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Sunday, August 30, 2009

SNPD Ont Provincial & Overall Results -- Great Finish Everyone !

Mike Garrigan and Andrew Watson Doing Work While Peter Enjoys the Draft ! (Courtesy M. Watson)
Ocup 7 / Provincial Championships Kelso Results
 *** Very common Lesson today were to always carry tube, tool and CO2 ...
 a great investment is the small Co2 adaptors that also have a pump LINK ***
P. Glassford - 2nd Elite
C. Jette - 5th / 1st espoir
J. Samson - 19th
B. Berger - 1st
P. Cooney - 6th
M Farqharson - DNF (Flat )
J. Stafford - DNS
L. Gracey - 12th
S. Loney - 5th
M. Davie - 6th
H. Whiteknight - 2nd
B. Near - 4th
J. Febrey - 7th
B. Bergman - DNF (Flat )
M. Duncan - 4th
Tammy Simmons - DNF (Flat)
Jamie Davies - 5th Single Speed
M. Duncan - 6th Mas Sport 35-39
B. Bergman 2nd Mas 45 Sprt Male
J. Febrey - 10th Mas 45 Sprt Male
B. Near - 5th Mas 55 Male
H. WhiteKnight - 1st Senior Ex Female
T. Simmons - 7th Mas Ex 30-39 Female
M Davie 4th Mas Ex 40+ Female
S. Loney 4th Cadet Ex Male
J. Stafford 3rd Junior Ex Male
L Gracey 12th Junior Ex Male
M. Farquharson 5th Sen Ex Male
B.Berger 1st Mas Ex 40-44 Ex Male
P. Cooney 3rd Mas Ex 40-44 Ex Male
P. Glassford 2nd Elite Men
C. Jette 7th Elite Men / 1st Espoir Men
J. Samson 27th Elite Men
A. Sin 11th ( 3 races attended)
Peter and Steve
PS. Tomorrow is last Day before Camp Price Goes up Sept 1!!! Email [email protected] if any questions !!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Question via Email ... Fall Colors Camp ... Is there an option without Accomadation ???

Hello, thanks for your inquiry about the Fall Colors Camp and the removal of accommodation and/or Meals from the registration fee.
The lunches/snacks are an important part of the camps objective of high performance living. We assure you the value to cost is good on the organic / local lunches we are providing and they will hopefully expand the range of food you consume in your daily diet after the camp.
In regard to accommodation, we are hoping that we can get most, if not all, participants to stay for the weekend. This is to enhance the peer/network building nature of this retreat but also to let our clients experience 3 days of performance oriented living. That is, we are hoping the resort setting will allow for full recovery, great sleeps and solid nutrition. 
That said, given the economy and situations where people live next door to hardwood etc. we have posted the below link for Camp without accommodation $448 + GST until Sept 1st when prices GO UP !! 
Anything further please do not hesitate
Peter, Steve and Rachael


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Not ?

Had a great pre-ride at Kelso today, Very happy with how the group of SNPD athletes are riding in preparations for Ontario Provincials.

Most notable today I think was one of our young Juniors, Lucas Gracey, who got in a lap with myself (Peter) and Trek team mates Eric Batty, who is prepping for a European World Cup tour, and Cam Jette, who is fresh off Canada Summer Games and also looking to Europe in September.

Lucas didn't even flinch when he saw that he would be in for a hard lap, something that may not seem like a big deal, but many times we see people automatically discount themselves in a situation ... its too hard, they are too fast, I can't, I won't, I shouldn't

But do you know what? He did fine and learned a ton keeping the train together and following Eric and Cam.

How much of our disappointments or missed opportunities come from NOT gritting our teeth and taking a chance ? From not wanting to be the weakest, or a beginner ?

In the coming weeks if you hear that voice in your head say "no" or "can't" try asking "why not?" and "who says?" then give your best whether you are racing, training or learning something new.

Steve and Peter www.SteveNeal.ca Share on Facebook

Ps. Learning more about Riding at our Fall Colors Camp may just count as one of these new Experiences !!!

Here's the registration link CLICK ... Remember LIMITED SPOTS so WE can work on YOUR limiters.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Try Racing ?

