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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Workouts of the Week March 31 2009

Hope everyone had a great weekend, remember to sign up for your Crank the Shield Training plan (click here) AND to post your results from workouts to either the crank blog if you are following that program or here if you are using our workouts in your own plan!

Steve's WO of the Week

4 rounds for time of -- resting 3 minutes between rounds:

1 rounds equals below...

Male - bike 2k + 2 rounds ( 5 pullups / 10 pushups / 15 air squats )

Female - bike 1500m + 2 rounds ( 3 pullups / 6 pushups / 9 air squats )

Peter's WO of the Week
Warmup 5-15min building cadence to 100RPM and HR/RPE to 75%

Main WO:
6 -10 Sets of
-30sec spinup to max cadence (hold for last 10sec) / 30sec comfortable cadence
- 15 pedal stroke (RPM) standing sprint / 45sec comfortable cadence
- 1min @ 110RPM (or 1 gear easier then comfortable cadence)
- 1min @ 120RPM (or 2 gears easier)
- 30sec @ 120RPM+ / 30sec comfortable cadence


Monday, March 30, 2009

Fontana US CUP #1 - SNPD Athletes Get 2009 Rolling !

(Photo Courtesy Sharky!)

Emily Batty - 4th
Amanda Sin - 6th
Peter Glassford - 22nd
Cam Jette - 25th


Friday, March 27, 2009

Crank the Shield 2009 Training Plan Starts March 30!

Effective March 27th you can sign up for a FREE training peaks account AND get a free training program from Steve Neal Performance Development to use in your account to prepare for the 2009 Crank the Shield. Peter and Steve have produced another great set of training that should keep your preparation on track and interesting with a mix of riding and cross training workouts.

What is Training Peaks ?
Training Peaks is an online training tool that lets users keep track of training, recovery status, nutrition etc. Steve and Peter use it with their clients to provide customized training daily. Their clients then upload their workout comments and training files to help guide the next day's training. For you, as a Crank the Shield Athlete, this lets you get a look at what it is like to have a training plan and log your daily experiences, to help isolate where you can improve your efforts and to keep you on track. The SPECIAL BONUS for you is that you get to use the Crank the Shield training blog to ask Steve and Peter questions as the program progresses and as you meet challenges in your preparation !

How do you sign up?
Navigate over to www.cranktheshield.com and click on the 'training blog' link. Follow the 3 step process on the left of the page. (There will also be a Blog on setting it up in next few days)
1) Sign up for a FREE training peaks account
2) Click on the link provided on the left side of the blog to apply the Crank the Shield Training Program that Steve Neal Performance Development has put together
3) Start training Monday March 30th
- Use the Training Blog 'Comments' to ask questions about how to do workouts AND to post your progress/results to help motivate others and Yourself (this can be anonymous)
(this last point is the only thing Peter and Steve are asking for in return for their help this season ! )

Why Should You Sign Up?
The Training Peaks account and accompanying Training program are a great, professional way to get yourself on track for Crank, which is ONLY 6 months away. Whether you have an idea of what you need to do to be ready or if you are completely lost, getting this account and program set up will provide a base that you can customize to your life and to your ability. The program has many features you may use if desired such as daily emails with your workout for that day, ability to upload training device files, ability to share your workouts through hyperlinks or email, track nutrition and track your progress in terms of calories/distance/power/hr.
Please direct any questions through the Training Blog available at www.cranktheshield.com


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have a great weekend Everyone

Just wanted to wish everyone good luck this weekend no matter where you are racing...Icebreaker or Fontana...

Enjoy your day...try your best...achieve your goal...


Monday, March 23, 2009

Workout of the Week March 23 2009

Running Towards Sunshine. Will A Winter of Solid Training Mean Big things for 2009 ?

Steve's Workout of the Week

Good warmup with active flex and bike specific warmup before this workout !

