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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hillbilly Hustle this Weekend!

Make sure to come out to Highlands Nordic this weekend (just south of Collingwood Ontario) 

It is worth the trip up for the most features, biggest purse, most primes and only over-under feature in Ontario Cross. 

Details at www.hbcc.ca 

Sunday Oct 31 (yes Halloween Costumes encouraged! ) 

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Workout of the Week

Steve's Workout 
Complete 3 rounds of the following set

- Set is 6 times through 'Cindy':
a) 5 Pullups (kipping, Jumping or Dead hang)
b) 10 Pushups
c) 15 Airsquats (no weights, and get your butt lower then knees)

Rest 1 min exactly between each ROUND (so after each time you complete the strength set)

Peter's Workout of the Week 
The Annual Hillbilly Hustle Cross race is this weekend near Collingwood, please check it out if you can it has the most features of any cross race in Ontario, a challenging course, and one of biggest payouts / prime amounts around ... Not to mention the covetted Lumberjack Jacket! (INFO www.hbcc.ca)

To get tuned up for the rest of Cross season try this interval strategy after a good 20-30min of warmup

2min ON / 2min Off x 15- 20 times (based on fitness and length of goal race)

The on period is not Maximal but rather closer to a 20min TT pace or longer TT pace since you will be accumulating a bunch of time at this intensity.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cam and Jared Podium at 2010 Ontario Provincial CycloCross Champs

Cam Runs up one of the Steep Runups at Kelso Provincial Park.

Cam 2nd Elite / Jared 3rd Espoir

Also congrats to new SNP Client Tristain S. for a strong first outing in Ontario Cx.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Workout of the Week

Steve's WO
Get in 10 min easy aerobic activity...then complete 5 min of 
active stretching...

Then complete:

5 pushups every minute on the minute...chest and thighs must touch 
the ground on each.

For the situps...bent knee at 90 degrees...start with shoulder blades 
touching ground for each rep...chest must come up and touch your 
thighs on situp as well as tapping your toes.

Then with remaining time until you get to the next minute (and have 
to complete 5 more pushups)...do as many situps as you can...working 
towards a total of 200 situps.

So it would go like this...

Start watch and at 0:00 do 5 pushups...and start doing as many situps 
until 1:00 as you can...

at 1:00 do pushups and then start doing as many situps until 2:00 as 
you can...add these to previous round...

Continue this process until you have complete 200 situps.
Love to Hear how those doing this are making out, post questions/time to comments ( people are doing it, we are all just a bit shy !)
Peter's WO
Mix Master Endurance !
Mix up your endurance today and try 2 or 3 different activities all at endurance effort
Try and get everything set up so transition times are minimal (shoes / poles etc.)
My favorite is Bike/Pole Run / Steady Strength (something like Steve's WO last week but not for time just steady endurance RPE)
No wrong answer, especially this time of year ... bike/ wood chop / run ???
Post your activities and durations to Comments Please !
Steve / Peter and Rachael
*New Training Plans Info @  www.steveneal.ca on Coaching Page *

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Jared Stafford has Great UCI Cross weekend in Toronto

Re: Natural or Paleo Approach to Inride Fueling ( question via Email continued)

1) great job on sticking too the strategy. Don't be too much of a stickler though (ie. go out for dinner and just make a decent choice ... ie. i went for thai yesterday and just skipped the noodles and had extra veg added to my curry dish, the sauce would not have been Paleo)
2) Definitely need to eat more then you think. The plate will be heaping with veggies and meat
3) I would suggest that you look into THE ZONE concepts as well and try to use the block system to make sure you are getting a good balance of nutrients. The paleo diet falls short in that it is 'unlimited' veggies-meat-fruit which usually means people just overdue the fruit and high glycemic veggies but don't consume enough good fats and protein (the latter two are what make you feel full and energetic and support performance etc.). See crossfit journal 21 on the Zone in the Resources page at www.steveneal.ca
4) Now is a good time (fall) to experiment with how much actual recovery (stage 2/3/4 Paleo) you need. While 5 days a week of activity is great, we would want to really look at the intensity/duration and how you feel if you stick to more natural choices. This does still let you look at the higher glycemic veggies-fruits and lean proteins and likely experience great performance and recovery.
... keep me posted

From Email,

Thanks for the response as well as the previous note on Joel Friel's cliff notes. It's greatly appreciated and very helpful.

