Month: August 2013

Weekend Results – 2013 Horseshoe Enduro, Marathon Nationals and Eager Beaver 100.

Smart Athletes had a big weekend at the first DH Enduro being held at Horseshoe Resort, Marathon Nationals and a Local 100 mile mtb race.

Cayley Brooks (Trek Canada) took the Win at Horseshoe Resort in the Enduro, demonstrating how her focus on bike skills and a very versatile Trek Superfly are a tough pair to beat. RidingFeelsGood has a great report with some great pictures of Cayley.

Also on this weekend was the Canadian National Marathon Championships in St. Raymond QC.

6th/PB today at Canadian Cross Country Marathon Nationals (Masters Women) @wildbettys #plusfort #lovethelongride
— Christie Simon (@oldgardenhouse) August 25, 2013

Christie Simon put forth a huge effort coming in at 4 hours 26 min and beating several elite level riders in her first time at that event.

Jon Slaughter, who was participating in one of his first longer/marathon styled races , also did a great job pacing well and coming in 16th overall and 14th Elite in the 97km event.

ALSO going on this weekend was the Eager Beaver (Results) an offroad Century and half Century at my home trails in Mansfield Ontario. Substance Productions puts on low key events, often with a twist on standard racing formats. While this event had the typical mass start endurance events it also used a concurrent relay format where teams road together for a single loop, adding up to a team distance of 100 miles.

Chris, Mike, Ene and Barry were among Smart Athletes out enjoying the fun and great weather, while several other Bike Skills clients were out practicing enjoying the new efficiency they had found in skill development !

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It's too hardcore (Canadian Marathon National Championships 2013 Results Photos )

 2013 Marathon Nationals Results (Wallace, Sneddon, Lamb, Dagne, Glassford )
 97 KM: Results (Live results on sportstats)
70 KM: Results (Live results on sportstats)
47 KM: Results (Live results on sportstats)
Night Challenge: Results (Live results on sportstats)

So I went to win (again but more motivated and experienced) but I was about same gap behind due to (in my estimation) less specific fitness/better competition. I did a better job on tactics and technical riding which is good to see (finally!).  I was 5th a bunch of minutes back from the new record of ~3:57 that Kona’s endurance hero duo of Cory Wallace and Kris Sneddon put forth with a very respectable racing style and tremendous efforts. They both raced without being ridiculous with ‘tactics’ and were enjoyable to talk/ride with.

chatting with fellow ‘experienced’ racer & good guy Kris Sneddon

The organization was great this year. Organizers and Commissionaires were on the same page and very pleasant and welcoming. Thanks for a great weekend. I really would love to see this grow at elite and ‘recreational’ level as the course is beautiful and a tremendous test of skill/fitness. (see event site and put on 2014 calendar)  .

Trek Canada and the Trek Store made sure I had no excuses and put me on a Superfly 100 dually . It is light , locks out for the road sectoins and soaks up (most) of the bumpy bits on the course. I found it to be quite good as the 4-6 guys in the lead group were on hard tails and I was able to be much more relaxed through any bumpy trails or loose climbs. (the engine was just under powered!)

The course was superb possibly a faster course with some grading/maintenance on the main climb but also some wet/boggy sections so I will go with an assumption that we are all fitter this year, we know the course and the level is being raised. (see Jamie Lamb 3rd place strava )

So sad with my result but objectively got what I prepared for (90min races with standing and minimal nutritional demands). It was a great day on the bike and, as always , some learning and info to add to my little book of race experience.

2013 Marathon Nats – Raid Du Bras du Nord – Pre Race

2013 Raid Extrême Marathon Nationals
I will throw up some more info as it becomes available, I am having great time hanging with my hypegurl Tayneezy again this year. Thanks to him for coming out and to the Trek Store for finding the resources to suit me up with a bike that is tremendously awesome

Building up Peter Glassfords Marathon Nationals Bike
— TrekCanadaMTB (@trekcanadamtb) August 20, 2013

Check out last years posts here and here

I am out near Quebec City in St. Raymond, Qc for the 2nd Annual Marathon Nationals. Tomorrow (Sunday Aug 25th, 2013) we will take on 97km course

Check out the Info on the race including map, altitude, and live timing

97 KM: Results (Live results on sportstats)

Uh, I saw it on a bumper sticker. (Whistler Exploring Kill Me-Thrill Me etc)

Some things I saw on a nice little 4hr tour of Whistler Trails today. I was a bit grumpy leaving this morning for my ride but this adventure definitely turned the day around.  

