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Can You Prepare for The Goal You Have Set?

Picking Point B – The Goal You Want to Reach

Where do you want to go? That ‘Point B’ is the big race, big ride, or new power output you want to achieve. The big Crazy Goal that scares you into doing awesome training and learning new skills and pushing your personal bests.

In 2017 I did an Ironman and that was the Big Crazy Goal for the year because Ironman is crazy! In about a year I had to learn to swim and push my limits and fears, which was exciting and new BUT it meant giving up a lot of the fun mountain biking and trail running I usually do for that year.

So when you look at all the events you have this year, do you have time to prepare for them all and have a great day at the big one? Or do some of those small (or not so small) events conflict with the big training rides, weekends and weeks you GET to do to prepare for your BIG CRAZY EVENT?

The Space between Point A and Point B

When choosing and refining that list of races, events, and rides. Make sure you have the time and energy for the training you need to do for many weeks. You want to be really excited for the training the event requires. If it is a mountain bike race you should want to and be able to ride your mountain bike on trails a lot!

If you are signing up for an endurance event than make sure you plan for those big training days and weeks and months!

As an example, many people sign up for Leadville but do not want to drive to HILLY gravel roads or ride their mountain bike for many hours. Be careful as this makes for scary race days!

Look at the Calendar

Take out a calendar and see if there are any free weekends (or months) to train for that big goal event. To put in daily focused training to have you in PERSONAL BEST condition. To be CONFIDENT on the start line.

Trim the events you aren’t into

Plan your big training rides. Plan your recovery days. Plan weekends when you can just ride, eat, sleep, and hang out with your family and be happy!

Commit to that one (or two) big day of adventure so you can spend a few months getting ready for. Be MORE excited abou tthe training you GET TO DO, for the awesome adventures and learning you will do.

Book a phone consult to get help planning your season

2015 MTB-XCO Nationals St. Felicien quebec Quebec – Photos, Video, Links, Stories


bike wash


Hans Clarke Photo – I am hoggin bike wash and some people are spraying in instead of out

Well after a break from racing to coach I got back into my athlete chamois and put in some time on course thursday/friday aiming for >800m a day and just having fun on the course and trying to recover mentally and physically to be focused on a solid 90min effort Saturday. Seemed to work and the whips were relatively coordinated. Thanks to those that cheered in the rain and those who caught some photos. As always to Trek Store Toronto for bike/gear/life support and to Zach Tatem and his mobile ‘Bicycle Repair Co’ who wrenched for Trek Canada for Nationals. Also thanks to Molly for putting up with my athlete-ness and making ‘wheee!!!’ sounds when I do whips (see video) .

whip - photo by mitch

Mitch Bailey Photo – Whip # 3 of 7 on the day approximately 


Canadian Cyclist Nationals XC 2015  and PedalMAG

Canadian Cycling Magazine Story 



Hans Clarke Photo – A flick is coming 


Molly Hurford Instagram

Trek Canada Instagram

Hannah Clarke Facebook Alblum -> nationals 2015 xco felicien

peter hammer relay  0 hans clarke

Hans Clarke Photo from Relay – Lu, Lu Shorts + Hammer Moto Jersey + Ontario Vest got a wee bit hot . 


=> Second Nationals Video (Canada Cup ) 2015 VIMEO 

=> Nationals Event Video – VIMEO – Whip video at 1:30 into video —  2015

-> Pedal mag part 1 2015 nationals interview videos 

-> Pedal Mag Video Interviews 2015 Nationals St. Felicien Quebec XCO 


2015 Hardwood Ski and Bike Canada Cup – Results, Photos, Videos, Links

Muddy day but amazing turnout with spectators sticking around through heavy rain and wind. Hardwood Ski and Bike and Pulse Racing should be commended on super event. Pan Ams will be no problem. I had a decent day, likely my best ‘mud’ race of my life. Ended up 9th with bike and body in one piece. Kudos to Derek Zandstra and Emily on winning Elite and also to my teammate Soren for putting in really solid lap times (close to Emily’s) in the Junior women’s event.



-> ONTARIO CYCLING RESULTS 2015 Hardwood Ski and Bike Canada Cup 

peter on boneshaker by momma bailey

sliding down boneshaker – Photo via the Baileys 


JSLAUGHTS Races Horshoe



JSlaughts riding the ‘the pugsly’ w. Lazarski Photo in the background (photo by Danny Souter)

-> APEX PHOTO – hardwood 2015 (i was #11 this week link)

-> CANADIAN CYCLIST – Hardwood Ski and Bike Canada Cup   and cancyclist galleries Hardwood 2015




-> Marc Antoine Nadon rides the akward Rock Step down at Hardwood Ski and Bike Canada Cup 


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2015 Horseshoe Ocup / Canada Cup – Photos, Links, Videos, Stories




Hailey Smith (norco) winner of 2015 Horseshoe Canada Cup 

JSLAUGHTS Races Horshoe

Norco factory update 


not tired wheelie - horshoe candaa cup 2015

Tired finish wheelie.

