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Training Happy – Dealing with Injury and Failure

Training Happy – Dealing with Injury and Failure

Megan Roche is a professional runner, coach, and doctor! She was a guest on the Consummate Athlete Podcast which you can listen to (or download) in the below player (or at )

Key Take-a-ways

  • Injury – dealing with setbacks – Megan had a very serious hamstring injury recently and she discusses coming back after and being patient.
  • Failure – expect and embrace these! Molly talks through our ‘failed’ attempt at the Kilarney FKT (see her post here on that) and Megan discusses her injury and different failures she has had and how we deal with it after.
  • When, how, if you should get off the couch and go run/train
  • On being a happy runner when things aren’t going well. (which is relevant for all athletes) – their book “the Happy Runner” is worth a read!
  • TECHNICAL RUNNING – Uphill and downhill tips
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