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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Workout of the Week


"Jack" Intro

4 x 5min intervals of below strength set (most rounds in 5min) with 5min super easy effort on bike or rower between.

Push press, 10 reps (use lighter weight if new to strength, if first time use a broom handle only please)
10 KettleBell Swings
10 Box jumps, (20-24inch box as experience dictates)

Questions on the movements above ? Please comment !!!



complete 10min stretching on quad and/or Psoas .

Don't rush or push into PAIN, spend at least 2.5 min per muscle/stretch/side just slowly increasing tension.

 ** the picture in this post is of a 'Psoas' focused lunge stretch, make sure you pad your back knee.

** to focus on the quad try putting your back foot up on a wall or chair

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goal setting...maybe they are relative...

It is that time of year when many are setting goals for 2011...some life...some sport related.

When setting those goals ask yourself if they are achievable...are they set high enough...what are you really capable of.

Wonder if many of us even know what we are capable of...what would it take to find out.

Please watch the video below...and then double check the goals you have planned for yourself.

Be respectful of others as you never know from where they have come ... or where they are headed.

Be kind to people...

or see


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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

U Cup Fun and Podiums

SNP athlete Jon S. Found the podium at the First of 4 Ontario University Cups this past weekend at Mansfield Outdoor Center.
The unique first Event of this fun series features 3 stages including a 'moto styled' 2-3 lap short track with multiple heats to eliminate riders, a Time Trial and the Sunday Cross Country
With stage win and a few podiums Jon Found himself on the overall podium with several of Ontario's top young racers in attendance !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New for Fall 2010 - 3 Month Training Plans


3 Month Training Plans ... You asked for it and We have an Answer ! 

1) Fill Out Application Form - This Allows us to customize the plan to you 100% based off of your test results and YOUR LIFE.

2) Pay Online with Pay Pal (easy, quick, lets you use credit cards ... airmiles !!!!) 

3) Receive a customized Plan!!
 ( Allow 10-14 days for Delivery / Email Contact made within 48 hours of Application) 


Email peterglassford @ gmail with any questions

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Workout of the Week

With a big weekend for many of our athletes, friends and blog followers this week's workouts are based on recovery.

Congrats to all the participants, finishers and winners at Crank the Shield (www.cranktheshield.com) it was a tremendous test and everyone got pushed out of their comfort zone!

SNP results included 2nd in the Elite Male Teams (Peter and Eric Batty), 3rd for Rick L. in Master Solo Cat, 3rd for Mike Duncan in Single Speed Male, and Tammy S. coming on strong towards the end of the event in the competitive Under 40 Female Category.  ----- RESULTS LINK

In a quiet room perform 30-60min of stretching.

During this period select 5 - 10 key area to address and appropriate stretches (post if you need suggestions for an area please)

Each stretch should be held for 5 x 30sec.

Increase the tension, not pain, slightly each rep if you have felt a relaxation during the previous 30sec. If not keep tension same and breathe deeply

 - Wake up and take an easy jog, ideally on a forested path. Stop along the way to add your own 'flare' to this short morning exploration.
  - Yoga, balancing, climbing, light strength, stretching, jumping, throwing

Objective is to get your body and brain moving/playing in ways it doesn't get to often!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tires for crank with rain?

Question through email.

With the rain today and forecast for Saturday what tires would you consider best for most people? ( ie. Speed important but control and flat resistance paramount)

I am using Race King in the dry (they aren't horrible if mud isn't too deep)...

And I also have a  mud x bontrager.

I do need a more middle ground tire so am willing to get new tires before the race.
Peter's opinion....

With the amount of rock, road and potentially running it likely isn't a good call to go to full out muds unless it is really bad. Eric and I have bontrager xr-2 which roll really fast, relatively flat resistant and hook up pretty well in most terrain. Revolts if we are going to gamble.
- xr-2 may be hard to find ... Similar would be kenda's karma tire
- Derek zandstra of 3 Rox Racing and World Cup fame  reports that with slightly less confidence then he presently has he would run race king 2.2 if he had to run continental (he is sponsored by Contenental)
- Amanda Sin, a past SNP client, and same team and fame as DZ would go with mountain kings however.

