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Mobility and Movement – Some Updates, Refreshers and Rules of Thumb to Try

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Mobility and Movement

Movement is my passion. Seeing people grasp basic movements on and off bikes gets me excited.

When we are not moving as well as we would like or in pain it can be quite frustrating for the athlete and also for the coach/therapist.

The important thing is always to stay positive and SOLUTION FOCUSED. What can we try or change that might help?

Often we develop habits that do not help our situation. When in doubt try doing things differently or adding variety.

Some ideas for your mobility and movement

1) Move frequently.
    => Many (most?) of us move often enough and in a variable fashion.
    => How could you sit/type/stand differently ? Can you ride your bike standing & sitting ?
    => If you are a cyclist & work at a desk could you incorporate yoga and/or hiking and/or strength training for variety ? (without being sore for a week?)

2) If/When You Can’t Move Frequently.
    => Focus on avoiding poor positions (slouching, weird sleeping postures, optimize driving posture) to minimize damage & mobilizing you need.
    => Mobilize to help overcome the effects of being in compromised positions (sitting, cycling, or anything in excess)
    => ‘Mobility Wod’ is a great resource. ***Easy way to access the free/older videos via Youtube

3) How to Mobilize.
    => Don’t do too much at once, keep it simple and focused on your 1-3 main trouble areas.
    => 5- 20min , 1-3 areas/movements , minimum 2min per area, go slow and BREATHE = if you rush/cram it is not worth doing.
    => focus on improving a position you want to get into (ie. cycling position, bottom of squat, arms overhead, standing with hips open)            
    => Rolling, Contract/Relax and oscillating in and out of the ‘end point’ of the stretch are preferable to traditional static stretch in most cases.
    => rolling each glute (butt cheek) for 5min each and then moving in and out of a lunge stretch (back foot up or down) for 2-3 min each is good place to start.

4) More Free Info !
   =>Below is a free chapter to Crossfit Endurance’s book “Power, Speed, Endurance”(buy here) by Kelly Starett of Mobility Wod
   => This is a 1-2 hour circuit you can do 1-2 x a week and get great results. Doing this whole routine will really help you isolate your ‘big 2 or 3 movements’
   => Free Mobility Chapter is Here in .PdF

5) Even More Info!!
   => A more slowed down and systematic explanation may be Network Fitness / Jeff Alexander.

6) Get Help.
  => A Great way to learn about mobility and work on your limiter areas is to get a Kinesiology assessment. Book Yours Now.
  => I am always looking for small groups and locations to spread the movement and mobility word. If you have a space and a few friends. Let’s do a group session.

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So You Drove into Icy Water? (Baie St. Paul 2013 Canada Cup Results, photos, reports)

Race was good . I was not on this particular day very skilled at riding. Some great rides out there for folks like Stephen Noble (not actually his twitter feed but pretty good one) and McSneaky   and Marc Antoine Nadon (who has a video to upload of our thrilling post race commentary)

Course was super, 2 challenging loops and right in that UCI sweet spot for time I believe. Great to spectate too.



  = Course Preview =
          *** did cyclingdirt turn into dirtwire ? ***

There had to be some nice moments (Baie St. Paul pre-race)

Baie Saint Paul has been good this week. The forecasted and greatly feared rain has not been nearly as bad as the hype and many good times have been had Great piano spin with @evangutherie , we stopped at ‘bread for everyone” with mcneely and AntoineCaron 

View of the Bay has sucked all week 😉

Real shipwreck is my favorite part of BSP . Could look at it all day . 2:45 pm race time Saturday on a nice technical course full of technical challenges and extended efforts .

Saving the World ( 2013 Ride for Heart. Can You Help ? )

We all know a friend or family member who has been touched by Cardiovascular Disease. As cyclists and athletes we often forget the risks we and our family members face. On June 2, 2013 I am happy to be supporting the Becel Heart&Stroke Ride for Heart to raise money to help Canadians live longer, fuller, healthier lives. I am very excited to have the chance to participate again this year with the ‘Aces of Hearts’ VIP Team.

As a VIP rider I have a minimum $1,000 in donations to raise. Last year, VIP riders truly fueled the success of the event by raising 50% of the total dollars raised. Join me in advancing this commitment to even greater heights!  Donations have helped decrease death caused by heart disease and stroke by more than 75% since 1952, but we still have a long way to go. Please support me by making a donation today – click on the link below to reach my personal fundraising page.
  The Link to Donate

 – Help equip research labs with essential tools used in lifesaving research
 – Help fund identification of emerging risk factors for heart disease and stroke
 – Help support the delivery of an AED training course to teach life saving skills

Thank you.  I appreciate your support!

                                                          The Link to Donate

Tremblant Canada Cup 2013 Results , photos, video

Solid day with 2nd Call-up behind Stephen Ettinger – USA Cycling . Not sure how i scored the highest Canadian UCI points but I enjoyed the opportunity to maximize my start position on the uphill, deep gravel start line.

It was an International field with Ben Sontag (Germany) and Troy Wells + Ettinger (USA).  Sandra Waltar won the women’s race (again!) and the norco boys did a great job of sticking to their plan of riding a paceline into the finish for 3-4-5-6th spots with Watson leading the young lads out.

VIDEO INTERVIEWS (thanks to for doing work on these)
  = Video with Me !!!
  = Watson and Evan “paleo hunter” gutherie Interview ” what do I do with my hands?”  @EvanwGuthrie @swabag

Results / Stories

= Peter Starting =
= Karlee Starting

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Couple big weeks ahead (prep for Tremblant 2013 ccup)

A few great weeks at home . Saw most of the great people I miss when away And met a ton of great new friends through Collingwood CC , Maximum Physio and general adventures

As my rotator cuff gets better solid nutrition from clif bar and the local butcher is essential . ScotchHollow has also started producing eggs which is exciting !

We are on route to tremblant where I am excited to have Andrew Watson working the trek booth after his stellar performance at hardwood demo day ( above ).