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2015 Tremblant Canada Cup MTB-XCO – Results, Photos, Stories

I had the sensation that things might change this year as I got in my last workout at home before heading to the familiar Canada Cup Venue at Mt. Tremblant. Sure enough I was behind the news and the organizers had put in some work to loop the first single-track back towards the village and the ‘classic’ minime (13-14 year olds) descent beside the river would be used by the elites after being passed-by for so many years. The minime descent is quite rooty, technical and really fun so I was excited to get to race it.

I felt good on the start and was within the  top 20 and soon closed a few gaps that ‘eager’ starters had let open. I found the Wheel of Watson (shotgun novel title) and decided that it was the day we would race together. Sure enough I bobbled 3 times in 10 feet on the big mud hole and ended up going over my limit to get back on lap 2. Regrouping I rode steady and consistent, albeit with less speed then I would like. Ended up in 13th and grabbed a couple points.


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catching or loosing the ‘wheel of watson‘ 

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Race You ( Tremblant Canada cup prerace)

Excited to be back to Tremblant Canada Cup this weekend . It’s a favorite course for many people and one that I generally have good rides at . It is basically 1 longer climb and one longer descent with some rocks and roots to challenge fatigued riders .
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The snow in collingwood ski hills makes me wonder what Quebec is like in the forest ?
(This is a webcam from )

News Items  
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Weather seems to be shaping up … Perhaps for a mud bath in super hot weather as per usual !

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