If you have done a bit of mudding with your race kings and survived with a smile I would be hesitant to change this close to event. If not confident I think any of the choices above will be good when able to ride in mud but not be a burden on the road/gravel.

Thanks for your question

SMR reminder!!

This is great post/message from Jeff at Network Fitness www.networkfitness.com

The 3 Primary SMR Movements
Practice the three SMR exercises displayed below at least once each week to maintain proper hip, back and shoulder function. You can get details for each movement by clicking the image (coming soon). It is likely you will need to stretch each day and possibly do other SMR movements for your “trouble areas.” The three movements below are the foundation that you build on, and you should revisit them often.

Primary SMR Movement #1

Primary SMR Movement #2

Primary SMR Movement #3

Group SMR Tip

These three movements are also the preferred SMR techniques you should use just prior to a workout. They will address the greatest number of major muscles in the least amount of time. Pick one or two to do just prior to your dynamic movement drills. Spend 3-5 minutes working through the muscles for each side of your body.

Remember that SMR is like static stretching-going fast works against you!

Questions or interest in SMR or Stretching techniques ? Please email us [email protected] for info on clinics and sessions.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crank the shield ... Cold feet????

Last week for training ( recovering?)

Just got the weekly traffic report at www.steveneal.ca and it is up huge, with many referrals from www.cranktheshield.com

What does it mean?

Maybe a bit of cold feet going around?

While the window for getting fit for the race is basically cold their are several things you can do this week to make sure you do the best YOU can this weekend on our three day adventure!

1) pack and prep bike Wednesday or sooner. Basically be ready to go so that wed night and Thursday are very chill.

2) each day spin easy and short to keep a good feeling on the bike and to make sure bike works flawless.

3) each ride this week put ten honest minutes into practicing mounts/dismounts , taking things out of your pockets ( no hands? ) and rear wheel lift/unweight

If there is anything you are wondering about from tires to pacing each day please don't hesitate to pose the question on facebook, our blog or thru email (see our site)


Workout of the Week

Steve Workout of Week -- Number 2

12 rounds

5 pushups
10 situps
15 jumping squats with hands behind head
:30 seconds rest in top of pushup position

Peter  Workout of Week
- In long endurance ride this week get in most climbing you can in time

Post time and Altitude in Meters to Comments

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Crank the Shield Training Plan

Last Week 

Goal this week is to get all your admin work like packing, bike maintenance and final bike check/equipment check rides out of the way monday-wednesday. 

Focus on recovery with several short easy rides with work on high cadence and the couple workouts below for maintenance. 

( pick one of days and on the other day stretch-yoga-focused relaxation for 30-60min with no distractions/sounds/multi-tasking) 

a) Monday or Tuesday
1hr w/ 5x 10sec sprints / 90sec off b/w
      and 5-10min tempo at 90+ RPM on road   
               rest of ride is smooth high cadence endurance not over 75% HR / RPE

b) Wednesday or Thursday
           1hr alternating 2min at 90 rpm and 2min at 95-105 rpm 
                   whole workout under 75% 

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Workout of the Week

Congrats to Mical Dyck on Her 2010 Worlds Race ! 

Steve's WO of the Week # 1 

As many rounds as possible of:

20 one hand dumbell swings per side

Run 100m

20 ring rows or some horizontal pull

Run 100m

Peter's Wo of the Week 
90 min endurance
-- include 10-20 min of uphill tempo effort hike a bikes ... break up as required by local terrain
* review good form for hike a bike before workout. Right hand should be on top tube or seat.
- use quick little steps and keep head up/good posture
** use proper 'cyclocross' or 'cowboy' style mounts/dismounts even if uncomfortable

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Crank the Shield Training Plan

2nd Last week

This week absolutely no excuses on not having equipment and not using it before the event. Do not give yourself an excuse get the stuff and use it so you know what you have.

There are a couple of challenges this week but for the most part focus on good recovery off the bike and good preparation into the event at this time.