Have you tried Racing Yet ???
What are you waiting for ???
There is many grassroots, beginner races around that help get beginner and/or young riders into the sport
Tonight is the last night for the Wednesday Nighter in King, Free BBQ and it is Retro Night !!!
For those of you racing this weekend it could be that last competitive midweek intensity workout before the big race
To combine the two ... why not bring a friend out to try a race for the first time ?
Have fun ! 
Steve and Peter
Need Help Training for Endurance Sport ? www.steveneal.ca

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WO of the Week Aug 23 2009

Steve's Wo
After 15 minute active warmup complete:

5 pushups + 5 air squats + 5 burpees every 8 minutes ... After completion of the above ride at tempo pace until next 8 minutes ... Repeat bodyweight exercises

Continue this for 1 hour

Peter's Wo of the week

- before your key workout or race this week try warming up for 20-30min VERY EASY focusing on spinning 1 gear easier then preferred (so should shift easier as you get warmed up to get a higher cadence)

- in the 10-15min before your start do 4-5 x 30-45 sec efforts ... I like to start bit shorter and get in a full 45sec as the last one

 - build the intensity and focus on getting yourself 'activated' and ready to do work off the start. 

 - Stand for the first and last 5-10sec but focus on higher cadence (~100RPM) for the on periods.

  - between each effort 3-5 min of recovery effort / higher cadence



Steve and Peter


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Monday, August 24, 2009

SNPD Representing at Worlds for MTB and Xterra

Quick note to congratulate 3 SNPD athletes on being chosen to represent Canada.

Amanda Sin worked through 2009, overcoming a early season injury and untimely flats with big results at Nationals, early season world cups and several Us Cups.
Mical Dyck has raced a ton this year with solid results in the Canada Cups, bc-bike race, world cups and Transrockies. She made the World's team but has done it on her own terms ... great Job

Mike Duncan has been racing xterra's this season and despite a laborous job with long, physical hours has put together several top results to be chosen for Xterra worlds in October.

Despite ups and downs this season all 3 athletes stuck to their plan, stayed focused, positive and enjoyed life ... Thanks for providing the rest of us with motivation to achieve our goals

recover well and race hard this fall !

Steve and Peter

Friday, August 21, 2009

Non-Pro Success at USCUPS

Congrats to Melinda Davie for 2 successful trips to the States for US Cups

1st place in Mount Snow and 2nd in Wyndham

For a first trip 2 podiums are pretty good !

Best of luck at the big 100 miler this September !!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Workouts of the Week Aug 18 2009

Congrats to Mical Dyck on Winning the 2009 Transrockies Mixed Category with her Partner Jeff !
Steve's WO
Ride 2-3 hrs endurance (for Crank participants this is likely your Friday Workout this week)
- every 10min stop and do 5 burpees with a very quick dismount and remount (do not throw your bike though ... smooth and quick!)
- ensure your burpee has good pushup form with chest and thighs touching the ground and that your heels touch the ground before you jump up in the air, clapping above your head
- Remember to work on your proper running, 'cowboy' or cyclo-cross styled re-mount as huge time is lost in any adventure race with poor dismounts and re-mounts.
Peter's WO
- ride out of the saddle for 1min at endurance pace ... work on increasing the cadence you can ride at and if 1min is very hard start with 30seconds ...
- recover 2-3 min endurance or recovery pace (depending on your ride's focus) in-between at 90+ RPM
** remember when standing that it is the bike that moves side to side rather than your body/butt, this is a very common mistake
*** if unsure of proper standing form check out this video from the 2009 USCUP Short Track Finals where Kabush and Shultz sprint for the finish ... note their torsos are in same place
Steve and Peter
Camp Spots going Quick with Monday's Official Announcement ... Online and Mail in Registration working ... Register now ! www.steveneal.ca
It is not to late to learn and prepare for Crank 2009 ... questions and many thoughts already up at www.cranktheshield.com

Monday, August 17, 2009

SNPD Announces Fall Colors Adult Mountain Bike Camp at Hardwood Ski and Bike

2009 Fall Colors Camp


Willing to dedicate 3 days this fall to learning how to train Smarter, Race Faster, and Live Healthier?


