Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Better Life though Kinesiology (What is Kinesiology?)

What is Kinesiology ?
The Science of human movement, applying the latest research to improve the health and wellness of people in all settings and populations

Understanding how and why people move the way they do, the factors that limit and enhance our capacity to move and develop strategies to increase that capacity .

Kinesiology is a key piece of your health and wellness, disease prevention and treatment.

Kinesiologists complement the work done by other health-care professionals improving overall body health, composition and awareness using movement as medicine

The Ontario Ministry of Health States that "regular exercise can reduce the risk of death by 50%"

The Best way to stay at your peak and out of the hospital is avoid getting sick or hurt in the first place.

Preventing illness is better than treating it.

Who Can Benefit from Kinesiology ? 

Because of Kinesiology, a 65-year old retired couple who like to golf in summer and ski in Winter can maintain their active lifestyle at a period in their lives when they have the most time to enjoy it !

Cancer patients use Kinesiology to reduce the nausea and fatigue related to chemotherapy treatments and post-treatments.

The 27-year-old laborer who broke his leg on the job uses Kinesiology to get back to work quicker

A 17 year old elite athlete with designs on an athletic scholarship turns to Kinesiology to maximize performance

What Can Kinesiology Do for You ? 
Kinesiologists can help everyone from people suffering from chronic injury or disease, to those wanting to improve their overall physical health and well-being, to improving the performance of high-performance athletes.

Life expectancy is increasing and quality of life in our later years is becoming more and more important. Kinesiology will help you maintain your health, prevent injury and disease and improve your prospects for a healthy independent lifestyle.

personal program developed by a Kinesiologist can help you get and stay fit, ensuring you are performing at an optimum level __ at your job, in your home or on the playing field

A Kinesiology program leads to healthier daily living; less disease and injury; faster recover; less pain and discomfort; healthier, safer workplaces; and improved work, sports and mental performance.

Read More about How Kinesiology has Helped Smart Athletes in TESTIMONIALS

The Content of this post came largely from Ontario Kinesiology Promotional Material

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