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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Little Things - Bottles

It is a ongoing issue we see with clients and friends (and 'maybe' even ourselves)

getting enough fuel is a huge deal in races, but all too often we are not conditioned from our training to drink while under stress, while excited and while going at race pace.

We have very interesting debates about the pros and cons of bottles vs. Hydration packs vs. the value of drinking/fueling at all !!

Those who like the hydration pack cite ease of drinking at any time and light bike weight as the main reason for their dedication

Those liking bottles go for the light weight and the positioning of the water/weight on the bike vs. rider's back

And those who drink little or nothing cite their short race duration and, in some cases, the science that backs up the fact that carbohydrate does little if nothing in efforts under an hour. (Interestingly the sweet taste is often shown to enhance efforts!)

So what's the answer ? Or rather, our answer?

We tend to move xc racers and road racers very quickly to Bottles, if there are feed stations then there is no need to have the excess weight carried, especially on the body. Even if you are better at drinking out of a hydration pack that does not make it the best technique. This is similar to any technique, just because you can do it one way doesn't mean it is not worth trying another method.

What about the ease of drinking ? 

There is a reason the fastest racers do not use hydration packs, unless they absolutely have to due to race length or conditions (heat). Like other techniques once you embrace the learning process, bottle usage becomes much easier.

How to Get Better ? 

- To master this technique use your workouts especially to practice getting your bottle out closer and closer to singletrack or SAFE corners.
- As you progress try getting drinks in single track section, especially longer climbs. Basically look to drink much more often (less each time) in workouts so that in a race you are able to get a drink whenever you need to without interupting your effort/focus/consistency.
- Finally, on your longer intervals and efforts (ie. >5min) try getting in a drink or two, aiming not to interupt your focus and power application AND aim to decrease the time each drink takes.

Love to hear counter arguments and Ideas to master the technique ! 


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bike Park

Joy Ride Bike Park is Getting Close !

Peter Dropped by for a Quick Spin Last wee

Should be a great place to practice and learn Skills !

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Workouts of the week November 24 2009

 Steve's Workout ( COMPARE )
- Warmup with 5min Cross-training + Active Flex (elbow to instep, sumo squat, etc.)

Complete 3 rounds of the following set

- Set is 6 times through 'Cindy':
a) 5 Pullups (kipping, Jumping or Dead hang)
b) 10 Pushups
c) 15 Airsquats (no weights, and get your butt lower then knees)

* Rest 1 min exactly between each ROUND
(so after each time you complete the strength set of 6 times through CINDY)

Peter's WO OF WEEK 

Ride 30-60min 1 gear easier then preferred
and RPE of 6-7/10 (easy endurance) then pick discipline for day: 

- MTB = 10min offroad TT focused on standing hard over each climb
- Road =  Complete 10min Crit TT with at least 1 corner / minute
- Cross = complete 10min as 15sec Max / 15 sec easy pedaling


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Monday, November 23, 2009


 Brent and Matt In the Lead Group at WoW 2009

Results at www.wowmtb.com 

Great Event Mike !

and Great finish to Some Great Seasons Athletes !

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coaching ... Why ?

 Why have a coach ?

Today let's look at some of the possible reasons to look at coaching and also some of the opinions of a few of the most knowledgeable, successful and experienced coaches around.

There are many reasons people may look into coaching, including:

       - For direction and expertise in preparation for a certain goal or performance this may be early in a career, early in a new competitive focus or after several attempts at a goal that have fallen short of desired.

      - To quickly become competent in a sport or certain technique (i.e. off-road skills such as obstacle clearing or Road techniques like sprinting/cornering)

      - We see many people looking at the above two points but also having a person to meet frequently to ride with for safety, motivation and the most efficient progress possible (This is the case with many of our Deluxe Coaching Clients)
When deciding if you need a coach ...
    - Look first at the coach ... what is their methodology, their personality, their area of expertise/success/experience ?
    - Then if the above items match your goals and personality look at components like pricing and program inclusion ... Many coaches (including SNPD) have many levels that can get overwhelming ... often it is best to contact the coach and tell them what you want and discuss how this fits into their coaching services.
    - Coaching is a commitment of time, energy, trust and money ... be positive that you are ready to commit to the relationship and that you are entering with a compatible coach.