Then join Steve Neal Performance Development this October 9, 10 and 11th at Hardwood Ski and Bike for a 3 day retreat dedicated to improving the skills of adult mountain bikers with novice to advanced skill sets. Each day includes assessment and correction, Crossfit Strength workouts, seminars and plenty of riding. The Weekend includes Fact Testing, personal program development and workout file analysis valued at over $100 each. Your registration also includes deluxe resort lodging, a small instructor to Client Ratio and organic lunches and snacks.  


Check out www.steveneal.ca  for more info and to Register Now to secure your Spot and to lock in the Summer Price, which GOES UP SEPT 1st !  


Questions? Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call 519-938-0952


Wish to be removed from this list ?? please respond with just the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject line


Friday, August 14, 2009

Are YOU faster than your BIKE

Have you saved up and splurged on a special gadget or super-crazy light weight part

$1000 for 100grams ??? Will you see return on that ?

Where else could that money go ?? Could the 'Engine' (you!) be a better outlet for those funds ?

Here are a few cheaper alternatives with higher returns

- Ear plugs and an Eye shade (and/or solid curtains) ... having a dark room has given Peter at least 30min more sleep = $5-100

- Replace that old Mattress (over 5 years for sure) = $500-2000

- Get a monthly 'maintenance' massage or trusted therapy = $40-100

- Pay a local youth to cut the lawn/clear snow, even every other time, = $20-50

- Buy the 'Dirty Dozen' foods organic (ie. tomatoes, apples, coffee, red meat, dairy) = ~$100/mnth

- Take a camp or lesson to improve descending / technical skills = $50-600

- Start using a recovery Drink for key workouts, especially when time pressed = $20-80 / mnth

Give it some thought ... where does your Recovery, Performance and Health take a back seat ? Take the steps to maximize your ability !

Have a great Restful and Performance Oriented Weekend!

Steve and Peter

PS. Another Great way to Improve YOUR performance is a SN performance bike fit

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mical Dyck Leading Transrockies 2009

Quick Update that Mical Dyck and her partner Jeff are leading a Muddy and challenging Transrockies 2009
more info at www.transrockies.com
Go Mical !
Steve and Peter
3 Day Camp to Refine your Skills ... Register Now for our Fall Colors Camp October 2009 www.steveneal.ca
Sign up for Free Training account at www.cranktheshield.com

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Braden's cooldown Question

Braden's original question...

Steve it's funny you strayed from the question a bit. I certainly see the importance of warming up but cooling down has never seemed as important. What's the benefit and the theory behind it?


Well Braden I spent about ten minutes replying to your question only to make a mistake in posting! Bah!

I knew that Peter and Rach would have the nutrition stuff all covered and this is something I feel is important especially in this type of racing.

Easy spinning after helps recycle lactate back into sugar to be stored in the liver. The more glycogen we can store in our liver the better the performance in endurance sport especially longer events and repeated efforts like in this type of race.

If you could measure the lactate for yourself after a hard 1 hour effort you would actually see it rise after crossing the finish line if you were able to push hard the entire lap and were topped up on fuel to begin with.

Heart rate and breathing rate come down fairly quickly to resting after stopping exercise but the lactate won't. So it is best as I said above to try and help the body increase liver glycogen storage by helping to recycle the lactate in this way.

The easy warmup later will also help to stabilze the body and get your aerobic system ready for another effort as well as your coordination.

Let me know if this was useful information for your question.

Sent from my PHONE

24 hrs Nutrition and Tips (question through Comments)

