Month: August 2014

World Cup Mont Sainte Anne Quebec 2014 XC Report, Photos, Video, Results

I was back racing at Mont Sainte Anne (see I can spell it) this weekend. Glad to be back at World Cups after a year off. I had way more fun and better form and driving skill than I expected. Fun weekend with Trek Canada and many friends from around the world. Perhaps not my best legs at Ste. Anne to date but far from my worst. I  kept the bike upright, except while throwing it sideways for whips and skids several times a lap, and moved up throughout the race. Called up 88 plate, start effort put me back further but not as bad as usual given the uphill nature of the start and then I finished 68 position. Happy with the day and choice to come back to Ste Anne and World cups. Windham Next Weekend should be good chance to up my efforts and get the full race in.



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