Here is Joe Friel's Ideas on the subject 
      Part 1
      Part 2 
      Part 3

And one of my favorite articles on coaching by Gordo Brynn on the coach-athlete relationship


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Ps. If you are thinking about Coaching for 2010 Please don't hesitate to contact us  with your goals for 2010
      Signup before December 1st and get December Free !!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Workouts of the Week November 17 2009

Compare to Sunday, December 28, 2008

This was our first Workout of the week back in late 2008!

Almost a year of workouts ... thats 56 x 2 workouts a week ... just for you!

Feel free to post questions as needed.
1) Steve's

5 rounds for time of: (post time to comments)
Run 400 meters
10x 1 burpee - 1 pullup - 1 knees to elbows

** the knees to elbows is hanging from a bar...like pullup in straight arm position...and raising your knees up to touch your elbows without swinging...

2) Peter's
(post how you used workout to comments ... ie. Warmup/Recovery day/maximize trainer time etc. )
4 Rounds of:
- bike 5min at 110-120RPM focus on no bouncing
- 20 Situps
- 15 Reverse Lunges / Leg (lunge backwards to 90 degress at both knees/keep upper body vertical)
- 10 Pushups

* Remember to warmup with at least active flex 6x6 reps.

Either of our workouts could be included during a longer endurance session as well to break up a trainer session.


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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Infamous Stitch in the Side

 Many times we will hear of clients and friends going out for runs and getting a 'stitch' or cramp in the side.

This can occur, as with any cramp, for many reasons ... there is no simple reason for cramping but the stitch in the side often can be combated relatively easy.

The most common reason for the Side Stitch is breathing too shallow, which is very common for unexperienced runners. Many athletes will find occurrence of the stitch decreases as they run more, and they consequently improve core strength, regulate their breathing, improve their stride and personalize their nutrition before/during their run.

Let's look into it a bit deeper and investigate some techniques that may hasten the solution to the problem.

Some background
- The diaphragm is the parachute muscle just above your ribcage that controls your breathing.
- While running the internal organs are bouncing up and down as you run
 - This causes stress on that already hard working muscle. If you hit the ground with downward force right as your diaphragm is at it’s highest and tightest position (as you exhale) then you’re further increasing the probability of this pulling action causing pain.

    - Simple Solution = Practice breathing deeply. Put simply,  try to breath in your belly (fat belly when inhaling, tight belly when exhaling)
    - try to extend the time for inhale/exhale by matching your stride (3-4 strides inhale / 3-4 for exhale) 
   - Slightly more complex Solution - If you always exhale when your right foot strikes the ground, try exhaling with the left foot strike. 
   - The organs attached to the diaphragm on the left side of the body aren't quite as big as those on the right side so this may create less strain on the diaphragm. 


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Ps. If you get cramps that aren't side stitches why not look into TP Therapy Tools ! 

Pss. Coaching spots are limited for 2010 Please contact us ASAP (StevePeter or Rachael )

Friday, November 13, 2009

Remember to Push your Comfort Level and Try New things !

Courtesy the Watsons 

Even though Racing Season may be over for now remember to push yourself


A few of our athletes used local cross races to try out the sport ...

Even though they just had Mountain bikes

Find out what scares you ...

Ask why ? What's the worst that can happen ?

And give it your best !


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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting the Whole Grain ?

When discussing nutrition with clients we often find a high consumption of carbohydrates. This is not a horrible thing for most endurance athletes especially during high intensity training blocks or race blocks but regardless of the season choosing the right types of carbohydrates makes a big difference in general health, if not performance. 

While dietary strategies involving lower carbs and more natural carbohydrate sources are catching on, most endurance athletes still turn to grains (bread, pasta, cereals etc.) 

The first question after we suggest choosing better bread products is how to tell what products offer whole grain. This is a tough answer with the 'healthy marketing hype' in use today. 

A general rule of thumb is to that if it is a good choice or whole grain if the front label says: rye, whole grain, or whole wheat.

A poorer choice (refined grain) is most likely found if the front label says: cracked wheat, made with whole grain, made with whole wheat, multi-grain, oat bran, oatmeal, pumpernickel, rye (breads), seven-bran, 12-bran, etc., seven-grain, nine-grain, etc., stoned wheat, wheat, wheatberry, whole bran.
 * "wheat flour" and "unbleached wheat flour" are not whole grain.

Next on the hit-list is Pasta and rice ... It is getting easier to find quality pasta and rice choices.Try brown rice instead of plain white. Brown basmati or quick-cooking brown rice are also available and alternatives like amaranth, quinqoa and kasha are great choices often available at bulk stores. 

