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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Endurance Mountain Bike Racing - Training, Tactics and Strategies for Success - Ebook Now Available

Put your Fears of Failure to rest with this Companion to YOUR ENDURANCE SUCCESS.

Utilize the Secrets used by athletes of all ages and abilities to 
complete the HARDEST RACES IN THE WORLD, Such as the Leadville 100, Xterra Worlds, 
Marathon MTB Worlds, Crank the Shield, Century Road Rides, Alpe D'Huez and TransRockies. 


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Stop wasting your time looking for the  secrets to success in Endurance Racing . 

Discover that long hours are not needed to complete those long events on your bucket list. 

'Hack' your way into success with this guide to making the race 'Just about Pedaling' 

Endurance Mountain Bike Racing - Training, Tactics and Strategies for Success - 

- A concise and complete resource to perform your best at Mountain Bike Racing

 - A step by step process to make your race 'just about pedaling' 

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Post Workout Fueling - Paleo Style

Great post on Post Workout food Options (or Travel food) from the Robb Wolf folks.

My go to is canned sardines or hardboiled eggs + sweet potato + orange or banana !

When we are 'blessed' by our Canadian Winter it is much easier to include more tasty or varied proteins such as a chicken salad or fresh fish (not canned).

What is yours ?


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Monday, May 28, 2012

Mounting, Dismounting and Hike-A-Bike for Endurance Mountain Biking (Video)

Put together a Video on Mounting/Dismounting for Endurance Mountain Biking ... Check it out !

This Concept has been really well received and put into practice over the last few weeks as Clients Tune Up for big races like Crank the Shield and Leadville 100 with 8 hours and solo rides focused on the little things that make the difference on race day ... like not stopping your forward movement to finish line !

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Robb Wolf at New Paltz = Ancestral Health = Movement Important component

Great lecture by Robb Wolf at New Paltz State University in New York , His presentation skills/presence have improved a ton since I saw him in Chico at this time last year and he was pretty solid then !

A little more 'sciencey' then other talks so this isn't for everyone but definitely got me thinking on a few new angles on how to explain and think about this evolutionary perspective of health, nutrition and life.

Big Take Aways for me:

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