5k bike tt to be done as 15 sec on 15 sec off

4 min recovery

as many rounds in 20 min of:

3 pushups + 6 situps + 12 box jumps

Peter's Workout of the Week 5min easy spinning
(all workout should be endurance RPE/ hr / watts)
30sec Right leg / 30sec Left Leg / 1min @ 100RPM both legs x 5 rounds (10min)
10min 95+ RPM
10min alternating 110/90 rpm every minute
30sec 120 / 30sec 90RPM x 10
10min 1min standing hard gear (or endurance climb) / 1min seated 90+RPM
* avoid bouncing at high rpm, focus on pushing smoothly over the top of your stroke
5min easy spinning CD


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Emily and Amanda Represent in Chile

Pan Am Results just in ... SNPD Athletes Start things Off well with Emily Batty wins Espoir Women and Amanda Sin 6th in Elite



Friday, March 20, 2009

Reseach Shows Exercise Best Medicine for Back Pain but Under Utlized / Presribed

Peter working with a Client on The 'GHD' ... a Tool that can greatly improve back pain

Catching up on my Research Journals this morning and found one interesting review article that highlighted the consistent findings that tailored exercise programs produce best outcomes for those with Back Pain ... But that professionals still rarely include any sort of exercise in the prescription. As I think about those I know with back pain, I would have to agree that those that get moving seem to get better quicker OR at least improve after implementing exercise into their daily routines. For those of us lucky enough not to experience it personally, all the more reason to Keep Moving !!

" A new study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, examined these questions and found that exercise may be underutilized for chronic back and neck pain. The study was published in the February issue of Arthritis Care & Research "



Thursday, March 19, 2009

What will you fight for?

Today...Tomorrow...Next week.......Forever?

Is there something you care about this much...

Thanks so Eva at CF Santa Cruz Central for letting me see this video...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Workout of the Week March 16 2009

Steve's Workout of the Week

15 to 20 min warmup then complete:

As many rounds in 20 min of the following:

5 situps

10 pushups

5 situps

10 air squats

5 situps

10 tuck jumps (jump in air and bring knees to as close to chest as possible -- tap your knees with your hands at highest point)

5 situps

10 burpees -- yes 10 burpees

Peter's Workout of the Week
Pick a day this week that you need an easy day, away from intervals and long rides.

Whether you live in the country or in the City venture out at an easy recovery pace and set a goal of reaching 3 - 5 playgrounds during your ride. ( if not many parks available feel free to do a few loops coming back to same park as needed)

On your way to and between each park ride at a high rpm (1 gear easier then preferred or 100RPM+) but at low/Recovery RPE. Also, if on MTB include a few skills such as log/curb hopping and if on road bike include skills such as cornering at speed (preferrably using gravity fed corners vs. sprinting into corners)

At each park stop and do 5 Pullups + 10 Pushups + 15 Walking Lunges / Leg + 20 Situps and then pick two active flex or stretches to address your 'problem areas' before remounting your bike.

Duration should be in the 30-60min range as skill/fitness level requires.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

If you really want to get to the top...you do have to go all the way

I recently came across this article on the internet...if you would like to read the entire article see ...

t was a very popular place then; many adventurers made their way up the established route. There were those before us and among us - I one of them - who had searched everywhere on Earth for a more enjoyable, rewarding, fulfilling experience, but no place had ever rivaled this one. We would often make the trip in tandem - or in groups, for that matter - as the company made the difficult stretches pass by more quickly. Though it helped at times to have others along, for each individual, the journey itself was unique, as was the exhilaration at the top and the euphoria on the glide down. It's strange how there was only that one spot and only the one main route that led there, yet there were ten different experiences for each ten adventurers. Each would try to describe the experience with words, but it was something that could not be expressed. All those who were in the fraternity could do was share the common bond and respect with their brothers who had been to that place that no outsider could know.
The trek to the top, although a tough uphill hike, featured very few steep faces which required rock climbing skills. However, there was one vertical cliff near the very summit. This was difficult climbing and necessitated some practice on similar terrain closer to the bottom. Supplementary exercises were sometimes needed to facilitate the climbing.
Some participants had a natural gift for paragliding, borne of purely physical qualities which were innate and which could never be attained, although each individual's basic abilities could be cultivated through diligent practice. Most of the naturally talented ones worked almost exclusively on improving their rock climbing skills and on "muscling out" longer flights. They had found outcrops well below our summit point to which they could climb using the latest equipment and from which they could launch themselves. Because of their superior gliding talents, some were able to sustain rather long flights, but never quite as long as those of the best of our group, who took off from the true summit. They claimed the experience was the same, that no one needed to go all the way to the top, but we had all tried it many times in our less enlightened days (and even experimented with it still), and we knew better. Furthermore, the objective criterion of "hang time" belied their assertions. As a group, they all fell short of our group in terms of duration in the air. This was something they could never quite explain to anyone's satisfaction, yet they continued a vain attempt to muscle their way upward to catch those updrafts that could only be caught from our starting point.
What we never understood was why these talented individuals would not make the trek to the summit, where they could have used their natural abilities to achieve mind-shattering glides. Maybe they simply hated doing anything other than rock climbing and paragliding, and the prospect of a time-consuming, arduous hike filled them with dread and a sense of pointlessness. Maybe they felt that they would not have the energy or the desire to enjoy the glide down if they had to travel that winding path to the top, that the result would not be worth the effort. Perhaps they thought some crucial aspect of their flight would be compromised. But they were wrong. Those who did decide to make the complete journey were rewarded with stronger updrafts, a more panoramic view of the world around them, and the longest, most fulfilling rides of their careers. Few who made the journey even once regretted having done it, and the more they made the trip, the more they came to embrace it as an unparalleled experience, reveling in the hike up as much as they enjoyed the floating, soaring ecstasy of the flight back down.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Timely Reminder from Chico

