Month: December 2012

Get all the attention (Check out the Top 5 Bike Skills Project Episodes of 2012)

~85 Videos in the year has ended. Please spread the word and let me know ideas / changes/ suggestions / questions to answer / skills to cover

Top 5 Posts @ The Bike Skills Project

How to Dismount Indoor Rollers (with style)

Worried about falling off rollers ? practicing getting off before you need to is a great drill and way to pass time indoor training as well. Make sure it benefits your outdoor riding by using techniques we would use indoors .

Remember your wall , credenza and Mom won’t be there to catch you outside ! (use your feet!)


What is Stability? Criteria for Movement – Ep81

Steve Neal of Crossfit Orangeville providing another great discussion today .

It might be time to scale back those ab searing core bashdowns and think more about how you are moving and how it might affect your cycling , or more importantly your back health.

Post any questions to comments please !


Trainer is not Useless – ep78

Nothing is bad but we need to consider why we use a certain device, technique or mindset.

 While I really believe a (quality) set of rollers provides the most bang for indoor training time, especially if we restrict our assessment to skills. The indoor Trainer (turbo for those in the UK) provides certain advantages that might be grouped into skill or technique improvement.
What do you use for your indoor time?
Have you tried the alternative ?
What are you limited by ?

Hell of a Season ( 2012 Thoughts and photo recap)

Well the year is coming to an end and the world apparently is not coming to an end.

2012 was a year I greatly enjoyed. Many successes and learning. Many new places and people. No major injuries or sickness. I don’t think I was actually in the hospital this year (knock on wood) .

A few of my favorite moments and stories from 2012 are below.

Thanks for all those that made this a great year, who put up with me , supported me, cheered for me, told me I had something on my face etc.

And “If you ain’t been a part of it at least you got to witness” 

 Met the folks behind Trek and 
rode in Santa Barbara wearing way to much White
 Hosted Team Ontario at  YOURCALITRIP and learned lots from many fast athletes

 Hosted a great new friend in California and saw huge transformation 
in his skill over a week.
 Tried to learn to fish and win Marathon Nationals
 Didn’t win Marathon Nationals

 Had unbelievable support and a great team. Learned a bunch and had
many laughs, tears and success along the way.
 Still have not figured out Watson and don’t think I will ever understand  Nadon
but I like them both.
 Wore White in support of ‘Lil Ms. Thang’ and CPendrel at the Olympics
World at Buckwallow. Watson won.
 Fell more in Love with all the Baileys (mitch twitter)
 Danced and sort of smiled to celebrate two friends coming together. (Male Eb Blog)
 Tried to fish more, 
drank and gave up coke in 1 very scenic 
 Raced Road and didn’t hate it , got fit and then sick off of 
stacking it with an XC race on one weekend.
 Raced a Road Stage Race with Team Ontario and Loved it. 
Climbed semi-respectably and enjoyed the ride otherwise.
 Ruined as many Lil Ms. Thang ( Pictures as I could.
 Got Vertical at Hardwood
 Helped to open the new Trek Aurora store
 Made friends while racing.
Got to know Cayley Brooks (cbrooks) way better
and watch her grow as an athlete 
and go to worlds !
Got to use the term ‘hype gurl’
 Cried over Mitch Bailey turning himself inside-out to 
hold off Geoff Kabush at National Relay Champs.
 Put together a pretty solid MTB Nationals while racing
long time friend Cam Jette for much of the race.
 Gained respect for Old Man Barnes after 
he fell 3 times and still managed to win 
 Rode in a complete Brewery to Brewery ride.
 Realized i have a Scotch Problem (or skill?)
 Two Friends made a huge step and perhaps gained 
a solution to the above Scotch Problem
 Found a great new training/cooking/eating/rock lifting
partner in Ms. Sin
 Training Partner took up photography and 
became an East Coast/Trailer park boys mentor.
 Tried Gardening. Drank more coffee then I ate veggies 
Well worth the time spent
Apparently Extrinsic motivation works 
*Thanks to Mitch for taking it easy on me
 Ms. Sin won a UScup and so did Derek (Wisconsin)
This was very motivating.
 Adam Morka and I proved that the old guys are actually 
the ‘juniors’ by screwing up our passports on 2 
but missed my long time friend Mike G.’s wedding 
Everything for a reason and the week of reflection was 
a valuable takeaway for me.
Mike G. Got married and somehow fit a huge 
Ontario Bike Tour into his pre-wedding plans.
Apparently Milk is a good choice for touring. 
Have you checked out the yet ?