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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Workout of week Sept 29

Steve's WO of the Week

15 mun aerobic warmup (run/bike/row/skip) or combo
10 min active warmup (ie. elbow to instep / sumo squat / inchworm / high kicks )
        Then complete;
As many pushups as you can in one minute.  Make note of these reps.
-- Rest 1 min
Complete twice as many airsquats as you did pushups for time.
-- Rest 1 min
Complete as many situps as you can for the time it took you to do your 
air squats
-- Rest 1 min

For time, complete as many burpees as you can using your situp time
Peter's WO of the Week
1) Wake up

2) put on your running.walking stuff
3) drink some lemon water
4) go find a path and run/walk/climb/jump/crawl/swim your way around a forest (even if a city park) for 20-30min


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Riding

Solid Fall Weekend for Riding ... Hope you Got out

Here at SNPD we have been enjoying our Single speeds and some tech Riding around places like Hardwood Hills and 3 Stage in Collingwood ... This is a great time of year to try and improve some basic skills.

Focus Items may include
a) gearing (single speeds can help teach the feeling and give confidence pushing harder / standing)
b) technical riding like rocks (3 Stage is great) ... especially when a few bumps or bruises won't be so disruptive to training/racing (do where appropriate protective gear though!)
c) Basic riding skills like Drinking in tech terrain, dismounts (Cyclo-X!) and pack riding (get out with friends!)

What are you doing this fall ???

www.SteveNeal.ca (enjoy the colors at Fall Colors Camp Reg Closes This week!)

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekend Results - Crank The Shield & WC Finals 2009

Just a quick Note to Congratulate ALL the Crank the Shield Participants and Volunteers ... Sounds like A great Weekend all around !
Please drop us a line via Comments and let us know about your weekend
Would love to hear what went well, where you felt you could have been better and how you feel the Crank Program (www.cranktheshield.com )  contributed to your weekend !
This weekend's Results for SNPD clients are as follows
Crank the Shield ( 3 Day MTB Stage Race )
M. Farqharson - 3rd Open Men Solo
T. Simmons - 5th <40 Female Solo
H. Whiteknight / W. Whitknight - 2nd two person mixed
M. Duncan - 5th 30-39 Solo Male
J. Davis - 1st Single speed Male 
World Cup Finals - Austria
A. Sin - 29th Female
P. Glassford - 77th Male
Steve and Peter
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Workouts of the week - September 21st 2009

Now that Crank the Shield has come and Gone (congrats to all participants !) it is time to start thinking about cross training and 'off-season'
This week's workouts are meant to help you start into some strength training and running ... feel free to post questions or ideas of your own !
It is a good idea to ease into cross training to prevent injury and excessive soreness (do expect some though!).
Also being able to carry out different sports will help you stay generally fit and prepared for situations when you can't ride (travel, injury, weather, no bike etc.)
This week's workouts work best if you can do this 2-3 times this week, especially if you have taken a week or two off and are looking at another couple weeks off bike specific training
Steve's WO of the Week

This week combine our workouts...and aim to do them twice...at least 3 days apart.

Right after Peter's workout complete the following workout...it isn't that long...go about 80 to 90% effort on this workout, and for the next 4 weeks of Crossfit, just to get used to the feeling :) again.

Complete following 4 times

4 rounds:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats
rest 2 minutes
-- then repeat until have done 4 x through

Peter's WO of the Week
- Run at an easy pace for 20 minutes alternating 2 min Running and 1 min Walking (don't skip this it works !)
- While Running focus on quick steps (goal is 90 RPM or 15 foot lifts for each foot every 10 seconds)
* focus on lifting feet quickly vs. pounding them down and more on the cadence then going really hard/fast
- Remember to do some active flexibility to start the workout and some extra walking / stretching maybe some icing) after your run.
Steve and Peter

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Good Luck to Crank The Shield Racers ... Thanks for Following our Plan

Hope the next 3 days go well for all the Crank Participants.
We have enjoyed putting the program together for 2009 CTS and meeting a few of you in person or electronically
Please drop us a line via email or comments in our blogs to let us know what we can improve on or any other ideas you have.
Wishing best luck and weather to participants and to the Chico Boys
Last minute Reminders
a) drink/eat often and early each stage
b) eat a big breakfast but don't feel sick
c) remember to keep your feet moving quickly (no walking) w/ right hand on seat or top tube
d) Most important Remember to enjoy your journey and the scenery along the way
Steve and Peter
See you at Fall Colors Camp Oct 9th 2009 ... Not signed up yet ? See the link on our site! www.steveneal.ca

