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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Workout of the Week

Steve Workout of Week -- Number 3

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

50 - 4 count leg levers
50 situps feet not anchored
Run 10m 20m 10m shuttle
Rest :30 seconds

Peter Workout of Week
- In long endurance ride this week complete 100 burpees
Divide / Partition as needed

Post How you divided to Comments

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Crank the Shield Training Aug 30 2010

Peter getting In big crank the shield training day (5 hrs / 2550m climbing) in Italy

Last week in august that means time is running out to get fit and get confident in your body, your mind and your equipment!


1) 30/30
Warmup with 10x30 sec on pedaling at 110-120 rpm and 30 sec off at comfortable Cadence - keep effort/ watts stable throughout

Then complete 10min of 30sec max effort / 30 sec easy between, focus on good hard efforts and really easy off efforts

2)Warmup till ready, include a few standing hill sprints to practice steeper efforts standing

Complete 4-6 x 10 min tempo intervals pedaling whole time steady 80-83percent of max heart rate // recover 1-3 min as required to do good job

3) ideally day after tempo workout complete 3-5 hrs under 80 percent mixing terrain and using race equipment
*** remember hike-a-bikes

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Steve packing for 100 miler

So may not apply to everyone but for those of us 'Crankers' ( Suggestions for participant name welcome ! ) ... it is time to think about traveling to the race, packing for the race... how to get stuff in bags, what stuff needs to be in the bag.

This may be a good solution to cram more in those great Crank Duffels or into a bike box if you are flying to Crank 2009, or maybe overseas for a few World Cups.

These vacuum bags cost approx. $20 bucks for 3 (2 medium / 1 larger then shown) and hold a bunch of stuff as Steve has done a great job of demonstrating. These were from Wal-Mart.

On the note of preparation ... This is the weekend to be out with ALL your gear and ALL your fueling stuff ... Take advantage of the long weekend and work out the kinks, make the mistakes BEFORE the big weekend ( 2 weekends away in case you aren't crossing the days off a MTB themed Calendar )

Steve and Peter

ALSO this weekend is the last weekend with the 'Early Bird' Price for the SNPD Fall Colors Camp ... this is a great way to finish off 2009 and start working on 2010 ... Here's the link http://www.steveneal.ca/fall-colors-camp.html

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Workout of the Week

Steve Workout of Week -- Number 2

12 rounds

5 pushups
10 situps
15 jumping squats with hands behind head
:30 seconds rest in top of pushup position

Peter Workout of Week
- In long endurance ride this week get in most climbing you can in time

Post time and Altitude in Meters to Comments

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Many Podiums and Personal Bests (PB) for SNP Athletes at 2010 Ont. Prov. Champs

Fantastic Finish to Many Athletes' 2010 MTB Season

Ontario Provincials provided a challenging course for many riders this weekend. The Pros were pushed to ride smooth and attack each of the steep climbs to gain a gap on the tight competition. Other Categories were challenged by the relentless course, steady effort and single track that required bike handling and body position skills to be excellent to stay smooth and upright.

Many of the Weekend SNP Results

Pro Men
Glassford - 3rd (97%)
Jette - 5th (96%)
Stafford - 6th (1st Espoir - Espoir Provincial Champ) (94%)

Pro Women
Erika Bota - 5th (91%)

Master Men 45+ Expert
Rick Landry - 3rd (93%)
B. Bergman - DNF

Master 40+ Expert
Brent Berger - 1st (Provincial Champion)
Paul Cooney - 2nd (96% - Personal Best)
Steve Neal - 11th ( Completed Full Series ... Seasonal Goal Accomplished, Congrats! )

Master 30+ Ex
M. Duncan - 14th

Senior Ex
Matt Farquarson - DNS (sick)  BUT wins the Series Overall AND stayed in Expert to gain Speed and experience before Pro (thank you for that Matt)

Master 40+ Expert Women
Melinda Davie - 6th (looked like you were racing, tremendous improvement this year Melinda)

Master 30+ Expert Female
Tammy Simmons - DNS (sick) BUT  Great improvement in confidence, technique and fitness Tammy

Master 45+ Sport
J. Febrey - 6th (94%) ... another Personal Best John ... keep up focus on technique and confidence !