1) 30/30 workout 
under 1.5hrs total time  

Warmup with 5 x 2min on pedaling at 110-120 rpm 
     \\ 1min off at comfortable Cadence - keep effort/ watts stable throughout

Then complete 10min of 30sec max effort / 30 sec easy between, focus on good hard efforts standing is great for ON and really easy off efforts

Warmup till ready, include a few standing hill sprints to practice steeper efforts standing

Complete 3 x 12 min tempo intervals pedaling whole time steady 80-83percent of max heart rate // recover 1-3 min as required to do good job
*** watch this isn't max TT effort but honest steady tempo ** 

 Saturday or earlier in the week **** make sunday easy  or off *** 
3hrs offroad (keep it under 3 for sure and make sure you can recover and be ready to ride the next day ... even though this week we won't be ... save it for the race !!!!!!!!!!!!)

 *** remember hike-a-bikes they are one of the MOST REGRETTED TRAINING MISTAKES for MTB stage races ****

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interviews with SNP MTB World CHampionship Athletes Mical and Jared

Jared Stafford Interview Pre-2010 Worlds Mt. St Anne Brought to you by Steve Neal Performance 

Interview by Trek Canada

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Crank the Shield - Eric and Peter start final Prep ... How to Fix a Flat

So Day 1 of the Crank the Shield Training for Me ... Eric is Deep in a block after Windham on the weekend using (Ryan Atkins) for extra motivation.

We busted out some gravel road climb up st. anne service road then took on the Enduro Trail, which I promptly crashed dramatically and worked on our team comforting as I recovered and we got back up to pace. Then Ryan joined me for a few 30min tempo intervals before watching some World Championship racing (with my recovery drink!) 

During the Ride Eric then got a pre-planned Flat for Crank the Shield Simulation . Pics Below with Step by Step Instructions and tips.
Work Hands around entire bead on both s ides to get tire into the deepest part of the rim 'groove'
*If possible try to keep track of where the flat occurred (usually obvious with tubless/stans)
Once the tire is unseated (usually easy and no levers needed if you do above step well) 
a) inspect inside tire for thorn or objects that would puncture tube
b) blow up your tube with mouth, while removing old tube/tubeless valve
put tube in starting at valve and keep tube off ground/clean
Once tube in tire and uniformly smooth/in place
Start opposite the valve seating tire 
*Eric starts on the ground as pictured then
 puts the seated portion of tire against his waist 
and finishes seating the tire by the valve with hands 
while hip holds opposite side in the deep rim groove
Remember to have a backup air source in case CO2 does not work
 and glue less patches in case many tubes don't work
 (make sure both partners have at least 1 tube each)
while pumping make sure you are comfortable and not standing awkwardly 
or getting to excited ... slow and methodical will prevent mistakes 

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mical anchors Team Canada Relay Team to Strong 8th place

Mical grabbed one more spot for team Canada on the last of 4 laps of the hard st. anne World Course

Results (from www.pedalmag.com) 

1. Switzerland (Thomas Litscher/MU, Roger Walder/MJ, Katrin Leumann/WE, Ralph Naef/ME) 1:06:00 

2. Germany (Manuel Fumic/ME, Julian Schelb/MJ, Sabine Spitz/WE, Marcel Fleschhut/MU) 0:18 

3. Czech Republic (Jaroslav Kulhavy/ME, Ondrej Cink/MU, Katerina Nash/WE, Tomas Paprstka/MJ) 0:41 

4. France (Fabien Canal/MU, Julien Trarieux/MJ, Cédric Ravanel/ME, Cécile Ravanel/WE) 1:02 

5. Italy (Marco Aurelio Fontana/ME, Maximilian Vieider/MJ, Eva Lechner/WE, Gerhard Kerschbaumer/MU) 1:55 

6. Russian Federation (Irina Kalentieva/WE, Sergey Nikolaev/MU, Anton Stepanov/MJ, Evgeniy Pechenin/ME) 2:16 

7. Netherlands (Marco Minnaard/MU, Rudi Van Houts/ME, Laura Turpijn/WE, Michiel Van Der Heijden/MJ) 2:43 

8. Canada (Max Plaxton/ME, Francis Morin/MU, Antoine Caron/MJ, Mical Dyck/WE) 3:53 

9. United States (Todd Wells/ME, Robbie Squire/MU, Seth Kemp/MJ, Katherine Compton/WE) 4:42 

10. Spain (Jose Maria Sanchez Ruiz/MU, Antonio Santos Ridao/MJ, Anna Villar Argente/WE, José Antonio Hermida Ramos/ME) 4:58

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