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mindful Eating

Great article from Cycling News and Monique Ryan about Mindful Eating thought we would share with you today
Its that time of year where we start thinking about letting things slide or 'treating' ourselves but it can also be a great time to start thinking about establishing good habits, new nutrition philosophy and looking towards a healthy, lean daily menu !
"French eating culture may be a great example of mindful eating. In a country abundant in butter, cheese, and croissants, the French consume less fat than we do and have a lower incidence of overweight and less heart disease. Their portions are much smaller and a long lunch in the middle of the workday is not unusual. If you don't have this luxury, pay full attention to the meal in the time available. If you notice the impulse to check email or voicemail when eating, just notice it and return to eating. It takes about 20 minutes for your meal to reach the first part of the small intestine, when chemical signals of satiety are sent back to the brain. Fast eating can result in putting too much food in our bodies before satiety signals are reached."
Steve and Peter

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Workouts of The Week Sept 15 2009

Hope everyone had a great weekend
Many SNPD athletes out at home and abroad either finishing off strong World Cup Seasons (Peter and Amanda having strong races this past weekend in Switzerland)
Congrats to Mical and Amanda for Strong World Championship races (both riding in top 30, Amanda Finishing and Mical getting caught in an unfortunate late race
Other athletes starting Cross Season ... looking forward to seeing those athletes come into form and learn key skills like Mount/Remount, running and starting.
Others looking at some time off, perhaps with a few fun races with friends like the 8 hours
And finally several looking at this coming weekend's Crank the Shield ... remember to check out and use that blog (www.cranktheshield.com)  for any last minute questions
Steve's WO of the Week  (Compare to June 23)
10 to 15 min active warmup then complete:

8 x 20 sec ON / 10 sec OFF at each station...complete each station
before moving to next.

Count total reps for entire workout.

Take 2 min rest between each station.

Front Plank on Elbows



Box jumps (about 20 inches)


Post reps / experiences to comments

Peter's WO of the Week
 -- Complete 30min broke into 4min Rounds
* all time is spent 90+ RPM easy effort but at each minute do as described below
-- MInute 1 = Dismount/Mount as fast as you can
-- minute 2 = 30sec spinup to max cadence for last 10sec
-- Minute 3 = Dismount and run for 10 quick steps then remount
-- Minute 4 = 1min at 100RPM
Steve and Peter
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Workouts of the Week - Sept 8 2009

Steve's WO ( compare to LINK )

10 rounds steady not for time: (ie. just for maintenance / recovery )

5 pushups

10 situps

15 air squats

30 second front plank hold

Peter's WO

Complete a 30min easy spin
Include 3-5 x 1min at 110+ RPM (easy effort / gearing )
and 2-5 x 30-45sec One Leg Pedaling drills with 1min w/ both legs @ 100RPM b/w

Then come home and do 20-30min of Yoga or Active flexibility

Example of Yoga Link * this has a bunch of good upper body ones for Crank Athletes fighting some Offroad Induced Upper body Fatigue

Example of Active Flexibility Link

www.SteveNeal.ca Share on Facebook

PS. check out the Crank Blog for some cool ideas and questions that are being thrown around and debated as the event nears ... add your own thoughts ! http://cranktheshield.blogspot.com/

Monday, September 7, 2009

Peter's Article in Summer OCA Cycle Ontario Magazine - Time to Chill ???

Firstly It is Monday ... Labor Day Even ! Get those registrations in before Peter Wakes up and ups the price tommorow Morning !!
 - Remember there are several payment options including a deposit
Check out the whole Magazine at
The article is timely even now as we see many mtb and road seasons coming to an end ... before you dive into cross or prep for 2010 might be a good time to chill !

Coach 's Tip of the Month:  August ... What now ?

By: Peter Glassford C.K.

August has arrived and for many athletes the middle of the summer is a time for mixed feelings about training and competing. Often many of the big races have come and gone and regardless of performance it is normal to have less than optimal legs and motivation at this time. Declines in performance, motivation and/or energy dropping are good indications that a few days without the bike are a good idea, but consider doing this even if things are going well to ensure you finish the season strong. Hang the bike up and assess yourself each day.