Thanks for a great question from Braden through the comments section of the blog
Each of us had a few different ideas for you and others looking at this challenging event
this is also applicable to races like Crank as repeated efforts in relatively short durations are required
Steve Thoughts
my tips wouldn't necessarily be nutrition  but  I get asked this a lot and I always suggest
a) proper warmup and A COOLDOWN
- take a trainer and spin easy for 20 min or so no matter what time of day or night your lap finishes
- get in 20 to 30 min warmup with lots of coordination training (one leg / high cadence) NO matter when your lap is
...you feel like crap getting on the bike to warmup but the lap goes so much better.
Rachael Thoughts
- eat quickly after laps-good carbs, protein and fat in the meal and or recoverite
- I usually take a gel on the line and make sure I am getting calories from sport drink during the ride 
- Late night meal of Soup seems to help me get through those cold nights
- Having a few premade PB and J , fruit salads and pasta with meat sauce and veggies eliminates the excuse of being to tired to make food.
- If you have trouble getting calories in 'Ensure' meal replacements can help keep you topped up
Keep it simple, nothing new, just the regular stuff that works for training or other races.
Peter Thoughts
- Remember that the overall goal is to cover the most ground you can in 24 hrs, as a team or solo this means holding YOUR BEST AVERAGE SPEED
- this requires watching how hard you go early in the race (I often use 85% MHR as a general rule but really holding back on first few laps helps make late laps much better)
- also look at fueling each lap with 220+kcal in your bottles, post lap a recovery meal (whatever usually works) is great and try and have laps scheduled so you can get a few real meals into you during the day but leave at least 2-3 hrs before the next lap
- watch going to spicy / fatty / fibrous during the race ... keep it simple
Peter Glassford
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

July 11 2009 Workouts of the Week

*for Crank the shield Participants this can be switched to Friday and done as a 3 day block with sat/sun

after 1 hour off road endurance complete the following:

10 pushups - 20 sec off - 20 sec max effort on the bike - 20 sec off -- continue for 1 hour

then 45 min endurance

then max burpees in 15 minutes

then 15 min easy spin
********************* Post how you found this workout to comments please ! *********************************************
Peter's Workout of the Week
In your warmup or endurance workout this week include
- 5x30sec spinups building to max cadence, hold max cadence for last 10sec of each interval
* 3min endurance b/w
- at end of workout do 5x1min @110 - 120 RPM
* 1min b/w each at endurance effort / comfy cadence
- Note that gearing should be used to keep focus on cadence vs. max efforts
 Steve and Peter
Ps. Deposit now available for Fall Colors Camp Register www.steveneal.ca
Pss. Go Mical Dyck who is racing in Transrockies this week !  


Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Results

Mt. Snow US CUP
- Glassford - 13th
- Sin - 8th
Mountain View Ontario Cup
- Loney - 3rd Cadet Ex
- Stafford - 2nd Junior Ex
- Gracey - 8th junior ex
- Febrey - 7th Mas Sprt
- Near - DNF
- Samson - 12th PRo
- WhiteNight - 1st Sen Ex
- Davies - 3rd Single Speed
- Farqharson - 3rd Sen Ex
- Cooney - 3rd Mas Ex
- Duncan - 2nd master sp
Peter Glassford
******** Put down your deposit on our Fall Summers Camp Today www.steveneal.ca
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Friday, August 7, 2009

King Township Kids Program Only a few spots Left Get your Kids in Now !

This camp gives campers an opportunity to ride on some of Ontario's most popular and highly technical trails:

This program includes:

* Riding at Cold Creek Conservation Area

* Riding at Albion Hills Conservation Area

* Riding at Centennial Park

* Overnights at Cold Creek

* High/Low Ropes and Rock Climbing

* Instruction and tips on how to improve riding ability from a professional mountain bike racer and Coach

* Participation in 2 non-competitive races

* All meals provided

Bikes and Helmets provided.

Camps Dates:

August 17, 18, 19

Ages: 12-15

Cost: $175 per participant.

For more information or to register call the Parks, Recreation

and Culture Department at 905-833-5321.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



After a good endurance warmup find a nice 2 to 3 min piece of windy, fast single track. Try and complete 15 repetitions through this same piece of trail with 3 to 4 min recovery between. The goal of the workout is to try decrease your time WITHOUT working harder. Work on adjusting speed into corners, minimize braking (especially with the front brake) as you enter to allow speed to be carried through the corner.


After 15 to 20 min easy run warmup:

Mark out a distance of 10 meters.

Every minute on the minute try and complete 1 burpee and 1 10 m sprint...each minute at 1 of each exercise...

So second minute would be 2 burpees then sprint 10m and back

...third minute would be 3 burpees then sprint 10m 3x

...continue until can no longer complete the desired number of burpees and sprints in that minute...

Finish with 20 min easy spin on the bike

Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Muddy Day in Bromont !

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

Amanda Sin - 15th
Mical Dyck - 27th
Cameron Jette - 66th
Peter Glassford - 67th

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