Month: September 2013

Fall and Cyclocross Training Plans

We are into the Fall and with that comes the confusion of what to do with your training after the end of your road/mtb/tri season.

It is logical, after the race season, to consider coaching as a way to improve on your past performances  (See Smart Athlete Coaching Levels)


Training Plans are another great way to stay focused through the fall and/or to win some Cyclocross Races.

Smart Athlete offers FULLY CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU 3 Month Training Plans.

These are the only plans that are made from scratch for each client. NO cut and paste or cookie cutters.

Simply fill out the info for

Then I get to work on your plan; blending your current ability, with your goals, work schedule, family schedule, and race schedule.

No frustrating plans made for the pros. If you are going to invest in your training and health get a plan made for you.

ONLY $ 99 +  tax for 3 months of training!

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