Just reading the latest newsletter from Chico racing that highlights many of the cool new additions to Crank The Shield .

The Timely Reminder for all the MTB hungry athletes out there was ...

Trail Erosion Alert - Southern Ontario
Just a reminder to all mountain bikers to please stay off the trails this time of year. Even though the surface has thawed, the ground is still frozen just below the surface. The thawed layer at the surface is very susceptible to damage. This is definitely the worst time of year to go off-road riding!
Check with your local land managers before riding any trails. My suggestion is to stick with road riding at this time of year to build your base as it will definitely make you a better rider in the long run. Depending on the weather in the coming weeks we could be into some good mountain biking by the first or second week in April.
Please leave our reputation as mountain bikers in tact and stay off of the trails until they have had time the thaw and dry out!
Thanks... "


Mar 9 2009 Workouts of the Week

Steve's Workout of the Week

15 min active warmup

10 min aerobic activity below 75% max heart rate

100 thrusters (front squat to overhead press) try and use 25% of your

100 wall ball ( try and use 10 to 15% of your bodyweight for the
ball ) and women use a target 8 feet high...men 10 feet

100 ball slams ( again 10 to 15% of your bodyweight for the ball )

10 min aerobic activity below 75% max heart rate

Then complete the following intervals doing burpees...

2m30 ON - 1m30 ON - 45 sec ON - 20 sec ON ... recovery is equal to
previous interval

Peter's Workout of the Week
Take an Endurance Ride this week and break up into 15min blocks, as follows, for full duration.

*should start at lower end of HR/RPE range to allow for increased hr with increased cadence and shift to keep effort endurance
0-5min = 80-95RPM (should see this become higher/more comfy as workout goes on)
5-10 min = 100 RPM
10-15min = 110RPM
10 Burpees w/ Pushup and jump and clap overhead
(repeat for workout duration)


Sunday, March 8, 2009


John In for a Personal Session ... Working hard on Ramp Test #1 of 2 !!!

Having many conversations with clients about whether to stay on the trainer or go outside at this time of year. The answer is pretty much always GO OUTSIDE ... even if workout is going to be 90% of the ideal, We Race Outside ... enjoy the weather !!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Workouts of the Week - March 2 2009

Matt Paziuk of the Canadian Norco Team Busting Out Peter's WO of the Week!

Steve's Workout of the Week

WU: Active flexibility for at least 10min

Main WO:
5 rounds for time of,
10 Heavy KB Swings (swing heaviest KB or Dumbell you can without losing form)
10 Ring Push-ups (if you don't have rings or a TRX...then do clapping pushups)
Post Time / Load /Modifications / Successes to Comments Please !

Peter's Workout of the Week
10-30min endurance warmup with 3-5 x 1min @ 110+RPM ... endurance Effort / RPE

Main WO: Endurance Ride High Cadence
6-10 Rounds
- Ride 1 gear easier then you were choosing in endurance warmup for 5min
- Get off and do 10 Burpees w/ pushup & Jump with Overhead Clap

CD: Quick transition then Ride Outside on winter bike for 20-40min practicing cornering / standing / technical skills like hopping over logs/curbs.
- If already outside (lucky!!) then just use last portion of your ride to practice skills

Post Time for each set of burpees and what skills you practiced outside to comments.


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