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Can You Prepare for The Goal You Have Set?

Picking Point B – The Goal You Want to Reach

Where do you want to go? That ‘Point B’ is the big race, big ride, or new power output you want to achieve. The big Crazy Goal that scares you into doing awesome training and learning new skills and pushing your personal bests.

Read about my Big Crazy Goal to do an Ironman and in the process learn to swim and push my limits and fears ( note I didn’t do much else and had to mountain bike way less)

But do you have space in your life for the training, race week preparation and post-race recovery?

The Space between Point A and Point B

When choosing and refining that list of races, events, and rides. Make sure you have the time and energy for the training you need to do.

Can you fit 4-6 hour training rides in to be ready for a stage race or solo event?

Do you want to ride a mountain bike to prepare for a mountain bike event (and travel to the trails, technical areas, hilly areas)?

Take out a calendar and see if there are any free weekends (or months) to train for that big goal event. To put in daily focused training to have you in PERSONAL BEST condition. To be CONFIDENT on the start line.

Where do you want to go? Pick one to focus on and leave the others for next time!

Trim the events you aren’t into

Plan your big training rides. Plan your recovery days. Plan weekends when you can just ride, eat, sleep (and hang out with your family and be happy!)

Commit to that one (or two) big day of adventure so you can spend a few months getting ready for doing awesome adventures and learning about your goal discipline.

You can do amazing, BIG CRAZY GOALS, but not so many all at once


If you need help with this a phone consult is a great way to lay out your calendar of events and talk about the training you need to do to get there (book it here!) 


2014 Schedule ( I want it well Planned )

Here is what I am planning for 2014 . With handy registration links . Hopefully see you there ! 

Bonelli USCUP  = Results , Blog   watch Video of race
Fontana USCUP = Results , Blog   WATCH VIDEO
Sea Otter Classic = Results , Blog  , Random Sea otter videos 
Paris to Ancaster = Results , Blog    Random P2a Video
Ontario Cup #1 Woodnewton – 
5/10 – Shredders Camp Hardwood (

5/11 – Demo Day Hardwood Ski & Bike – INFO 
5/17 – Tremblant Canada Cup = Register HERE:  = Results , Blog 
5/25 – 5/31 – Transylvania Stage Race  =  Registration   = Results , Blog 
6/8 – Ocup Sir Sams   =  Registration   = Results , Blog 
6/21-6/22 = Enduro Blue Mountain PA (Not Collingwood)  = Registration 
7.5 = Enduro Killington VT (???)  Registration 
7/12 – Sudbury Canada Cup Registration 
7/19 – Hardwood Nationals Championships Registraton
7/26 – Marathon Nationals / Sun Peaks Dirty Feet Marathon Registration 
7/31 – St. Anne World Cup XCO – INFO
8/8-15 – Whistler Crank Worx  – Fat Tire Crit, Enduro, XCM , XC   = Crankworx INFO
         * (chance of Windham WC if Crankworx Schedule updates)  
8/17 – Ocup Mountainview Ontario – =  Registration   = Results , Blog 
9/15 – Crank the Shield Registration 
9/23 – Ontario Provincial World Championships Horseshoe Resort =  Registration   = Results , Blog
9/31 – Cross Season Starts !