So its been only 15 days for me on Paleo and the transition hasn't been the easiest but I'm adapting. There has been a lot of research for understanding and trying to find a proper balance. I was down several pounds in the first 7 days and realized I simply just had to eat more. A week later and the weight loss is about the same but I'm feeling much better.

Even had a respectable race  16th in my age group

As for books, I opted to start with "The Paleo Diet" rather then the "athlete" version as I assumed it would lean more towards the fundamentals of the diet. I'll have to read it next but your comments help bridge the gap.

In my training the intensity and duration obviously varies but I'm active about 5 days a week so the present day recovery is necessary. Throughout the summer it was always on the bike but I'm liking the variations now with a bit of trail running, gym/home work and keeping up with the cx'ers.

Thanks again for the tips.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy national kinesiology week

National Kinesiology Week 2010 is October 18 - 23, 2010 and we're looking forward to joining you in a week of celebrating the practice of Kinesiology!

Kinesiologists are human movement specialists offering a wide variety of assessments and services to the public to assist with both injury/illness prevention and injury management. Their practice is based on the core sciences of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and psychomotor behaviour. Kinesiologists work in the fitness industry, clinically, and in industrial environments.

Scope of Practice
Kinesiologists provide services through the application of the science of human movement and deliver quality solutions through prevention, objective assessment, and evidence based intervention.
Learn more here

To celebrate Peter, our certified Kinesiologist, is extending a HUGE 10% discount on our new Training Plans ... This week only!!!!

Fill out the info form and pay online on the payment page!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Natural or Paleo Approach to Inride Fueling ( question via Email)

Classic Picture of Steve and Trek Canada's Eric Batty engaging in PRESENT day recovery strategies (chocolate milk)
 ... Peter is Fasting 
 In keeping with the Paleo diet, what do you use as nutrition on the bike? Just water? or is this an area you "let it slip"?

Thanks for Question J.
First, for lack of better terms we will assume athletes who want to stick to Paleo/natural/home made strategies are called "PALEO" and those who are open to all the current day technologies and foods are called "PRESENT" athletes.  For more info on Zone Diet, Paleo Diet or Hammer Nutrition Strategies for fueling see our Resources page at www.steveneal.ca
Briefly, 'Paleo Diet for Athletes' is an essential resource for anyone looking seriously at this nutritional strategy. The Paleo approach to nutrition is that human's have not evolved, from the Paleolithic Era, as fast as our food technology and therefore 'new' foods are not optimal for human health. This means those on the Paleo Diet consume only meat, Fruit, Veggies, nuts, seeds (ie. no legumes, grains, milk, soy etc.). This strategy is becoming more and more accepted in 'regular' people and also with athletes. It works well for most people, especially when combined with a 'zone diet' strategy for assembling meals, which is a whole new conversation!
From our personal standpoint during exercise we use mostly 'present day' endurance nutrition solutions. We use and recommend to athletes Hammer products in most situations and we are happy with the results / quality. Hammer products do not use simple sugars and the sugars are derived from Corn, which could be considered natural depending on which school of thought you are from. That said using amino acids, potatoes, and dried fruits during our rides (especially lower intensity endurance) is also common.
For any athlete looking at race day or Nutrition for workouts the duration and intensity need to be considered. Below we will review the 'Paleo' and 'Present' athletes options food in-ride Fueling, which should spark  some discussion, debate or at least things for you to try and report back on!  *note the term workouts will be used to include races as training should use same strategy as race day*
a) Duration = How long ?
 - If the workout is under an hour both the Paleo and Present athletes will be able to complete the workout regardless of intensity without fueling or hydration (some may find psychological benefit from either or both)
- for workouts 1-4 hours in duration fueling with Paleo (coconut water, dried fruit, bananas, agave/honey in water) the PRESENT athlete will look to products that supply light amounts of electrolytes and carbohydrate ... both aiming for ~240-400kcal an hour depending on body size and intensity.
- For workouts over 3 hours a shift to more fat and protein makes sense for both schools (similar kcal / hr ... experiment with upper limits of what you can handle )
               - Paleo Athletes will look to Bananas, sweet potatoes, coconut, home made bars or Commercial fruit/nut bars. (the THRIVE & Paleo diet books have great in-workout solutions)
2) Intensity - if your workout is hard then the need for easily digestible fueling (see duration 1-4hr above) is going to be important and recovery will also be important.
          - This can be done Paleo but the recovery portion especially is where the need for more Present solutions MAY be required. 
           - Your level of training is the big determinant on recovery needs. If you train hard/long most days then recovery is HUGE. If you have several days between workouts then you will likely need much less Present day solutions !

