Month: May 2013

There's Music in the Air (Great Gatsby Soundtrack)

Have you heard the new soundtrack for the Great Gatsby Film (coming out on Friday)

Ms. Sin alerted me to this and I am really enjoying it. The Jay-Z track “$100 Bill” is quite good, reminiscent of “Death of Autotune”. After that track there is a wild mix of music from Lana Del Ray, Florence and the Machine, some ‘electro-swing’ styled songs and remixes of songs. I think there is something for most musical tastes on this album and those that like many different types of music will be especially pleased.

1) Listen to the whole alblum here

2) Jay-Z talks about the Gatsby Album here 


Try one of these (Hardwood Shredder Camp and Demo Day 2013)

Huge weekend of fun, chatting with people and learning from a huge group of young
riders. Saturday we were at the OCA’S shredders Camp for athletes ~9-14 years old. 
Sunday Trek Canada was back at Hardwood for the annual Demo Day 
Some great people met. I got in decent workout in on the classic roads on the perimeter of Hardwood
and the Team got in the annual Photo shoot, which I always enjoy.
 Karlee also got her first chance to ride with the team and enjoy all the fun of an event. 
She likely enjoyed this more then getting bit by a 
Rottweiler in Toronto the day prior ! 
*I also talked to my nemesis Andrew Watson, he has confirmed 
he is alive, free of the plague, not retired and 
that it has already ‘been broughten’, like bring it on**,  for the Quebec Canada Cups
**he may have not referenced bring it on
Crazy new Custom Team Superflys were revealed for some Team Photos today
While our photos may not be as off the wall as Team AWI (see photo) 
There should be enough awesome photos to appease my love of crazy photos
(see this remnant from one of our team shoots with Aurora Trek Store opening)

 Hardwood Peewee ‘Shredders’ camp was HUGE and went off quite well
Kudos to Rob Fex and all the coaches for keeping the fun rolling all day.


I am always amazed at what kids can teach me. 
*I am the one in the Parka talking to Lucas ,  one of the young ‘Barnes’ boys

Random Pictures from the under 22 OCA Eliminator last week at Woodnewton
M.A.N (marc antoine nadone) has said something awesome to Cayley Brooks in above pic
It was good to chat with M.A.N. again at the PeeWee camp, His enthusiasm makes him 
a great P.I.C.* for sessions with the kids 
M.A.N may have said something to get Mitch giggling here
 … that or Mitch is eating a Kumquat  

when I get the sensation back in my face (how to Clean your Face)

I am not really sure how I ended up reading this article on the technique of washing your face but it featured the video below and it seems like good advice not riddled with product names.


I have never really done much in the way of washing my face (Insert Joke / Can you tell?) , this has been added to my list of things to tinker with in May.

Watch for my greatly improved complexion at our next meeting 😉