Single Speed
- JD St. Martin - 18th
- Deanna Bootin - dnf

Senior Ex Female
Rachael Mirvish - 3rd

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Crank the Shield Training Aug 23 2010

Eric and Peter of Trek Canada are getting ready for CTS 2010
... Look for a few updates through September

Make sure you recover off the weekend before getting going on this week ... Try Monday off and steves workout of week nice and easy ( slow it down ) to get moving and help make sure those other muscles are ready for the demands of offroad stage racing.

1) hills
30min warmup building to endurance pace.

Then Complete:
5x4min at 85-90% of max heart rate ( build max hr of each int, don't max first one)
Rest 3mins between each
End with 15min easy spinning

2) Steve Workout of Week

3) weekend endurance rides !
Sat / Sunday get in 3-5 hrs under 80 percent mixing gravel, pavement and offroad
*** for most participants 80 percent is a good guide for pacing limit to finish the weekend with steady performance (best total average speed/time to finish)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rachaels packing tips and stage racing tips ... Comments? Agree?

Crank The Shield- 3 day stage race
Riding Clothes:
3 jerseys
3 shorts
3 socks (wool preferably)
arm warmers
knee warmers
wind vest
2 pairs cycling gloves
sun glasses
Shoes (2 pairs preferable if you have) if not pack some newspaper to stuff them to help dry them out
Off Bike Clothing:
Comfortable sweatpants
Bathing trunk that can double as shorts if warm
Fleece jacket or warm sweater/sweatshirt
2 shirts
3 pairs undergarments
toque (hat)
Shoes –can double with shower shoes- but will want them to be very comfortable and loose fitting
Camp Gear:
sleeping bag
shower shoes
plastic bags for wet clothes
garmin charger +garmin
spare brake pads
2 tubes
chamois cream
zinc cream – get at shopper’s – baby diaper stuff – use with chamois cream
toothbrush and toothpaste
contact lense stuff
soap and shampoo
bug spray
lip balm (trust me you will want this)
ear plugs
eye mask
On Bike Gear:
water bottles
duct tape- bring a small amount to fix anything
derailler hanger
chain tool and quick link
allan key set
pocket knife
2 spare tubes
CO2 cartridges + adapter
Tire levers
Advil (always good to have)
Carry your ID and health card with you
Hammer heed- put individual servings in ziploc bags and put in your camelback for use at aid stations
Hammer recoverite: drink immediately after finishing race before cleaning bike
Your choice of energy bars
Hammer gels
Some sort of snack of your choice- fig newtons, nuts, etc… to have before bed.
Electrolyte tabs
Oral rehydration salts (can get at shoppers)- sip at night if you cramped during the day
Pacing is key. Don’t go too hard off the start. Pick a pace just above your normal endurance and try and hold it there.  
It is ok to walk steep hills
If a bog/puddle/stream looks like it will go over your wheel hubs it is best to walk and carry bike through it.
Ride smooth and steady- no crashing .  when in doubt walk. It is a long race and you don’t want to push it on the technical stuff as you want to finish.
Tired.pain, etc… you can push through it.  Your brain will and can override the feeling in your legs.  When you think you can’t go anymore, you can always dig just a little deeper. That being said be careful that it isn’t something other than that (injury etc..)
Hydration and fueling are key- one water bottle with electrolyte solution per hour and one gel or bar per hour.  
Post-race drink immediately after you finish as you will have to wait some until dinner.
Try and find some people of you r ability and stick with them- then draft with them on the road sections.  This will really help conserve your energy.
Start each day using one easier gear than you would normally, then towards the end you can start pushing the bigger gear (don’t want to tire your legs out early)
Have FUN!!!!!

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Thinking about packing

Saw this video on Cycling Dirt today ... Never to early to be thinking about what you will need for your stage races !!!

Post Your thoughts for this and Results for Steve and Peter's Workouts (thurs / Friday)

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

Get full Program Details, log your training AND optional features like daily workout emails !

**** New program out for July 1st !!!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you ready for Ontario provincials ???

What are you doing to ensure a good weekend ???

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Workout of the Week

Steve's WO of the Week # 1

As many rounds as possible of:

20 one hand dumbell swings per side

Run 100m

20 ring rows or some horizontal pull

Run 100m

Peter's Wo of the Week
90 min endurance
-- include 10-20 min of uphill tempo effort hike a bikes ... break up as required by local terrain
* review good form for hike a bike before workout. Right hand should be on top tube or seat.
- use quick little steps and keep head up/good posture
** use proper 'cyclocross' or 'cowboy' style mounts/dismounts even if uncomfortable

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Crank the Shield Training aug 16 2010

Getting close ! Almost a month till the CTS 2010, any questions please email or post a comment

This week really try to incorporate your gadgets and gear ... Sooner you test it the sooner you will be used to it and the sooner you can fix any problems!


