Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great 2012 Crank the Shield Prep Clinic Today at JoyRide Bike Park - Had a ton of Fun !

The First Crank the Shield Prep Course went off today at JoyRide 150 Bike Park in Markham Ontario!/soloistjr/status/140449201589993473/photo/1  Is a twitter update by Joyride Guru Mark Summers who Hosted the event ! 

Thanks to participants for coming in and trying some different ideas, I look forward to hearing more about your adventures as you approach Crank the Shield 2012 ! 

Topics Covered included: 
 - Testing Race specific Pace and general training with some thought to performance tracking
  - Self Assessment before beginning the journey
  - 2012 Course Preview and thoughts on needed preparation
   - Common Issues in long mountain bike events and how to avoid 
   - Making your training plan = goal race, goal workouts, rest weeks, holidays and workout progressions


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