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Woodnewton O-cup 2015 – Report, Photos, Results

Woodnewton O-cup 2015 – Report, Photos, Results

Ted from Apex caught me sneaking some air behind McSneaky

Great first day back racing mountain bikes. I enjoyed the time off but last few weeks I have been going crazy to race. So good to see everyone (mostly everyone) at Ocup #1 Woodnewton. Kudos to Superfly Racing for great organization and for mixing up the course abit this year. Course was harder (about 1km/hr slower for most categories/athletes) .

Most Smart Athletes  had good/best days and most were on the podium.

Peter Kraiker Got me banking a corner on the final descent


-> Via OCA for 2015 Woodnewton Ocup #1

-> Strava for woodnewton ocup #1 2015



the popular ‘ocup podium hop’ staged photo (above by Molly) ( men 2 (by Kraiker) , women


-> PedalMag story and photos from 2015 woodnewton ocup

-> Waterloo Flickr 

-> McNeally (McSneaky) posts podium photos (not jumping) 


Jon Slaughter

MsSneaky Report from Woodnewton


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