Get in a good 30min warmup

Go to same hill as last Time

5x 3-5min hill intervals
Aim to start and finish at the same spot every time. Try and get farther than you did last time

2)Complete 1.5 hours at endurance pace- below 75% MHR

Then complete:
2x15 min at 78%-83% of Max heart rate
Easy 5min spin between
If you can do this offroad even better
End with 15min easy spinning

3) race an endurance event ( 3-5 hrs would be best ) ... If no events organize your own point to point to meet family .
- pace it as first 1/3 of ride under 75 percent, 1/3 under 80 percent and last third as you feel.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Steve Workout of Week -- Number 3

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

50 - 4 count leg levers
50 situps feet not anchored
Run 10m 20m 10m shuttle
Rest :30 seconds

Peter  Workout of Week
- In long endurance ride this week complete 100 burpees 
Divide / Partition as needed

Post How you divided to Comments

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Transrockies starts well

Mattf in the points and the mud in day1 of Tr 3, in 19th after the TT

Mical and Jeff in 2nd while Tammy/Jeremy were mid pack in the mixed category, set for a great week.

Race smart guys!


Crank the Shield Training Plan

Another challenge this weekend, Be ready !

1) Top End
  - Have a really solid 30min warmup include 3-5 x 30sec efforts each a bit harder .
  - then do 2 sets of 15min done as 30sec max / 30sec easy for duration /
        ** so each 15min block is made up by going 30sec Max effort / 30sec Easy effort.
  - recover 10min really easy b/w

2) Endurance finish with Tempo
   - 2hrs endurance honest best on rolling gravel or road.
         - then 20-30min steady tempo 80-83%MHR

3) Long fast endurance *try to make this a race like a marathon race or group ride
               - ride 3-6hrs at 'Crank the Shield' Race Pace

Let us know how it goes

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good luck in longer endurance events this coming week!

Best of luck to the SNP athletes taking on some longer endurance events this weekend and next week.

Aside from the ontario cup this weekend in Ontario we have several athletes taking on longer challenges this weekend.

Peter is in Germany for the World Championships for Marathon distance mountain bike racing.

Matt Farquharson is attending the very competitive 3 day version of Transrockies. Dubbed TR3, it has attracted UCI point hungry Pros from around the world.

And two of our female clients are taking on the full on Transrockies. Enjoy your journey Mical Dyck and Tammy Simmons!

Happy trails. Race like you have all trained ... You are ready!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crankthe Shield news . Sign up soon spots almost gone.

Dear Crank Competitors,

Thanks a ton for your support of Crank The Shield. Here are a few short updates.

Course preview videos are up for Stage 2 and Stage 3 . I road stage #2 with Matt and Sean yesterday and it is a fun and challenging stage. People will love that Stage 2 finishes right at Camp White Pine and the rail trail is gone! We believe the course improvements this year will make Crank The Shield an even better event.

The Trek Store Support Package can be found here. There are only 100 spots available on this package and you must send the forms to Trek Store.

If your friends still thinking about riding Eastern North America’s Largest Stage Race – we have 50 spots for Crank still available. Registration closes September 1st.

Take care and keep riding!

Adam Ruppel
Chico Racing
phone: 905.852.0381
fax: 905.852.0379

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Workout of the Week

Steve Workout of Week -- Number 2

12 rounds

5 pushups
10 situps
15 jumping squats with hands behind head
:30 seconds rest in top of pushup position

Peter  Workout of Week
- In long endurance ride this week get in most climbing you can in time

Post time and Altitude in Meters to Comments

Monday, August 2, 2010

Crank the Shield Training Plan - Third Block Starts this Week

Testing Week - Check your progress or Join in !

Take 2-3 days easy or off as needed to start the week

1) Complete our CRANK THE SHIELD 6 min field test, just like the first week. Same course, bike.
         WU- till you are ready to go, then ride as far as you can in 6min. Note any metrics you can.
         * Minimum would be start/finish location for later comparison. Others are max/avg hr, watts & speed

2)- same as above but with 20min effort just like Week 1 !

3)- Steve's wo of the week with Peter's workout of the week to warmup !

4) 90-120min endurance ride keep RPE of ride 6-7 and no efforts above an 8 out of 10. Nice and steady

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