Next is taste ... yes, whole grain tastes different. Try easing yourself into it by mixing white and whole grain pastas/breads/rice ... refined products that list a whole grain first in the ingredient list are good 'next-best' choices to get you started.

Enjoy ! 

 Steve and Peter


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembrance Day - Take a Moment

Peter & Steve pausing Mid-Ride for an 11Am Moment of Silence

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Workouts of the Week - November 10th 2009

Steve's WO of the Week
15 mun aerobic warmup (run/bike/row/skip) or combo
10 min active warmup (ie. elbow to instep / sumo squat / inchworm / high kicks )
        Then complete;
As many pushups as you can in one minute.  Make note of these reps.
-- Rest 1 min
Complete twice as many airsquats as you did pushups for time.
-- Rest 1 min
Complete as many situps as you can for the time it took you to do your 
air squats
-- Rest 1 min
For time, complete as many burpees as you can using your situp time

Peter's WO of the Week
1) Wake up

2) put on your running.walking stuff

3) drink some lemon water
4) go find a path and run/walk/climb/jump/crawl/swim your way around a forest (even if a city park) for 20-30min

Post Times and Experiences to Comments Please

 (compare to Sept 30, 2009)


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Monday, November 9, 2009

Shots from This Past Weekend's Intro To Strength


TP Therapy Products Now Available through SNPD ! CLICK HERE 


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Friday, November 6, 2009

Remember Peter's Wo of the Week This weekend !

Whether you are piling wood, ripping walls out of your Gym or Getting stuff put away for Winter

Think about how you can get a workout in and have some fun !


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't Forget the Ice

Cryotherapy or Icing is an excellent habit to get into whether you have an acute injury or not.

The application of Cold in a bath or through ice packs/massage has been shown to help decrease inflamation and soreness. Those who enjoy the use of ice typically report decreased soreness, fatigue and improved recovery.

For those with acute injuries there is often confusion on what constitutes icing.

Some general Guidelines:
  DON'T = Ice before you train, leave it on >20min, stop after one day, stop after one session, stop immediately when injury/soreness decreases or goes away.

  DO = ICE right after run ( after stretching in most cases ), Leave it on at least 10min (to ensure cold gets into tissue), Ice throughout the day (5 times / day is a good rule with 45min at least between )

What to use for icing ?
Instant Cold Packs work but watch for leaking chemicals, bags of peas or zip locked Frozen ice also work fine ... many athletic therapists swear by crushed ice in a baggy because it can be conformed perfectly to the joint (they usually use a wrap to secure it on the athlete before they leave the clinic)

When to go beyond Icing ? 
 - Consider looking into medical help if an injury is nagging for over a week.
  - Remember to try icing ( honestly ) and reduce volume/intensity, ensure you are eating well and getting enough sleep as all those factors can play a role in injury formation and recovery.

Stay Cool !

www.SteveNeal.ca  \

PS. We are looking for 2 more Teen Girls for our Training Group ... Interested ?  EMAIL US !

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Workouts of the Week - November 3rd 2009

Steve's  WO

5 min aerobic warmup

10 min active flex warmup...try and include at least 1 x 30 sec 
front / and both sides plank during this time

Then complete:

8 x 20 seconds ON / 10 sec OFF - Air Squats...make sure quads are at 
least parallel to ground...bonus to get hip joint below knee while 
maintaining weight on the heels...knees out over toes...natural curve 
of the spine.

1 min off

16 x 10 seconds ON / 20 sec OFF - Push Ups...chest and thighs to touch 
the ground every rep...20 sec rest to be done in up position of the 
pushup...so a plank on hands.

1 min off

4 x 30 sec On / 30 sec OFF - Burpees

1 min off

4 x 30 sec On / 30 sec OFF - Box jumps...18 to 24 inches

Peter's WO
This week's workout goes out to Mike Duncan for his Xterra World's Race (pictured), actually more for his prep and dedication before the race despite his very physical job ( one day was 4hrs moving sandbags into a pond + Hard run + 4hrs moving sandbags out of a pond !)

- Complete 1-2 hrs physical yard work
- 10min active flex / 10min easy running or Riding or Rowing
- Then complete the most distance you can in 20min
- Cooldown walking stretching then finish off yardwork (Have recovery drink during this)

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Stafford Grabs back to back 2nds at Kelso Cross

Stafford (left) from his 2nd Place Box

 Rachael M. - 1st Pro W
Holly W. - 5th
J. Stafford - 2nd Pro M
M.Farquharson - 7th Pro M
B. Berger - 7th Master 1

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