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Links to Help in your Leadville Training Preparation

I had a great interview this morning with a member of the Media looking to ride Leadville and we talked about how important it is for ‘normal’ people to focus on being healthy (sleep,social, food) before trying to cram training into every free moment of the day.  Specificity was also a huge component of our talk. Riding in groups on the road won’t get you the really key fitness you need to ride up loose gravel double track or pedal constantly for 1-2hrs at a time.

I often go looking for links when talking to clients about Leadville, here are some of the most common and helpful.

1) My article about all the little things that help make Leadville about ‘Just Pedalin’ . I believe this could shave an hour off their Race time, if not more for many people . 

 2) GU CEO Maps out Leadville Nutrition -> while I would do some things differently this is a great template to think through what the day will take and make sure you start fueling early, before you start feeling bad.

3) 4 hours Hard by Dave Weins -> I found this to be one of the most specific workouts in my Prep for the Canadian Leadville Record in 2010 *his all-mixed-up workout is also super

4) Dave Weins on Leadville Nutrition
5) How to Win Leadville, Dave Weins  
    = and part 2
    *new york times ‘beating lance armstrong’

5) Weins vs. Lance Leadville Video 

6) Youtube Videos of Leadville 100

7) |Google Images of Leadville 100

8) Leadville 100 WIKI 

9) Leadville 100 Leadville race registration and info
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Oh, baby, you were awesome (2013 Nationals Photos, story, results)

Wow what a big week and weekend , for me for sure but for many other folks too. It is always nice to see goals achieved, lessons learned and good times had. I won’t go to much into my week but basically I was on 6 start lines in a Week and Rode bikes (and danced) with many great people. So much fun on and off the bike.

Over the week I beat Geoff Kabush in Wed. Night World Champs then Embarrassed myself in Eliminator Thursday with a 1st round elimination at the hands of Raph Gagne + I messed up log hop. Salvaged my Pro-Card with 5th in XCO (minus knocking watson over and falling over going up hill … both left hand turns) . On xco finish line I interviewed Kabush on the line and offered to rub out his quad cramp (pKraiker holds the key). Sat night partied with cyclists, and friends thereof, at a country bar till late. Woke up (or got up more accurately) and ate an orange then won single speed ‘nationals’ by just under Steve Neal‘s Suggested 5min Margin. Quick pedal switch / Cleaned two bikes and started Team Relay for Trek Canada Team. Barely managed to stay “Pro”  (see Gutherie Blog) coming in 2nd on the start lap after coming through everyone, including some fast ladies who started much faster then my fatigued self.

As I tweeted thanks to those out cheering and those that helped along the way.

Below are some links/photos/results I have found and then some random photos I took (or stole) over the week

 = Pulse Racing  Nationals results  Cross Country Nats Pulse Racing Results       Team Relay Races

  = Pedal Mag video Interviews

  = Riding Feels Good
  = Pedal Mag Nationals 2013 Story Photos
  = Trek Canada Race Report w. photos Subury and Hardwood Nats
  =   **”pros” classic**
        *I took watson out , or he ran into my rear wheel, he tells the story sort of passive aggressively and links to other blogs poorly 
 =  Haley Smith Nationals Report
 = Evan “MCSNEAKY” McNeely Report
Canadian Cyclist

 Ms. Sin got the course Nailed, especially “endo Rock” and got 3rd in Elite Female
 Single Speed at 9:30am Sunday after “pulling the car off my baby” in the 
Saturday XCO for 5th (and dancing/partying all night) was a great idea
 After about 50 laps in July and
I think I might have nailed the new Turn 2 in MBX Course late in the XCO race.
Disera or Kaleb still need to teach me to jump the double before it
 Emily Batty Fan (not boob) shot warming up for her Nationals Win
 Tayneezy helping the Espoir ladies, Cayley and Karlee, prep for their race
 My boy Jake finding bugs and showing Karlee his madd proper squat form
*passing time during the death storm/power outage Friday
 Best picture of week, ‘my’ ladies going to war in the Eliminators on Thursday
I just said something unethical to ‘my’ ladies and/or burnt Emily Batty
*at the tuesday family bike night in Barrie (great work Elliot Galbraith
 I am showing my teeth because Emily Batty just said something super offensive
 Cayley is just talking to me about race strategy 
*no dancing talk at all
 How not to execute a max effort … Keep your tongue in your mouth
Made it to the 1st round of Eliminator … Mitch did work on joyride jumps
 Crew be tight , great times. Yes we color coordinate

