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I have to walk right into the lion's den. ( Stage 6 Trans-Sylvania Epic 2014 )

  1. Stage 6: Rothrock Tussey MountainFriday, May 30 2014

Today was rocky . 2 Very long ‘East Coast Rocks’ segments (very bumpy sections with challenging rock gardens) . I have been enjoying the challenge but definitely a test in controlling emotions watching the race ride away despite climbing as well (or at least close!) . That is what is so great about MTB racing is that fitness is multifaceted and skill is important, especially here on the east coast.

Scenery was tremendous and the climbs tough today, several really steep pitches that also caught my low rpm ‘love’ a bit off. Kept it moving forward and got more time on two of the closer guys too me while a youngster (Cole Oberman) has been having a great week and passed me in the standings.


= Stage 6 video , I throw down a Flick turn at 2:15
     *so happy to skid again*

CYCLING NEWS Stage 6: Rothrock Tussey MountainFriday, May 30 2014

Post by Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic.

On the line w. Sneddon, Bishop, Sontag, Paxon, Oberman, 
Dave Prior has been at 3 crazy events that I have been at this past year. 
He organized Single Speed CX worlds in Philly 
He was key on the beer commercial Molly and I were in , in California this Winter
And he is the one of the organizers here at Trans-Sylvania 
Awesome dude I am glad to have met. 

Waiting for the start, which was just across the Highway today so no driving ! 

Lone Chase ‘group’ again today. Bottles were not attracted to me today … had 6 lost 6
 drank 1 and had no tolerance for the 2nd ‘east coast rocks section’ and defaulted
to my most reliable position … moving forward on foot / grab the top tube. 

girls with hats, they tend to be very proper ( Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 5 – 2014 )

Stage 5 RB Winter Park REmote start /finish 
Today had many ‘rustic’ and ‘raw’ singletrack elements. Some really cool stuff that reminded me of crank the shield, some hard gravel road climbing, which helped me stay close to the race albeit I was the chase ‘group’ today riding up through a couple riders after checking out of the lead group on a bumpy single track. 
Was a large Amish community around the park and they were quite supportive and interested in the race. We drove to about an hour from our main camp to get into some different types of forest and new trails . Well worth the drive.

=Check out what was happening at the start line of stage 5 presented by Easton and XLC!

=Race coverage of stage 5 presented by Easton and XLC! Check it out
=The Trans-Sylvania Epic Live Show with Colt and Pals will go live at 8:30PM EST – please join us here:

Transylvania Epic Stage 5 Results and Report @transsylvania #TSE
— (@MTBRaceNews) May 30, 2014

= Cycling News Stage 5: R.B. Winter State ParkThursday, May 29 2014
      =Also see the TSE Facebook page for updates / photos / results  LINK

    A.E.Landes Photography
    This is Molly’s Friend and super racer Justin Lindine (redline) . I might have stole him as my friend though after several fun times racing with him. You may remember him from such wins as Paris to Ancaster 2013. 

    ( image from&nbs
    p;tse facebook
    ( image from tse facebook ) 
    This seems smooth 
    This is the bearded Man Thomas Turner. Awesome guy from 
    Georgia. He drinks beverages from a large, ‘bubba’ styled Coffee cup. 
    I have had some fun rides and battles with him this week
    yes that was me 
    This one was hub deep i think 

    Take this on down the road (Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 4 2014 )

    STage 4 – Gravel Style
    Stage 4 -> endurance XC **big stage for attacks / high speed ***

    Cool day. More of a gravel grinder with 3 enduro segments. I made the main group and just missed the 3 main break in final mile … Riding in for 7th . Did some chasing and some leading. Really fun stage and hardtail 29er perfect on the day.

      Also see the TSE Facebook page for updates / photos / results  LINK

    1. Nick Waite (ProTested Gear) in action during stage 4 of the Trans-Sylvania Epic
      Cycling News Stage 4: Bald Eagle CoburnWednesday, May 28 2014

    A.E.Landes Photography

    Leading the Group mid-race (via cyclingnews  ) 

    Me driving the pace to try and catch SNeddon and get me to the finish in the group ( didn’t really work)

     Driving pace of gravel climb

    Keeping the superfly rolling over rocky descents

    8 guys coming off gravel into atv trail and rocky singletrack is pretty fun times

    Make some bad decisions (Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 3 – Enduro 2014 )

    Stage 3 – Enduro

    Fun day on the bike and a bit of recovery save the 5 full gas , mostly downhill efforts . Kept the Ex 8 upright with a couple small dabs and 1 missed turn . That full gas DH is so crazy ! Cool to see how much I can still improve .

