Month: November 2012

Front Wheel Awareness During Jumping – Ep54

Live from Joyride 150 again today with our ‘Intro To Joyride’ course.

The Guys are ripping in Week 2 , this week a quick look at their first dabbles in jumping.

These are business, successful, family men. Some are even 55 . So what is your excuse for
not working on skills ?

Throw the Ego out and give’r (safely)


Drills for Riding with No Hands – Ep53

Today a few drills/ideas to help you focus your time spent learning your no-hands riding.

Keep trying it , keep pushing where you can do it. 
speed is generally good to start but play with slower as you get confident. 


Good News ( Is Cycling in Trouble? Latest News Seems Pretty Positive )

With all the fun news about Lance committing murder and teams folding at all levels (such as USA based Continental Road Team Exergy)
= Link –

It is nice to see some good news like:

– new or improved teams such 2012 SPecialized-Mazda women’s road team becoming Pro UCI Status and becoming Canada’s only Pro Level UCI Team for 2013

– new development programs and funding such as the BC based support program by Global Relay.

== and the Red Truck Racing Scholarship
= Link –

– Races thriving such as BC BIKE RACE SELLING OUT 7-8 months before it happens !

-Riders getting results such as Garrigan coming 2nd at a verge race =

– Great numbers, expanded hours and successful programs at London, Ontario Track

– Some guy posting videos about bike skills 🙂

Seems like lots of positivity abound in Cycling … Maybe we will be ok.

Pedal Stroke Drills – Episode 52

Great question about how to incorporate ‘Pedal Stroke’ Drills into Training.

I use them personally and with clients but beyond a basic ability to coordinate the pedal stroke I , and many really smart researchers, believe pushing down hard makes you faster.

Further, we can make our pedal stroke ’round’ or ‘smooth’ but does this actually improve performance ?

Beyond the science stuff that we can debate and throw studies around the bigger question is do you see an improvement after a week? or a month?  AND how could you spend that time ?

Pedaling through loose / slimy / slippery and steep terrain will make your pedal stroke great and tell you when form is suffering.

What do you think ?


Episode 51 – Leaning the Bike for Standing and Cornering

Today a concept that is one of the first things I check and work on with clients.

The ability to separate the bike from the body.

A few episodes ago we discussed fore:aft separation for downhills/drops/Front wheel lifts but in a similar fashion we want to move the bike side to side to allow for great cornering and the ability to stand up without balancing like we are in spin class .

The bike is not on a trainer, it is not limited to one plane of movement. Start moving that bike around.


Episode 50 – BoneShaker Rocky Descents

Today another feature on the 2013 Nationals Course . The Infamous BoneShaker is nothing more then a technical descent with a couple corners and a fairly basic rock garden at the bottom.

The top 1/3 of the feature is the main concern most folks have (typically races are run around the top 1/3 and only the elite/junior expert race it)

Why this is such a scary feature is amazing to me. I have seen folks tackle this after a brief reminder on what going downhill with control means AND how their brakes work.

Butt back,  pedals level, use your brakes with finesse (avoid skidding)

You can control how fast you do it based on your risk tolerance but avoiding it, for most folks, is unneeded and you will end up missing a lot of really fun mountain biking if rocky steep(ish) descents are holding you back.
 *do be careful an practice the rule of thumbs before tackling the local rock drop please !!!*

Nose Wheelies or Stoppies – Episode 49

Slamming on the Front Brake and going into an ‘endo’ or ‘stoppie’ or ‘nose wheelie’ seems pretty crazy to many people but it is actually a really, really important skill and one of the best things you could learn to increase your confidence and safety.

If you are comfortable moving back on the bike you can suddenly ride way steeper things without putting yourself in a bad position.

If you can move forward you can climb and jump over things.

Start moving the bike around, keep your body in the happy zone (upright)