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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paleo Expensive? Dine at Dollarama, Pound Bread or Stick to your Guns?

One of the biggest reasons given for falling off the nutrition and/or paleo 'wagon' is the price of food (meat/veggies)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Try out some Hollow Rocks on your off day ... Off means OFF BIKE ... try a new skill

Hollow Rocks from Gymnastics Wod (GWod) www.gymnasticswod.com

A great exercise for increasing control of your body, core strength, core awareness and your quiver of party tricks!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Question Via Email: How to set up and confirm my bike computer / Power meter Wheel size?

This is common question for anyone keeping any sort of data on a computer ... except the new Garmin 800 that automatically sets up wheel size every time you ride !

Q = How to easily setup my wheel circumference and how can I make sure its as close as possible?

A= The following are two basic ways to quickly set up your cyclo computer, Powertap, Power Meter Wheel Circumference and then cross reference to make sure your in the right range.

A Rollout to confirm these numbers is always best. To do a rollout put a tape measure, that has a metric scale, on the floor and then place your bike/rear tire with valve beside the start of the Tape (ie. 0mm). Carefully roll the bike exactly parallel to the tape until the valve comes around again and then carefully assess the point that you have stopped at on the tape measure in millimeters (for most computers)

Remember to do this with properly inflated tires and for bonus points add some down pressure or the intended rider to the saddle to compress the tires (more relevant to MTB)

The Quick way is a well tested chart (ie. rolled out many times, many bikes-tires)

Like Sheldon Brown's Found HERE

Tire SizeISOGroup AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F
700 X 5656-62291.5324923237014442325
700 X 5050-62290.2924622936514242293
700 X 4444-62287.5523622235413822224
700 X 3838-62285.8223121834713552180
700 X 3535-62284.2123021734513472168
700 X 3232-62283.2222721634213392155
700 X 2828-62282.5522521433613272136
700 X 2525-62282.1222321133513082105
700 X 2323-62281.5622221033313022097
700 X 2020-62281.0222120933212962086
27 X 1 3/835-63085.0823221734513492169
27 X 1 1/432-63084.3323021634313432161
27 X 1 1/828-63083.5822821634213392155
27 X 125-63082.9122621534013332145
26 X 2.12554-55982.1222520733012862070
26 X 1.947-55980.6322020632412762055
26 X 1.538-55977.7121219931212341985
26 X 1.2532-55977.4420619531112131953
26 X 1.025-55975.3120519130511891913
26 x 1/650C25-57176.8520619531112131952
26 X 1 3/835-59081.4122220733012882068
24 x 125-52069.0118817527910891753
20 X 1.7544-40660.151581502549271491
20 X 1 1/428-45163.7017316225710051618
18 x 1.540-35575.942071372188491367
17 x 1 1/428-36952.171421332118381325
16 x 1 3/835-34950.471371282047971282
16 x 1.537-30542.31151081726701079
X 2.727
X .621

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