Month: April 2014

Paris to Ancaster 2014 (I mean, I thought the season was over)

Paris to Ancaster 2014 

Start Line 
Results (via pedal mag)   (also see race timing. ca results ticker )
Overall Results – 63.2 km – Top 200
1. Anthony Clark (Jam Fund – LM20-29)  1:54:31
2. Evan McNeely (Norco Factory Team – LM20-29)  0:13
3. Adam Morka (Wfp Coaching / Trek Bi – LM20-29)  0:19
4. Andrew  L’Esperance (Norco Factory Team – LM20-29)  0:29
5. Justin Lindine (Redline / Nbx – LM30-39)  0:32
6. Aaron  Schooler (Team H&R Block – LM20-29)  0:01:35
7. Mike Garrigan (Van Dessel / Shimano – LM30-39)  0:02:08
8. Peter Glassford (Trek Canada – LM30-39)  0:02:22
9. Marc-Andre Daigle (Garneau-Quebecor  – LM30-39)  0:02:38
10. Gaelen Merritt (Wheels Of Bloor/Graywo – LM20-29)  0:05:00
11. Alec Donahue (Jam Fund – LM30-39)  0:05:18
12. Nathan Chown (Team 905 P/B Steelmark – LM40-49)  0:06:46
13. Tim Marshall (Morning Glory Cycling  – LM30-39)  0:07:14
14. Tim Oliver (Sound Solutions – LM30-39)  0:08:05
15. Shawn Adams (Was Labs Cycling – LM40-49)  0:08:29
16. Andrew Merrick (Midweek Cycling – LM30-39)  0:08:52
17. Timothy Carleton (La Bicicletta Cycling  – LM30-39)  0:09:06
18. Kevin Black (Octto-Cervelo – LM30-39)  0:09:21
19. Matthew Weeks (Was Labs Cycling – LM30-39)  0:09:28
20. Alan Kriss (B1 Cipollini – LM40-49)  0:09:37

LESPY BLog – From the Front =
Cyclocross Magazine – 
 Maghalie Rochette Talks Paris to Ancaster, New Team and the Offseason  via @cyclocross
CHCH video of 2014 Paris to Ancaster (saw jon slaughter, man doing awesome ‘skate board’ through mud pit and some garrigan shots )
Me, Morka, Hyde via jeremy Allen

Paris to Ancaster / Gravel Grinder – 1 Week Out Tips


My friends over at Paris to Ancaster wanted to know my thoughts about a week out from this big early season gravel grinder race.

Don’t Overdue it with training this weekend.

Build confidence with some key experiences (hard start, clipping in , hard hill after an hour or two of riding, riding with people, riding race bike)

Test your food, gear, bike and be ready to do work next weekend. Have a plan for each weather situation

prepare well and it is just about pedaling and having a great time.

and I pick up this little Sea Otter ( 2014 photos and results )

Crazy weekend at Sea Otter . 3 solid races. 2 big days on 3 awesome Trek Bikes. A lot of hard work but so much phone and hopefully a little boost to fitness going into the Canada Season openers . I think I was 8th Enduro, 33 XC and 11th Cyclocross. 

I have seen no photos of me yet but below are some of the results, stories and photos . As always please add your favorites links to comments. 
Also short track  which I passed on this year. 
Tech scenes LINK
Two Words Giant. Condom.
  Two Words: Giant. Condom.  (from pink bike)

Oh I can go All day ( Sea Otter Enduro , XC , CX )

The hardest part seems to be race prepping 3 bikes ! 
I am Really excited (nervous!) for today’s enduro . I got in some good laps yesterday on the 1st stage which is the DOWNHILL course with Carl Decker yesterday. Went full spandex which always sets the expectations of others low . 

          3 Bikes, 3 Races, 30 hours 
Superlfly, Crocket, Fuel Ex 29
between preriding xc / enduro and maintenance I logged an 8 hour day ! 

and let's have an emerging maple syrup conglomerate.

