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Friday, February 27, 2009

March Already ... What is Your Strategy ?

So 1 or 2 months, perhaps less, till we start looking at racing again! Have you changed anything in your training as we move into what many coaches and athletes call the build or specific preparation periods?

Training wise this can mean a variety of things depending on your goals and your current limiters.

For our Mountain Bike XC Athletes we tend to have success challenging Muscular Endurance with Tempo and Threshold efforts at a slightly lower RPM then comfortable. Combining some work on higher cadence and sprints can make for great workouts and begin to focus on race specific abilities.

Road cyclists may look more at threshold efforts this time of season as volume decreases. Again some sprint and cadence work could be very beneficial (see weekly workouts from 2 weeks ago for a good primer).

Feeling confused on how to increase the specificity of your training as race season approaches ??? Try looking back on past seasons/races (or your year end review ... you did one right!?!?!) consider where you lost time in races, where things got hard and what your event requires for success.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Pancake Suitable for Any Day

Perhaps a bit late for Pancake Tuesday But here is a variation on one of my favorite Breakfasts.

Paleo Pancakes (so no gluten/dairy/soy/wheat)

• 2 eggs
• 1/2 C unsweetened applesauce
• 1/2 C nut butter (not peanut butter! - cashew/macadamia nut butter works well)
• 1/4 tsp cinnamon
• 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
• coconut oil

Mix all of the ingredients except the coconut oil in a bowl. Stir well, until you have a uniform batter. Next, use a bit of coconut oil to grease a non stick skillet. Spread some of the batter into the skillet to form a pancake, then cook over low/medium heat. Flip after 1 to 2 minutes, being careful not to burn them!

Once you’ve cooked all of your pancakes, you can serve them with a variety of toppings. A few that I like: chopped apples and cinnamon; heated blueberries; real maple syrup; and unsweetened applesauce.

Zone info: 3 servings at 1/2 carb block, ~1/2 protein block, 15 fat blocks


Workouts of The Week Feb 24 2009

Steve Workout of The Week

10 to 15 min active warmup then complete:

8 x 20 sec ON / 10 sec OFF at each station...complete each station
before moving to next.

Count total reps for entire workout.

Take 2 min rest between each station.

Front Plank on Elbows



Box jumps (about 20 inches)


Post reps / experiences to comments

Peter's Workout of The Week

WU: 10-30min

Main WO:
Complete 3x10min temp, 80-83% MHR / 1-3 min recoveries
(RPE 7-8 /10, Breathing should be noticible but not out of control or labored like threshold/racepace/TT effort)
- Variation for this week is do first one at 100RPM / 2nd at 90 RPM / 3rd at 80 RPM
- Right as you finish 2nd interval perform a complete flat change, if possible with CO2 Inflator (on your race wheel)

- Post flat change time to comments - Bonus points for doing Steve's workout after mine !


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Training Methods ?

Below is a interesting description of the training of hunter gatherer cultures, or cultures that have followed the same lifestyle for numerous generations, without the influence of technology.

Interesting that for many of us their lifestyle is one that we can take many principles from ... varied training stimulus, recovery when needed, good nutrition, mix of intensity and long training ... enjoy on a snowy Saturday Afternoon !

Dr. Kim Hill, an anthropologist at Arizona State

"The Ache hunted every day of the year if it didn't rain...GPS data I collected ... suggests that about 10 km per day is probably closer to their average distance covered during search. They might cover another 1-2 km per day in very rapid pursuit. Sometimes pursuits can be extremely strenuous and last more than an hour. Ache hunters often take an easy day after any particularly difficult day, and rainfall forces them to take a day or two a week with only an hour or two of exercise. Basically they do moderate days most of the time, and sometimes really hard days usually followed by a very easy day. The difficulty of the terrain is really what killed me (ducking under low branches and vines about once every 20 seconds all day long, and climbing over fallen trees, moving through tangled thorns etc.) I was often drenched in sweat within an hour of leaving camp, and usually didn't return for 7-9 hours wi th not more than 30 minutes rest during the day."

"The Hiwi on the other hand only hunted about 2-3 days a week and often told me they wouldn't go out on a particular day because they were 'tired'. They would stay home and work on tools, etc. Their travel was not as strenuous as among the Ache (they often canoed to the hunt site), and their pursuits were usually shorter. But the Hiwi sometimes did amazing long distance walks that would have really hurt the Ache. They would walk to visit another village maybe 80-100 km away and then stay for only an hour or two before returning. This often included walking all night long as well as during the day. When I hunted with Machiguenga, Yora, Yanomamo Indians in the 1980s, my focal man days were much, much easier than with the Ache. And virtually all these groups take an easy day after a particularly difficult one."