Look at mood, energy and desire  to ride. Once things are starting to normalize its usually best to wait at least 1 more day to be sure and to reinforce the recovery process.

Once back on the bike, take the first week and do 4-5 days of basic endurance (60-70% max HR ) riding very steady without dropping below or above this for duration of rides, which should be at the longer end of what you can handle for volume.

While it may seem counterintuitive this time off and going easy should have you ready to focus on your limiters in 1-2 weeks with renewed fitness and motivation.

Questions ?? feel free to ask via comments !

Steve, Peter and Rachael
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Pre Riding = take it slow, repeat, do it fast, ride new trails more !

Peter and Norco's Andrew Watson Going over a rock pile that had many Riders off their Bikes at 2009 Ont. Provincials
We received an interesting question via email today, pre-riding and since today is the 'big day' for Amanda and Mical at World Championships it fits !
( http://freecaster.tv/ to watch this evening)
Question: How to maximize pre-riding, especially with limited visits/time (ie. 1 or 2 laps) on course ?
1-2 laps is not bad at all (more then some people get in fact) , the key is how you use those laps and having the skills to try lines that develop during the race
a) We usually do 1 lap super slow (ie. honest endurance, walk up steep stuff or at least crawl in small ring) trying different lines and strategies several times
  - having a friend with similar motives can be good as more eyes pick up lines and you can do trials to compare which line is faster / easier etc.
b) Once the first lap is done we would then proceed, in most cases, to some race intensity on the course, this can take all sorts of different forms: 
 - doing a honest race lap (ie. pace for your race duration not at 1 lap tt) is one of the most common ways to solidify a course ... often people don't put a full focused race lap in (meaning using strategies for drinking, lines, gearing, pacing as they will in the race)
- a different take on the intensity especially if you want to limit the muscular fatigue of the lap or change up your workout a bit is doing 30sec max / 30sec easy around the course (or Steve's preference lately has been tabata on parts of the course as 20sec max / 10sec super easy) ,
-  another option if you are still a bit fuzzy on lines is something like 4-5 x 3-5min on course with 2-5min recovery between (Peter likes this one as it lets you ride back on the course and try sections again
 - the goal on this lap is the feel the course and the chosen lines at race speed
c) the more you ride offroad and get comfortable choosing lines on the fly ( esp. by riding new terrain often ) and by mastering skills like log/rock hoping, weight distribution and cornering ( tracing outside of corner with your front tire)  the easier (or perhaps more productive?) the pre-ride process becomes
The last point is especially important for races like Crank the Shield (register !!  www.cranktheshield.com ) where there is no pre-ride and riders are very fatigued ... having those basic skills help make the race a lot more efficient.
So the questions is ... What will you work on today ???  Time for some Wheelies !
Steve, Peter and Rachael
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Workouts of the Week Sept 1 2009 - Fall Colors Pricing Frozen till Labor Day !

Firstly, at my own fault, Labor Day falls later this week so our deadline for Early Bird discounts on the Camp came and went yesterday (thanks to everyone who registered ... its looking like a great camp) ... BUT also got several emails saying things like kids at camp, kids going back to school, we are on vacation till labor day etc.

We understand ... So New Early Bird Deadline WITH NO EXCEPTIONS is Labor Day at Midnight ... That is next Monday Sept 7 at 11:59pm ... Price goes up !

Don't let the deadline pass again
link for registration WITH accommodation http://www.steveneal.ca/fall-colors-camp.html
- link for registration WITHOUT ACCOMMODATION

Steve Workout of The Week

10 to 15 min active warmup then complete: *** crank athetes remember to get 30-45min riding on each end

8 x 20 sec ON / 10 sec OFF at each station...complete each station
before moving to next.

Count total reps for entire workout.

Take 2 min rest between each station.

Front Plank on Elbows



Box jumps (about 20 inches)


Post reps / experiences to comments COMPARE TO JUne 23 LINK

Peter's WO
- Complete 1 dismount every 5min during ride, running 10-20sec each time with good form (right hand on seat or top tube)
- For bonus points complete 10 burpees every 20min when you dismount

Steve, Peter and Rachael

Ps. incase you missed it above that link for camp LINK

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