So fun couple weeks up in the north. So cold I almost had to fly in some girls from Miami to heat up the city. not quite though. 

 timed with my post on reading a Nirvana biography , it was 20 years since Kurt Cobain died.
To correspond with Kurt’s 20 year Q107  added the 80’s and 90’s to their classic rock lineup 
My 30 year old self dealt with it 

  One of my exciting adventures in coaching this year is taking on Hardwood Devo Gold
A group of 14-17 year old Mtb athletes.
The Hardwood devo program recieved Trillium Funding from the Ontario Government
I was glad to be there with the athletes and staff for the ceremony !
 (Still room for 1-2 more athletes if you know an awesome 14-17 year old ! )

 My friends at Scotch Hollow let me help with Maple Syrup
Officially driving tractors and not overly getting in the way

 In no way did this portable scotch setup get engineered for Maple syrup boiling sessions
  old Glenfiddich Container with small Glenfich bottle plus a big and a small rock glass . Tight package !

   I had to crawl through chicen feces for these awesome eggs at Scotch Hollow

   2 of th 3 bikes I am racing at Sea Otter this weekend . Enduro Bike (Trek Ex 8) at left
    Trusty Superfly on RIght .

Little did you know those 2 bikes are transformers 
Go Go Massage table and Massage equipment .
Safe at Sea Otter . 
Racing Enduro Friday 
Racing XC Saturday at Noonish and then Cyclocross at 6pm . 3 races, 3 bikes, 30hours  

Via Collingwood Cycling Club = Updates to Highway traffic Act for cyclists

Show your support of this bill . 
ALso if you find yourself in Collingwood this spring/summer check out CCC 

Bill 173 Ontario Legislature,
first reading of a major amendment to the
Highway Traffic Act

   33.  Section 148 of the Act is amended by adding the following subsections:
   (6.1)  Every person in charge of a motor vehicle on a highway who is overtaking a person travelling on a bicycle shall, AS NEARLY AS MAY BE PRACTICABLE, leave a distance of not less than one metre between the bicycle and the motor vehicle and shall maintain that distance until safely past the bicycle.
   (6.2)  The one metre distance required by subsection (6.1) refers to the distance between the extreme right side of the motor vehicle and the extreme left side of the bicycle, including all projections and attachments.
Above is a very important amendment to the HTA that will positively effect all cyclists in Ontario. This section is making the '1 meter rule' the law in Ontario. The 1 meter rule for those who don't know is the idea that no motor vehicle should pass a cyclist with less than 1 meter of space between them. It is legal recognition that cyclists are 'vulnerable' road users and as such drivers must make the extra effort to pass safely. It makes 'threading the needle' or 'buzzing' illegal. This really is a great Bill for cycling but there is one small catch. The addition of the phrase "as nearly as may be practicable" in our opinion makes the 1 meter rule conditional. We can't tell you conclusively what effect that phrase has on the 1 meter rule but in our opinion it has the potential to seriously dilute the positive effect of the rule. We think the rule should be unconditional. If a driver can't find 1 meter of space between itself and a cyclist it is a very strong indication that its not safe to pass. We are of the opinion that the sanctity of life and the principles of safety should always take precedence over expedience particularly in the context of vulnerable users. We are concerned that with that condition we are leaving the judgement of when its safe to pass up to the drivers to decide and we all know that there are a certain percentage of drivers who have no respect for the safety of cyclists. Although things are getting better, we do not yet live in a cycling friendly society. We think an unconditional 1 meter rule sends out a clear message: safety first for vulnerable users. 
If you agree please email the Minister of Transportation, the Honourable Glen Murray, at ( and give him your opinion. We have a unique opportunity to effect some positive change for cycling at this moment.  Let’s take this opportunity to be heard. Time is of the essence.

From The Playbook, Here She Comes

So back at home in the North after Fontana. Getting organized and focused for Sea Otter. Fontana came and went. It was fast . The Replay can be found HERE

With all this travel and focused training/recovery I just finished another Nirvana Book , “Come As You Are, The Story of Nirvana” by Michael Azerrad . Was a good narrative and seemed more complete then some of the other stories I have read. My favorite part about reading these bios are that they expose new songs / rare recordings and also some background to better appreciate a song or lyric.

This is one song I discovered. A cover of a Leadbelly Song “Ain’t it a Shame. Which wasn’t released till years later on the “With the Lights Out Album/box set”


Other books of similar effect (appreciating and finding out new music) that I have read recently :