 Bridges and rocks on ‘Kill me, thrill me’ trail


I took the ole Superfly Hardtail to some places it maybe shouldn’t have been but today makes me want to ride the whole Crankworx Enduro on it … maybe a bit of fork adjustment and beefier tires. Or maybe a 6 and 6 Slash would make more sense! The Enduro looked like an amazing day on the bike though (see descriptions here)  I rode stage 4 today which was great climb and Old Binty’s down.

Finished the day with those motivational speech from Ashton Kutcher (whose first name is Chris) “Opportunity looks a lot like Hard work”

Rolling a Fatty (2013 Whistler Fat Tire Crit results, photos, video)

Crankworx 2013 kicked off with the fat tire crit. Not quite as extreme as the events typical of the 10 year old super festival but still pretty enjoyable for spectators. I really liked this event because it was on 800m of mostly interlock brick , a bit of gravel and a bit of road and could be held at a local school, or small town square very easily.  

I think I actually like this discipline despite it being a bit different then what I would be considered a contendor in. That said I rangled myself a callup with last year’s winner Carl Decker , last years runner up  Cody Canning , BC favorite Kris Sneddon, Kona’s Spencer Paxon and also Greg Day. It is so intense and tactical so I enjoy how it exposes/exaggerates the stuff I have never paid enough attention to.

=I had a good start in the top 7 and with a quick couple of passes I was into the top 5.
=Over the 20min I took the odd attack/flyer including a mid race 4-5 lap attack that actually made the lead group grow *super job* but otherwise sat in and tried to be smooth staying out of harm’s way.
= With about 6 laps to go there were still about 7 of us left in the race and as we went for 5 to go the lead was trading and everyone was antsy to position for the final sprint.
=3 to go there was a slowing going over the ‘showtime booter jump’ so I threw a bit of style and then sprinted into the lead . Then in my excitement trying to maximize the gravel corner ‘technical’ bit I laid it down and despite a quick recovery finished the race solo at back of the finishers ! Sad I didn’t get to finish but very good tactical practice and intensity that should help in the XCO race on Wednesday.

2013 Whistler Fat Tire Crit Results

 – story and short video by pink bike
  – fat bike joke with photos and video
  – Captured = fat tire crit

 = from bike mag

From Pink Bike of My ‘attack’

From @crankworx twitter me following Seb who is styling it out

from myself and Cody Canning (trek red truck )

Couple days left to tour some local trails then Canada Cup xco on Wednesday, then more trail fun !

sneaking off to go on little hunting trips around the world. (Whistler trip 2013 )

Off to Whistler . A seemingly long winded travel adventure got me to Whistler Thursday, about 24 hours after I left Toronto. I had some great chats on airplane. It is always funny who you meet and who they know, that you know. These solo trips are always interesting tests as it is pretty demanding taking care of all the details around racing. As of late, I have definitely been spoiled having team trailer/pumps/parts/wheels/mechanics/feeds/transport to venue. Really makes you appreciate support ! (thanks)

Backing up,  I made the executive decision a few weeks back to skip the World Cup in St. Anne ( tour the shortened WC course here with Emily Batty)  . I haven’t missed one in a maybe 10 years but with some money on the line in a fat tire crit today (friday) and the next Canada Cup being held here next Wednesday I figured it might be a good time to buck the normal routine to see if I can sneak in a couple nice results to, “secure me a job racing bikes next year”. The tremendous riding and the festival beast that is Crankworx makes the decision pretty easy as well.

So Fat Tire (tyre) crit today at 7pm in the village, about 30min of racing mountain bikes around a short loop in the village to the crowds delight. Winner takes some money and , presumably , fine ladies (or men) for a night of dancing. 

watch my twitter for updates and if I haven’t wished you good luck in this weekend/week of racing please do work in your own event !