-> APEX PHOTO – Check out the Frogs we caught post-race ! and the whale rock shots are also good. #1 plate ran tape on 1st lap.

-> CANADIAN CYCLIST -Updated 6/9/2015 – Horshoe Canada Cup results and elite women/men photos


-> FACEBOOK – HANS CLARK 282 images


-> CTV Coverage of 2015 Horshoe Canada Cup


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2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic Results, Photos, Videos, links and Story




2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic Results – Via Outdoor Expience (Trans-Sylvania Epic ) 


1) 7 day series on my experience and learning from 2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Race for Canadian Cycling Magazine

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6 Stage 7

2) Single Track Summer Camp, Why You Should Do it  By Molly Hurford 

3) PinkBike Stories, photos and video interviews from 2015 Trans-Sylvania Epic by Devon Belat

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6 – Stage 7    (Search pinkbike all Trans-Sylvania results )

4) Dirt Rag final recap of Trans-Sylvania Epic 2015 Lindine and Barclay win


-> Devon Belat

-> Official TS-EPic Galleries and Photos – Abe Landis Photo

-> Official TS-Epic Facebook Page – LINK


-> My Stage 6 Interview – LINK

-> My Stage 4 Interview – LINK 





2015 Tremblant Canada Cup MTB-XCO – Results, Photos, Stories

I had the sensation that things might change this year as I got in my last workout at home before heading to the familiar Canada Cup Venue at Mt. Tremblant. Sure enough I was behind the news and the organizers had put in some work to loop the first single-track back towards the village and the ‘classic’ minime (13-14 year olds) descent beside the river would be used by the elites after being passed-by for so many years. The minime descent is quite rooty, technical and really fun so I was excited to get to race it.

I felt good on the start and was within the  top 20 and soon closed a few gaps that ‘eager’ starters had let open. I found the Wheel of Watson (shotgun novel title) and decided that it was the day we would race together. Sure enough I bobbled 3 times in 10 feet on the big mud hole and ended up going over my limit to get back on lap 2. Regrouping I rode steady and consistent, albeit with less speed then I would like. Ended up in 13th and grabbed a couple points.


-> Canadian Cycling Magazine Tremblant 2015 Coverage

-> Cancyclist Tremblant 2015 Results

-> Pedal Mag Tremblant 2015 Results/Photos  &  DOwnhill Results/Photos

-> Canadian Cyclist Downhill Results 2015 Tremblant




catching or loosing the ‘wheel of watson‘ 

-> Rastasproduction photos (Saw some of Karlee and Raph so far) 


BLOGS and Stories

-> Journal de Quebec story on race / Raph Gagne

-> Slaughter Blog 

-> McSneaky Tremblant    (also see McSneaky Rockshox upside down fork post)


Any Links I missed ? Lemme know


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Woodnewton O-cup 2015 – Report, Photos, Results

Ted from Apex caught me sneaking some air behind McSneaky

Great first day back racing mountain bikes. I enjoyed the time off but last few weeks I have been going crazy to race. So good to see everyone (mostly everyone) at Ocup #1 Woodnewton. Kudos to Superfly Racing for great organization and for mixing up the course abit this year. Course was harder (about 1km/hr slower for most categories/athletes) .

Most Smart Athletes  had good/best days and most were on the podium.

Peter Kraiker Got me banking a corner on the final descent


-> Via OCA for 2015 Woodnewton Ocup #1

-> Strava for woodnewton ocup #1 2015



the popular ‘ocup podium hop’ staged photo (above by Molly) ( men 2 (by Kraiker) , women


-> PedalMag story and photos from 2015 woodnewton ocup

-> Waterloo Flickr 

-> McNeally (McSneaky) posts podium photos (not jumping) 


Jon Slaughter

MsSneaky Report from Woodnewton


Paris to Ancaster 2015 – Story, Results, Photos

Please let me know your own blog links, stories or videos you have seen via comments below or tweet at me @peterglassford 

What a super day at the races. While I had ambitious to be in the lead pack and going for the win again this year it was ambitious to think my preparations were sufficient and that my first race back after many months away from racing would be my best but 10th with some decent power output for the 2 hour event and solid technical riding were enough for me this year.

men podium 2015

The Course was quite dry, which *may* have been a factor that kept me out of making the break (or re-catching the break) … This made for a generally fast moving day despite the pre-vailing headwind and longer course this year as we neared 70km on the day.

dad takes photo of molly and I at Paris to Ancaster

Molly and I were down for the weekend with a Sponsor Ride on Friday and a Women’s Talk on the Saturday, and a children’s skills clinic on the Saturday. Photo credit to my Dad on the above shot of Molly and I !

mike hand talking

Mike Garrigan, National CX Champ and multi-time Paris to Ancaster Champ and Sean Kelly, Provincial Coach and Road racing legend, and I went for what was basically a full pre-ride on Saturday afternoon. Likely not the wisest use of time and energy given the dry course but so much fun to get out exploring with 2 good friends who I don’t get to ride with enough and who love a good gravel road (or mtb trail) on road bikes as much as I do .