    Great write up from Sarah Kauffman!
    #TSE14 #TSEnduro #StageRaceZombieAttack

      Also see the TSE Facebook page for updates / photos / results  LINK

    CYCLING NEWS Stage 3: Galbraith Gap EnduroTuesday, May 27 2014

    Photo @mollyhurford 

    Trek Fuel Ex was my bike today . Much smoother and less tiring to my body for sure. Should be good mid week break with tomorrow being largely on gravel road .

    Photo @mollyhurford 

    Staging for instructions on how to Enduro . Baggy shorts were mandatory so sanctions handed out as well.

    Photo @mollyhurford 

    group meeting

    Photo @mollyhurford 
    rain is on the way tonight … scout camp setup is bomb proof … maybe not wind proof but i think we are better then the rustic cabin we have been working out of and making lunch in. Today’s afternoon rain was coming through the roof ! electronic disaster narrowly averted.

    Let's Rock (Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 2 )

    Stage 2 – Rocky Singletrack – Said to be the hardest day .

      Also see the TSE Facebook page for updates / photos / results  LINK
    After bummer flat on stage 1 I decided to try monster tires … Rear monster tire didn’t fit so only 1/2 a monster truck was ridden today over 41 miles and about 16-1800m climbing depending on who you believe . 
    – rocky sections were so bumpy !!! Really challenged my hardtail skills today … Had to bide time , swallow some ego and wait for smooth singletrack and road/gravel to claw back to 7th (6th over 25YO) and first in my unofficial hardtail class . 

    – very chill summer camp atmosphere off bike , great good , well marked course , many familiar faces and new friends made already despite Drake demanding ‘no new friends, no new friends’ 
    – enduro stage tomorrow so will ride EX-8 dually 
    CYCLING NEWS Stage 2: Rothrock Cooper’s GapMonday, May 26 2014
    Went w. big meats after being greatly set back by flats yeseterday. 
    Tire choices are limited here and so I am really using same rear tire as i flatted but see if 
    big one on front helps navigate any better . 
    Rustic Cabin (roof is ornamental) but it is pretty sweet to have a home base . 
    We have our scout tent setup, 1 car, 1 truck and this cabin to keep stuff in 

    We rocked them all ( Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 1 – 15 mile TT)

    Stage 1 – Bald Eagle TT

      Also see the TSE Facebook page for updates / photos / results  LINK

    TT 15miles, 1600 ft climbing , Feed at 15miles start/finish

    Transylvania Epic stage 1
    – TT stage 15 miles . Rocky with a few road sections to utilize my TT skin suit and hardtail .
    – flats foiled a big result … Well that and lack of easy coast rocks skills
    – 9 min back and ~15th … Long week so see what I can climb back

    Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic Video stage 1 
    1. Jeremiah Bishop (Sho-Air/Cannondale) rides toward a win in the stage 1 time trial at the Trans-Sylvania Epic.
      CYCLING NEWS Stage 1: Bald Eagle PrologueSunday, May 25 2014

    Our Campsite for the week at cup scout camp. Nice having same spot each week and the scouts have it figured out with the tent in side a tent raised off the ground .

    Gear for the trip, well not all of it but most of the riding stuff. I tried to focus on getting everything into bags (e.g. arm warmers in a bag, vest/jackets in a bag, short in a bag etc.) so I don’t have to think each morning.
      => key things I think I will need are moist wipes (for remote stages to keep ‘things’ clean)
      => detergent to do laundry to ensure enough clothes and prevent bad smells/bad stains (white!!!)
     => spare wheels … the rocky nature of this event is going to challeng my smooth hardtail riding for sure.