Canadian Cycling News and Schedule for Hardwood Nationals 2013


Thursday – July 18

4:00 pm : XCE Canadian Championships Eliminator Qualifying

6:00 pm : XCE Canadian Championships Eliminator Heats and Finals

Friday – July 19

3:00 pm: Canadian Mountain Bike Team Information Session

4:00 pm: Coaching Information Seminar – Gold Medal Profile

5:00 pm: Race Manager’s Meeting

6:00 pm: Parent Information Seminar: Best Practices in Athlete Development

Saturday – July 20 “SUPER SATURDAY”

9:00 am : Junior Men, Cadet Men, Junior Women, Cadet Women

10:30 am : Elite Women, Espoir Women

12:30 pm : Elite Men, Espoir Men

Sunday – July 21

11:30 am : Team Relay

1:30 pm : Masters Men (30-39)(40-44)(45-49)(50-59), Masters Women (30-39) (40-49)

Canadian Cycling Sessions at Nationals for Athletes, coaches and parents 2013

Community gets face-to-face meetings and have the opportunity to ask questions
(Barrie, ON – July 16, 2013) On Friday, July 19, Cycling Canada will be hosting three Information Sessions for athletes, coaches and parents alike as part of the 2013 Canadian Mountain Bike Cross Country Championships, held in Barrie, Ontario.
The three information sessions are hosted better inform athletes, coaches and parents on the mountain bike developmental system.
3:00 pm: Canadian Mountain Bike Team Information Session
4:00 pm: Coaching Information Seminar – Gold Medal Profile
5:00-5:30 pm: Race Manager’s Meeting
6:00 pm: Parent Information Seminar: Best Practices in Athlete Development
The sessions will be held at the Main Lodge of the Hardwood Ski and Bike resort (402 Old Barrie Road, Oro, ON, L0L 2E0), where the Canadian Championships are taking place.
Follow Cycling Canada on Twitter at and on Facebook at
The 2013 Canadian Cross-Country Mountain Bike Championships is Canada’s top domestic cross-country mountain bike event. The event annually attracts some of the country’s best mountain bikers challenging for the Red and White Jersey awarded to the Canadian Champions. Organized by the Pulse Racing Club at the Hardwood Ski and Bike Resort near Barrie, ON, the event is governed by the Cycling Canada, a member of the International Cycling Union (UCI).
The 2013 Canadian Cross-Country Mountain Bike Championships is made possible thanks to the close collaboration between the Cycling Canada, the Ontario Cycling Association, and the Pulse Racing club. The event will be held from July 17th to 21th and showcases racing in junior and elite categories.
Trois sessions destinées aux athlètes, parents et entraîneurs auront lieu ce vendredi
(Barrie, ON — 16 juillet 2013) Le vendredi  19 juillet, Cyclisme Canada organisera trois sessions d’informations pour les athlètes, parents, et entraîneurs lors des Championnats canadiens de vélo de montagne cross-country, qui ont lieu à Barrie, Ontario.
Ces sessions d’information sont organisées afin de mieux informer les athlètes, entraîneurs et parents sur le modèle de développement de l’athlète.
15h00: Session d’information du programme de l’équipe canadienne de vélo de montagne
16h00: Séminaire pour entraîneur – Profile du médaillé d’or
17h00-17h30: Réunion de la course des Championnats canadiens
18h00: Session d’information pour parents: Meilleures pratiques du développement de l’athlète
Les sessions auront lieu au chalet principal de la station Hardwood Ski and Bike (402 Old Barrie Road, Oro, ON, L0L 2E0), où les Championnats canadiens ont lieu.
Suivez Cyclisme Canada sur les plateformes de médias sociaux Twitter au et Facebook au
Les Championnats canadiens de vélo de montagne cross-country 2013 sont le plus gros événement domestique de vélo de montagne au Canada. L’événement attire annuellement les meilleurs vététistes du Canada, se disputant le fameux maillot Rouge et Blanc remis aux Champions canadiens.
Organisé par le Club Pulse Racing au Hardwood Ski and Bike près de Barrie, en Ontario, l’événement est gouverné par Cyclisme Canada, membre en règle de l’Union cycliste internationale (UCI). L’événement est rendu possible grâce à l’étroite collaboration entre Cyclisme Canada, l’Association cycliste de l’Ontario et le Pulse Racing Club. Disputés du 17 au 21 juillet, les Championnats canadiens de vélo de montagne descente 2013 mettent en valeur des épreuves dans les catégories d’âge juniors et élites.

