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Training Plan Leadville 3-4 Months Out

A New Training Plan for those doing Leadville and looking for guidance in their final preparation. This plan includes riding, core, and guidance on getting ready for travel, fueling, and altitude.

Get the Leadville plan NOW via Training Peaks

A Plan for those who are busy with work, family and other aspects of life.

Start this plan in April or Early May (3-4 months out) and follow the guidance on big rides and specific intensity rides interspersed with core and yoga and walking workouts to keep your body healthy while you train and do all that you do each day with work and family.

Pedaling and ‘ALL the Other Stuff’ that will get you to the finish line.

This plan will get you fit but also make sure you are prepared. It follows the same progressions and ideas I have used to get many athletes under 11 hours at Leadville and several under 9 hours using very similar programs to this one. For goals under 9 hours, I would suggest looking at coaching or a custom 3-month plan (see below)

Flexible to extend or shorten rides

The plan is 8-12+ hours a week with options noted to extend or reduce as your schedule dictates.

Features some workouts with downloads for computer/zwift but many that do not to ensure you are focused on developing feeling for your pace, and to develop the technical skills required for this outdoors adventure you are undertaking!

Get the Leadville plan NOW via Training Peaks

Please feel free to email using the Contact Page to inquire about this plan or getting a 100% made for you 3-month plan or to start with coaching to get feedback and adjustments

Learn more about 3-Month 100% Made for you plans here

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