Energy Pudding
Amount Measure Description
2 Each Bananas
0.25 cup Ground flaxseed
0.25 cup Roasted Carob or Cacao nibs
1 tbsp Coconut oil
1 tsp Lemon juice
0.25 tsp Sea Salt
Energy Variation: add 2 tsp ground Yerba maté
(sample PALEO in ride solution)
These are some of our findings ... not the only way but worth considering and trying ! Please do Follow up with Questions/Comments.
Peter and Steve

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Workout of the Week

Steve's WO

* post your time to Comments ... critique on Steve's skipping welcome too :) 

20 min of double under practice ... then :

50-40-30-20-10 (ie. first set is 50 reps then next set is 40 reps of each exercise) 
Of  Double Unders and Situps
For time

Peter's WO of the Week 

Complete 60min Yoga Class or PodCast or Audio

Post Class you attended or the link to the Podcast 

Check out our new Training Plans HERE

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Annual Paleo Pumpkin Pie Recipe !

Remember your Paleo (no sugar or processed stuff ) Pumpkin Pie this Weekend ! 

Pumpkin Pie
2 and a half cups crushed pecans or choice nuts
~1 cup dates (medool dates work best, else add a bit of water)
 -- after you have pressed into a baking sheet put in an oven that has been heated to 400 to 'dehydrate' for 10min ... but turn off the heat first. 
Remove and add filling.

1 15 oz can of pumpkin puree
3 eggs
3/4 cup maple sugar flakes
1 tbsp fresh grated ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp powdered cloves
1/4 tsp nutmeg
grated rind of 1 lemon
1 cup creme fresh
Steve, Peter and Rachael
Also please take some time to look over the information on  www.steveneal.ca regarding Our NEW TRAINING PLANS LINK

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reminder: Hunting Seasons Start in October!

Remember Your Vest !

 Hunting Seasons start and end over the next few months... remember to dress yourself and your friends in bright colors on your rides !

Steve and Peter


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Workout of the Week

*** Remember to post times, questions, experiences to Comments please ! 
Steve's WO of the Week
5 min aerobic warmup

10 min active flex

5 min run to be done as 10 sec carioca agility 20 sec easy jog

Then complete at about 85/90% of max effort:

1000m run + 50 dumbell swings (50 per arm) + 25 situps

800m run + 40 dumbbell swings (per arm) + 20 situps

600m run + 30 dumbbell swings (per arm) + 15 situps

sit and recover to 120 heart rate...then easy...easy jog or walk by feeling for 8 to 10 minutes
Peter's WO
Each time you ride your bike this week warmup with this Set
3-5 Rounds of:
a) 30-60sec One Leg Pedaling each leg (do not go past point of smooth stroke / no 'clunking')
b) 1min at 110-120RPM
How would your efficiency improve if you did this with full focus before each ride/workout ?
Steve, Peter and Rachael

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Easy stretching and recovery ... No extra time!

Great idea for keeping your neck aligned in sleep from the mobility WOD

Good sleep, especially good early sleep means better recovery and better adaptation


Sleep Well


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