    We're not dirty, (Tremblant Results, stories, photos 2014)

    16th with a whip and about zero mud skills. Awesome tumbling skill though, Gymnastics training is helping . Really fun first weekend with team, really fun group this year and can’t wait to spend some more time with this crew. Thanks to our new mechanic Zach for keeping my Trek Store Superfly Race bike shining and running perfect throughout the weekend of mud riding. 
     = Mont Tremblant Canada Cup #1 UNOFFICIAL full results are posted …

    = Canada Cup Photos by Canadian Cyclist

    = Canadian CYclist Tremblant Canada Cup 2014 Results 

    = Cycling News (not updated at time of posting ) 

    = Cycling BC Blog on the weekend 

    Blogs ( updated as appear / you let me know !) 

    More Photos

    Karlee found this mud photo. It was her first ‘real’ mud race and she was right in there ! 
    Soren scored third in the Junior women and had a blast riding with Team Ontario this week

    @mollyjhurford I got @peterglassford to take a selfie #Tremblant
    — Karlee Gendron (@Karlee_Gendron) May 18, 2014

    Race You ( Tremblant Canada cup prerace)

    Excited to be back to Tremblant Canada Cup this weekend . It’s a favorite course for many people and one that I generally have good rides at . It is basically 1 longer climb and one longer descent with some rocks and roots to challenge fatigued riders .
      = Links to Tremblant Schedule / Results / Registration on my 2014 SCHEDULE POSTING

    The snow in collingwood ski hills makes me wonder what Quebec is like in the forest ?
    (This is a webcam from )

    News Items  
      = Canada Cycling says Canada Cup kicks off w. Superstars
      = Cycling News Coverage as event happens

    Weather seems to be shaping up … Perhaps for a mud bath in super hot weather as per usual !

    Past Posts/Links 
    Matt F. Shoe Fell off – Bike Skills Project –

    Free "Saddle, Sore" resource for Juniors and their Parents.

    After bugging Molly to put out a resource for Juniors she has provided this great free document. I wanted to share this with the Juniors I know and coaches/managers of females. 

    Please check out Molly's offering for females and their parents/coaches etc. This is a great resource that deals with issues that can be sometimes difficult to discuss. 

    I am finding this book, and now this free edition for juniors, to be a great stepping stone in opening up the communication lines and providing more education on things like Hygiene, Menstruation and Skin irritation. It is important that coaches and athletes are talking about these difficult subjects and that we are familiar with options to best handle them should they come up. Many of these things are relatively minor but left unattended and not discussed can affect training, recovery and health. 
    I also am finding that guys can learn a fair bit from this book. Learning more about some of the different concerns that the female riders in their lives might deal with and the applicable topics like saddle, sores and washing clothes is not a bad idea. 

    ** The full book can be purchased in electronic format using the Smart Athlete code ' smartgirls '  and goes more into sexual health, common questions/answers and specific conditions. 

    Ontario Cup #1 2014 WoodNewton ( Full Speed or do You Want it Half Speed ? = Full )

    Photo Cred: @mollyhurford
    Ocup #1 . The place of my first Ocup win and the dismantlement of my shoulder by an air guitar hero. This year I was psyched to be back to see many of my friends, fellow racers, team mates, clients and, of course, my enemies.
    The course setup by Superfly Racing was superb as always. Despite a crazy spring (extended winter) we had a perfect course, hero dirt to boot. In typical Ontario fashion the course was fast and this year’s event pushed the average speeds for elite to new, rarely seen levels. Men are hunting for over 25km/hr win (kudos to Derek for the win and his donation of his cash prize for junior development) and women went over 21 km/hr for only the 2nd time I can see (kudos to Haley Smith this weekend, and Ms. Sin previously )

    Canadian cycling… It’s chilly and they are prepared. @peterglassford of @trekcanadamtb at Woodnewton
    — Molly Hurford (@mollyjhurford) May 5, 2014

    I stuck/hung on the back of the train for the better part of 3 laps. The pace at the front and elastic-effect of 8 guys riding singletrack through lapped traffic was both challenging and advantageous as it would cause huge accelerations that  are not my favorite part of racing bu would also cause slowing in the pace for me to motor back on.  Laps 4 and 5 I rode a bit with two of my favorite young men Petey_D of Junior World super stardom fame and M.A.N (Marc Antoine Nadon) of Northern Timmons, hard-man training fame (and my co-host in cyclist love episodes )  I ended up besting M.A.N. and loosing track of Petey_D settling for 7th with a fairly solid effort not far off my winning race several years ago.
    Hopefully some pictures surface below is what I have seen so far.