You're Absolutely Positive they have a Pulse (Racing Sudbury Canada Cup 2013 Results Story Photos)

Sudbury Canada Cup 2013 

I had a very good day with fairly safe start with the exception of Watson and Myself demonstrating that the more experienced gents in the Elite Field can also do bike tricks as we did coordinated nose wheelies to somewhat avoid a crash. Watson’s ‘junk’ and knee took the brunt of the crash while I fought through the 20’s to eventually dual with Mr. Leandre Bouchard, ,who always provides a fun/challenging battle. I ended up 10th after running into Leandre going up a steep UP-hill on the last lap and then demonstrating my ability to run/mount while swearing. I then lost a race to the line with Ms. Sin.

 I also got to come through the epic battle for top Espoir lady as Karlee Gendron and Frederique ‘Frede‘ Trudel completed their battle with a thrilling sprint through the expo and to the line. Cayley got in her first Canada Cup of the Season in the top 5 Espoirs with some great battling, Mitch was in the fight ending up 6th Elite and Ole Man Barnes was just shy of his Win after a flat. Also cool to see was Soren Meeuwisse of Trek Store Team Fame taking top Female Spot and Male EB (Eric Batty) scoring his first Masters Win. OH and PETEYD for sprint finish win in Junior Ex Prostar class.  The course was well put together for XCO racing and flats were not as huge a deal this year.

 Special thanks to Trek Canada for support and trailer/tents/feeds/tech support and Trek Stores of B.A.T. for the support of our team and all the other teams and local races and Taylor for doing the grunt work . Also to Clif-Bar for great nutrition support. The Barnes for Sweet Potatoes/Candy/Bug Education . BNeezy for an awesome pre-race gift . Carter Meeuwisse for fighting me all weekend over girls and political/world Issues that I have no idea about but was interested to learn from him. And all the friends who cheered-jeered in the hot hot heat, which I have not mentioned till now.

Race Stories

 = Pulse Racing Results Sudbury 2013

 = Karlee/Cayley on the Line at Sudbury Canada Cup 2013  =

Best Restaurants in Sudbury
  = Old Rock Coffee 
  = Laughing Buddah 
  = My Thai 
  = Accommodation – Radisson was great with Grocery / Movie Theatre in same building , bike friendly

Mega Mountain Bike Week Barrie Ontario July 14-21 2013 Including Canadian Nationals

In this post I will update schedules and info for the Nationals Week 2013 in Barrie Ontario . Please pass the information to all levels of cyclists and soon-to-be cyclists in your life.

Pulse Racing Schedule

Brief Schedule in my own words

 Sun 14th = Sudbury Canada Cup and Ontario Cup LINK

 Tues 16th = Family rides in Downtown Barrie (everyone welcome) LINK
 Wed 17th = Evening Rides/Autographs with Trek Athletes & Hardwood Weekly races
 Thurs 18th = 4-8pm Eliminator Races (super spectator event) @ Hardwood Ski&Bike
 Sat 20th = Elite Races (Great Spectator Course) SCHEDULE
 Sun 212 = Ocup Races and Nationals Team Relay @ Hardwood Ski&Bike

Other press/links

Bike fit Hacks to enhance control & safety

back at it as folks to hold the camera become more plentiful and more stories of how these videos have helped the 6 viewers enjoy cycling more. (thanks for your thoughts, ideas, feedback, stories and effort) 


Please keep the questions and comments coming here, on youtube , twitter ( or facebook (smart athlete) 

So you dove into the icy water?

so getting pretty fit. Riding semi-consistently upright. Now just don’t overdue it for next 2 weeks !

fish at new spot … I have seen bigger jumping out of water here but this is progress in any case.

Point to Point necessity. Sandals for post ride. So Pro.

New Fishing spot is pretty nice.