"While hunter gatherers are generally in good physical condition if they haven't yet been exposed to modern diseases and diets that come soon after permanent outside contact, I would not want to exaggerate their abilities. They are what you would expect if you took a genetic cross section of humans and put them in lifetime physical training at moderate to hard levels. Most hunting is search time not pursuit, thus a good deal of aerobic long distance travel is often involved (over rough terrain and carrying loads if the hunt is successful). I used to train for marathons as a grad student and could run at a 6:00 per mile pace for 10 miles, but the Ache would run me into the ground following peccary tracks through dense bush for a couple of hours. I did the 100 yd in 10.2 in high school (I was a fast pass catcher on my football team), and some Ache men can sprint as fast as me."

"But hunter-gatherers do not generally compare to world class athletes, who are probably genetically very gifted and then undergo even more rigorous and specialized training than any forager. So the bottom lines is foragers are often in good shape and they look it. They sprint, jog, climb, carry, jump, etc all day long but are not specialists and do not compare to Olympic athletes in modern societies."


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2 to Chile for SNPD !

Just got released that Emily Batty and Amanda Sin, who are both down south perfecting their form and fitness in prep for 2009, got selected to represent Canada and the Pan-Ams In Santiago Chile on March 22nd !

Congrats to both of you



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Success on Skis in Gatineau Loppet - Keskinada

Steve and I send huge congratulations out to one of our long time clients, Ben Smith.

Ben drove out for another go at the Gatineau Loppet (Kesinada). Ben is a fantastic Classic Skier and endurance athlete with many 100 mile bike races, transrockies and crank the shield a few of his accomplishments (along with some pretty nuts touring around Canada)

Goal this year was to put some solid weeks into training and with Orangeville's Mono Nordic having very solid conditions for about 2months prior Ben was on skiis many a night working on his skills and fitness.

We also included a bit of strength and on bike work to mix if up and provide some options if snow wasn't available. His big weekend workouts included a healthy dose of 10min On at his Keski Pace with 1-2 min off b/w ... building to well over an hour of work by 2-3 weeks out from the event. This day was usually followed by a longer endurance day on skiis as well.

With all the work put in the results certainly came, a slightly modified course made for longer less steep climbs and Ben pulled out PB times with 3hrs Sat and just over 3hrs on Sunday. A performance that satisfies the objectives for this event (at least until next year!) .

Great Job Ben!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 16 2009 Workouts of the Week

Steve's Workout of the Week

3 rounds for time of:

BIKE as far as you can in 3 minutes ( or highest average power for 3
minutes )

21 burpees ( full pushup with chest and thighs to ground - heels must
contact the floor before jumping - must jump and clap overhead while
in the air )

RUN 400m for time (if on treadmill 1% grade)

Peter's Workout of the Week

WU: 15-30min depending on length of training session.
- include 3-5x 30sec spinups to max cadence (2-3min b/w )
- hr / effort in endurance for duration (easy gear for RPM work)

Main WO:
- Complete 10 x 2min 'endurance hill climbs' riding at 75-85RPM (2 gears harder) but with endurance effort / hr.
- recovery to be 3-5 min between at 90+ RPM

- For a neat more 'real' workout ... use natural hills outside but stay in the saddle with same rpm guidelines OR inside use TV commercials as your hills.

CD: Finish time endurance including
3-5x 2min @ 110+RPM / 2min normal cadence b/w


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Learn to Ride Clinic May 16 Heart Health Supported

Steve and I are working with Community Heart Health Network of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph to put on a beginner's learn to ride clinic on Sat May 16, 2009. Will be a morning session with location TBD (Dufferin County). Let friend and family who are looking for a bit of help to get moving on their bike for exercise or transportation know about this great event. (flyer went out in Dufferin local papers this Thurs/Friday). It also includes a catered lunch and Q&A period !


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Workouts of the Week - Feb 9 2009

Refining Bike fit, pedal stroke & Cleat Position as Spring Training and Early Races Approach!

Steve's Workout of the Week
5 min easy spin/run/row...
10 min Active Flexibility...
15 min aerobic activity of your choice gradually getting your heart
rate to 80% max...

Main WO: Then complete:

15-14-13-12-11...and so on down to 1 reps of:
(so first round is 15 reps of each exercise then go back to thrusters and do 14 of ea. the next set)

Thrusters (front squat to overhead press - to and pick a weight you
can complete 1 rep every few seconds of so - smooth and fast)

Back Extensions (can be done on exercise ball or gym equipment -- make
sure the movement is only as quick as you can go with good control at
either end of range of motion)

Suicides (run out 5m and back...run out 10m and back = 1 rep)

Situps (feet at 90 degrees - shoulder blades must touch the ground -
hands must tap your toes)


Peter's Workout of the Week
- 20min on Trainer (or outside) building to 110RPM And including 4x30sec spinups to max every 4-5min.
- Inside (or outside if nice out) bike 20min Max effort (record distance and other metrics for comparison later)
- Finish with 20-40min ride at 100RPM or run working on getting to 90RPM

Remember to post your times, comments and experiences to comments please !


