Month: March 2014

Couple Neat Garmin Tips and Setup

Sources for today's Post:

1) Setting up your data screens ( big thing is using 'lap averages' for intervals and tests) 

Page 1: Ride
Power – 3s Avg., Cadence, Time, Distance/Speed

Page 2: Intervals
Power – 3s Avg., Power – Lap, Time – Lap, Laps

Page 3: Totals
Time, Distance, Power – Avg., Normalized Power, Cadence – Avg., Total Ascent, Power – kJ, Training Stress Score

Pages 4-5 can be used for ascent and descent, grade, time of day and, on some models, sunset. No one wants to be caught in the dark without lights.

2) If you don't like the auto-pause function try turning on 'start notice'  to repeat every 15-60sec this helps reduce changes of riding with device paused 

 settings-bike settings – start notice

3) Calibrate your device at least once a ride (ie. at the beginning) 
 = this is important , even on the trainer . See your device guide or email me for help ! 

9th Annual OCA Shredder Development Camp – Saturday May 10 ! Save the Date

Subject: 9th Annual OCA Shredder Development Camp – Saturday May 10 ! Save the Date

**** for under 15 years old *****


Hi Everyone,

Check for more info

Come out for a day of FUN, riding and skills development. See why last year’s participants are still talking about the lunch time olympics. Make some new friends and join some of Ontario’s top World Cup racers for a day you will talk about for years to come. The theme for the day, Riding is fun, racing is fun, FRIENDS ARE FOR LIFE!
Coaches Include Rob Fex, Brendan Arnold, Sean Kelly, Peter Glassford, Mitch Bailey, Cayley Brooks, Hayley Smith, Steven Noble, Peter Disera, Soren Meeuwisse and Marc-Antoine Nadon.
Application form and camp flyer is attached. Come out and enjoy a great day with some of Ontarios best

Paris to Ancaster on the Schedule for 2014

Watch out Mike Garrigan !

Looking at how competitive Paris to Ancaster is getting this year I have decided it makes a lot of sense to stay home and race versus going down to the desert solo . 

Here is a sick photo of Watson driving the pace at P2A, Mark Batty also in there

Excited to welcome Canadian @peterglassford of @trekcanadamtb to the elite field for #P2A14 …he finished 2nd at P2A in 2007.
— Paris to Ancaster (@Paris2Ancaster) March 18, 2014

Excited to take another crack at this classic race !

P.S. Have you registered yet ?  Early discounts till March 31st 2014 !

Saddle, Sore – New Book tackles tough issues

Above is a link to the newsletter I wrote on Molly Hurford‘s new book “Saddle, Sore”. It is a short, concise and practical look at the issues females face when trying to ride bikes. I believe most males will benefit from reading this as several topics (hygiene, dealing with saddle sores, bike fit, mechanics, skills & coaches ) will be beneficial.

Topics range from skills, mechanics and, of course, saddle sores.Other less easy to talk about issues such as Yeast Infections, periods, and Urinary Track Infections. I am featured at several points in the book. I was honored to be included as an ‘expert’ but my hope is that this opportunity provides me with much more opportunity to learn from a more open dialogue with my clients.

I loved the inclusion of ‘communication with a coach’ sections. The topics in the book, such as discomfort on the bike, and infections,  are so important because they can greatly affect performance . Let’s start talking about this openly. (that is your invitation!) I have already had many clients, male and female, reach out and we are not troubleshooting how to improve comfort, performance and health. So exciting!

Any questions about the book throw a tweet at Molly or Myself 

The links to buy (and ‘secret smart athlete promo code’ )  are in the Newsletter link at the top of the page (in .pdf or .epub for reading on computer or e-reader)  … Also could use this Book Site

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P.S. -> Always excited for new Signups  for Newsletter  LINK  or Ideas for topics (e ~mail me!)

The First Quarter of the Big Game ( Bonelli 2014 USCUP Results and Recap)

Race Results

Short Track – LINK

For this first XC of 2014 my focus was the starts. It went great for 2 corners, didn’t loose spots, moved up BUT then I was taken out from the right and the front! I Hit the pavement and broke a derailleur hanger. I was able to get it fixed with help from Scott-3Rox friend and fellow 1984 baby, Scott Kelly. I got rolling and caught a bunch of guys. With 3 or 4 laps down some very confused officials felt I was lapped by all the guys at the back of the pack somehow. They let all the guys I had caught continue and pulled me out of the race. Really a bummer and makes it tough to motivate such persistence and to communicate that we, even in ‘new style’ XCO racing,  can over-come adversity and salvage a DNF with a reasonable result.
So after some choice words, I gathered my beautiful feeder lady and all the parts and bags in the feedzone. Regrouped. Got my enduro getup on and put the xc behind me as I prepared for the Super D (Super Downhill), which actually has 3-4 very hard 30-40 sec full gas uphill efforts blended with on the limit technical skills. I was pleased that my focus this winter on shorter efforts and technical riding seems to have gotten me closer to the ‘millions’ .
Super D was a decent success with some improvement on the king of bonelli super D Raph Gagne . 
Threw out some style in the Super D . Molly was able to snap at the right moment to make this look snazzy .
Sunday was the Short Track . Due to my favorite officials’ choice to pull me and the super-duper ‘HC’ timing system (lap times? order of pulling ? )  my start for short track was at the back. Starting at the back is always a great challenge to stay motivated and work on having a great start and pack riding.  I navigated ‘my’ corner successfully and then jumped groups for the inital 15min of the 20+2 laps. I found my way up further then I had been in the past. I was able to sit in for a few laps as I approached the finish with some of the Kona guys. They are all such great racers so holding on and being their for the sprint was a great success for me. I ended up 21st, ahead of many guys I have historically lost in the Short track intensity .
So on the whole a good test this weekend. A few different rolls of the dice , better choices and a bunch of hard work should result in some fun times ahead. 

2:00 A.M., you dragged me 50 miles to watch you and some chick ( Bonelli Park Pre- Race – Live Stream )

Finishing up our time in Oxnard and getting ready for the first race.

Here is some info for watching and tracking Race #1 at Bonelli Park this weekend . 
Free live video streaming
11h00 11h15 PDT: Elite women cross country staging and call-up
11h15 13h15 PDT: Elite women cross country race
13h30 13h45 PDT: Elite men cross country staging and call-up
13h45 15h45 PDT: Elite men cross country race
15h50 16h00 PDT: Elite women and men cross country podium ceremony *
* Please note the joint podium is different than published

Cause I'd find you ( coffee in Camarillo )

Solid week . Found a new coffee shop in Camarillo (Element) . Took everyone there on Monday coffee ride.

Mitch and I busted big day up Gibraltar in Santa Barbara and then home . Some good Kilojoules. Mitch passed time by calculating kilojoules in his head .

Karlee started Skateboarding and we started modeling compression tights