Results with:

=> Dave Reid and Jon Slaughter had a very exciting battle that moved them through the competitive elite field to 6th and 7th respectively

=> First Year Elite Rider Tori Giagrande scored a 6th in the elite race and a 3rd place finish in the Elite Women OVERALL

=> Cayley Brooks rode in for a 7th place in elite women

=> Jon Barnes finishing off another strong season with a 1st in 40-44 Master Expert Men after a hard fought battle with the winner of 45-49 year old field

=> Jerome Samson 4th in Mas. Ex 30-39

=> Siobhan Kelly in 2nd Junior Women

=> Sarah Fabbro (Hardwood Devo Gold) taking 2nd in Cadet Women

=> Dana Giliginn (Hardwood Devo Gold) taking 3rd in Cadet Women



=> Ontario Provincials Horseshoe Results 2014 VIDEO GOPRO Course Preview 


Please Email or Comment with your Results/Stories and/or PHotos (links)

Crank the Shield 2014

While I seem to thrive in the conditions and courses that Crank the Shield especially but stage races generally, seem to produce this one seemed to do a good job of leaving a few of the participants down a few pegs with injuries and illness.

Needless to say there were some good times among the shivering and sniffling. Bunking and dining with some new and old friends, including my arch nemesis AWI, was super fun and convincing an American girl to come and spend some time in chilly northern Ontario vs. staying in Sunny/warm Vegas was also enjoyable. Battling with Marc Antoine Nadon of 3rox was good times until he pushed me into a river and took the final stage win.

I ended up winning and got to see many of the athletes I coach personally and also have helped through the FREE Crank the Shield Newsletter put their hard work and preparation to the test .



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