TWO New Cycling Training Plans in the Training Peaks Library

Two new Cycling Training plans for mountain bike and cyclocross are available for instant application to your training peaks calendar. Both are base/general preparation phase training for those with limited time available to train.

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Time Limited Plan – Busy People Preparing for MTB Season (Base)

This plan uses short workouts, mostly under an hour and 2 strength/core per week to help optimize power, body composition and strength.


On bike, time is focused on coordination and intensity

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Cyclocross General Prep Phase (Base – sweet spot) – 3 months – Downloadable workouts + core

3 months of Base/General Prep Period training to get you ready for specific cyclocross work in the summer.

This plan is best applied 6-8 months ahead of your competition season to allow 2-3 months of specific/Build phase for cyclocross.

Features Downloadable workouts for Garmin/Zwift/Trainer Road AND strength routines with Document for routine.

The plan is 8-12 hours a week with options noted to extend or reduce as your schedule dictates

This plan builds your capacity for tempo/sweetspot while also working on skills like single leg pedaling (and clipping in). Strength/Core/Mobility is addressed and progressed to help you arrive healthy for your specific cyclocross phase.

Workouts provide options for outdoors or indoors and some cross-training depending on your location.

Get the Plan here!

Both are only $39 dollars.

If you want a program made 100% for your schedule, abilities and goals than consider Smart Athlete 3-Month Plans or weekly Coaching.

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