Monday, November 7, 2011

Fitting Training into a Busy Life Does Not have to be a Struggle

Work, Training and Life they do not have to be a struggle. 
They Really Do not.

I want to show you how many Smart Athletes have gotten on top of their Life Stress and Schedules

A typical day in a busy Athlete's life, that might seem tame compared to your daily adventure?
7am Wake - Breakfast
8am Drive to work 
9-5pm - Work 
5-6pm Drive Home 
6pm Dinner
10pm Sleep  
 .... where does training fit ? 

The simple fact is our time under stress has extended and we need to start considering athletes schedules on and off the bike to produce the best results. 

Many Smart Athletes have found Success by focusing on: 
- a few key workouts by shifting their work load to 4 / 5 days of the week 
- Shorter focused workouts during the week and the odd Long workout as required on weekends. 
- Arranging for a later start a few days a week to train before work or at lunch. 
- Focusing on the other elements that create performance and are potentially easier to fit into the schedule including Respiratory Training, Injury Resistance, Stress management, Technical Skill, Tactical Skill, Nutrition and cross training. 
- Most off all by keeping their coach up to date Clients are able to maximize the time they have , without overdoing the amount of stress they have in their lives. 

"I recently switched coaches and have been pleased with my experience with Peter.  His workouts, both on and off the bike, are refreshing and have reignited my motivation. His attention to workout details and response to my questions has been terrific and prompt.  He provides encouragement and thoughtful advice that has helped me deal with unforeseen set backs and the daily challenges of training in a busy life." RK Mas Ex. MTB

"The group pre-rides were a positive experience for me this season especially at venues i have not raced at before. Riding the course with a few other athletes lead by you was definitely beneficial in terms of exposing sections of the course to pay close attention to and look at different lines which i would have missed on my own."
M.F. University Student, Expert/elite mtb and Marathon mtb

"Coaching was timely, flexible, and specific to me. Group sessions with group of your clients were excellent, more of those please."

"Many thanks on your coaching and support this season.  Life is good."
Je.S.  - Elite MTB / Full Time Career

 I recently recorded a series of videos to help Mountain Bikers start thinking about the technical aspects of the sport – Please check out the whole series to get an idea of some of the ideas you may benefit from!

3 Myths of Endurance Training and Coaching

#1: You must ride a ton - In fact, it depends who you are and what your goals are. Many people perform well on 5 hours or less a week. 

#2: You need to do it yourself - In fact, an attentive coach can spot issues in your technical skill, training practices, life schedule and fitness that may save you time, money and frustration. If you have a plan designed for you and your life AND someone watching your success and energy multiplies and is focused on your performance ... Not motivating yourself ! 

#3: Professional Coaching is too Expensive 

This really depends on whether you are paying for professional and personalized help or not. A degree and certifications are worth something but what about actual results? 

Does the value you get from a daily, goal focused plan warrant the price & do you get your desired results ? 

How much do you spend on travel, equipment, special pills, videos a year ? What is your return on these items ... has that Aerodynamic Helmet put you on the podium yet? Have those magic Lactate Threshold Pills produced any difference in your testing or races ? 

A good coaching relationship returns on your investment numerous times! 
With Smart Athlete Web Coaching you get the following value ! 

- Weekly Email Exchange/Question  (~$10 Value)

-  Monthly Phone Call  = ($50 Value)

- Basic Training Peaks account ($0)

- Training programmed in two week blocks with one monthly alteration included ($100 + $10 Value) 

- Testing $175 +HST  (Save $25+ per test)

- Steve Neal Performance Bike Fit Discounts to $175 (Save $25)

- Personal Session (ie. Pre-ride, Consult, skill session, supervised intervals) @ $75 (Save $25)

- Ongoing CLIENT ONLY BENEFITS including group rides, free pre-rides, strength clinics, paleo challenge forums, free online content, weekly newsletter ($Priceless)

Your investment of just $105 gets you $225+ in return per month, without any valuation for the results and knowledge you will receive ! 

Just one idea from one training resources may be the switch you need to reach your goals and results !

Your Investment is locked in. Even when the price rises (which it will shortly), you’ll be guaranteed the lock-in rate for as long as you want. Again, you can cancel anytime and there’s no contract.

… And remember, you are never locked-in and you can cancel anytime. No hassles and no questions asked.

Signup Now Risk Free and Securely through PayPal

Web Based Semi-Custom Coaching

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