What a week !

We had a great week here in Orangeville. With the first full week of SNPD and Crossfit clients coming through the new facility for testing, fitting and personal training ... there seemed to be a common theme of approval ! Some great first experiences at the brand new CrossFit Orangeville Facility (picture below of Steve in one of his first sessions at the new place).

Also some very good weather that had many SNPD clients out for some very important outside rides so that the legs can remember what hills and wind feel like and the mind can forget what that wall looks like !


Setting up Your Transition

So with some warm weather some of us might be more inclined to get out and include some xtraining or even an outdoor bike ride into our workouts. A great workout that let's us ride outside but still get some focused intervals done is to do say 60min outdoors on a winter bike and then come in for some interval work for a bit on the trainer. This is applicable even when we are faced with cold conditions where a bike isn't really feasible for most of us.

The key (in my opinion) is to get the transitions between the different parts of your workout as short and organized as possible. In triathalon this can be a huge part of decreasing race times because many beginners can gain 5-10min through transtions alone ! For those just looking for variety in a workout it gets your 90 or 120min workout done in less overall time (ie. 120min workout takes 140min because you are looking for a glove or filling bottles etc.)

So I took a picture of how I like to organize myself for a snowshoe portion of a bit endurance workout where I did a few hours on the rollers then a few on the snow shoes and then back on the rollers for a bit.

In the picture above note:
a) boots/snowshoes/poles right by door
b) Clothes laid out neatly and in an order that allows for quick, sequential dressing.
c) drinks/food already in packs/waist belt.
d) the dog is in its cage :)
e) all this is positioned close to door and close to bike/training room

Something to think about ... I usually set 5min per transition as a maximum for clients, but like to see much quicker than that after a few workouts. How you organize yourself will vary depending on how you think and what you are doing but give it some thought !


Monday, February 2, 2009

Workouts of the Week - Groundhog Edition (feb 2/09)

Who got out riding or on the snowshoes this weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????

Steve's Workout of the Week

4 rounds of:

run 400m OR row 250m OR bike 1k + 30 ball slams about (about 10 to 15
lbs) + 30 single leg step up and hop (bodyweight only)

For the step up hop...do a single leg step up onto box about 10 inches
high...but then explode straight up on the one leg, land and then step
back down...for the 30 reps you should complete 15 per leg alternation
every 5 reps

Peter's Workout of the Week

Warmup 10-30min
- Including 5x30sec One Leg Pedaling Each leg
(focus on coming smoothly over the top and avoiding 'clunking' ... move to other leg if clunking unavoidable ... so may be shorter inervals to start) / 1min at 90-100RPM both legs b/w

Main WO:
1) perform 5x2min @ 110-130RPM, limit hr to 85% mhr
(recover 2min at normal gearing / endurance pace (HR/watts) b/w)

2) Ride at 80-83% MHR and 90-95RPM for a 15, 10 and a 8 min interval taking 2min easy spinning b/w each duration.

Cool down before getting off bike.



Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finishing touches...

Lately at the end of Peter's strength sessions we have been playing around with some static holds...working towards 5 min total time on each one...plank on the rings...fat rope dead hang....slosh pipe overhead hold (ok this one isn't so static but it will eventually be :) )

Great job Peter keep up the good work.

oh yeah...check out a few pics of the new CrossFit Orangeville project...finally a place to call my own, and some where new hang around

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


7 Habits to Break

Not a bad article, take some time and enjoy Superbowl Sunday!

The 7 worst habits of Busy People

  1. Forgetting to relax: Some stress can be good because it keeps you alert and motivated; too much stress, however, will take its toll on your body.[1]

  2. Eating on the go: Who has time to sit down for a healthy lunch? But beware of frozen meals, fast, and processed food that can be high in sodium, calories, and fat.[2]

  3. Putting off sleep for work: Lack of sleep can cause irritability, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, poor judgment, and obesity.[3]

  4. Not making time for exercise: Humans were not designed to sit at desks for 8 hours a day. Exercise has been shown to reduce the risk for nearly every major disease and to help fight anxiety and depression.[4]

  5. Working when sick: 3 common-sense reasons to stay home: avoid spreading the infection, you'll be less productive, and you need your rest to get better.

  6. Drinking (too much): Moderate alcohol consumption has some proven health benefits , but excessive drinking can lead to alcoholism, liver disease, and some forms of cancer.[5]

  7. Skipping annual medical checkups: Depending on age, family history, and lifestyle, a comprehensive medical checkup and special screenings is recommended every 1 to 5 years.[6]

PS. Remember to Book your Fit / Test / Consult for Feb ... Things are getting Booked fast !

PSS. Do above 7 habits sound familiar ??? Mabey it is time to look at Crossfit ... New Location Opening this week In Orangeville ... classes / one on one ? CLICK and get started !

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