To top it all off, I was able to see many friends and family who live in Ancaster while at the event. It was a busy 1st weekend back at the races.


-> McSneeky Blog 2015 Paris to Ancaster (and Sea Otter) 

-> Hamilton SPectator 2015 Paris to ANcaster coverage 


2015 Paris to Ancaster – Official Timing Results 

2015 Results by Canadian Cyclist – paris to ancaster

CHECK OUT MY STRAVA FOR Paris to Ancaster 2015

2014 Paris to Ancaster Results and Story (**2014 – last year ** ) 


-> Canadian Cyclist Paris to Ancaster Photos 

-> APEX PHOTO 2015 Paris to ANcaster

-> Man endoing on climb up martin road   –  Muddy Man’s Face    —


-> (classic 2013 ‘how to win paris to ancaster video features mike g) 

-> Garrigan Van and Van Loy interviews on Pedal Mag Paris to Ancaster 2015

-> Bicycling INstagram for CLARK interview and fun/interesting bikes of Paris to Ancaster 2015

-> Mid-pack GO-Pro of Martin Road Climb – Paris to Ancaster 2015 (with bag pipes )

-> 40km Paris to Ancaster Start 

-> John Thorpe Talking best bike to use for Paris to Ancaster

-> CHCH covers 2015 paris to ancaster 

Licence Applications Out – Will You Upgrade? Some Thoughts

Smart Athlete helps a lot of athletes achieve their goal of upgrading their racing category. But should you always take an upgrade? ‘Catting-up’ is tempting but it worth considering if it is the best choice for your development, enjoyment, family/life schedule, and your budget! This post uses mountain bike XCO specific examples but you can apply similar/same concepts to all disciplines with category upgrades.

You are eligible for an upgrade – Should you ‘Cat-Up?’


In life we would rarely refuse an upgrade:

“Biggie size fries?” ….  “YES! (sweet potato of course)”

“How about a 1st class upgrade for you, tired looking bike racer?” …  “Why, Thank You!”

We generally say yes when presented with an upgrade opportunity but I believe the cycling category upgrade needs to be treated with caution, perhaps not unlike the biggie size fries, because we may not be making a choice that brings us closer to our goals and/or to a better version of ourselves. I believe this choice greatly affects development and enjoyment of the sport.

To explain further, I am pained to see so many athletes upgrade early. Cat-ing up means moving from beginner to sport (cat1/2), or from sport to expert (cat 2/3), or making the jump to Pro/elite from expert. Often these athletes are not going the same speed as the category they are upgrading to despite easier/shorter courses (generally). When someone upgrades early they don’t have the capacity to go fast for fewer laps but when they upgrade they will have to go faster for longer. The common reality is that if you can’t go fast on the easier/shorter course then you will go slower in the new category to finish, which further delays (or prevents) development.

I propose that before accepting an upgrade this fall/winter that you take a look at your races this past year and consider the following:

1) Can you ride at the average speed of the category you want to upgrade to?

If not within the speed of top 5 riders in the new category, I suggest staying in the current category. This avg speed should work for most disciplines. Percent-off the leader is another way to look at smaller categories. I think 5-10% is a gap that can be closed but more than that needs time to bring skill and fitness high enough to be in striking range.


2) Have you won, or at least been on the podium?

Learning to race head to head and go at other people’s paces and use tactics (even in mtb) is critical, especially as you start racing more experienced and better-trained athletes. If you have been sneaking by in 7th or 8th, wait to get at least close to a win.

Self-Indulgent Example: This ‘competitive’ criteria is one that I didn’t obey coming from Junior 7th and 8th place finishes into pro elite. I think this has been one of the hardest things for me to overcome as a pro, especially as the ‘XCO’ discipline becomes more intense/tactical. Had I spent a year or even 3 races in the expert category who knows what would have changed, worst case I would not have scored that 18th overall provincial result and saved approximately enough to buy a new skateboard.

3) Are you preparing like you are going to race in that category?

Give your training and focus a solid look, does it match your goal? Ask a coach about the type of hours you would need to reach your goal, it may be more then you have time or interest in. Too often I have this conversation with experts who want to turn elite. They work full time and want to maintain busy social lives but then want to PAY EXTRA to race at the back of an elite field, often at a much more inconvenient time of day (late in the day means a whole day away from family). They could have so much fun and gain more fitness/experience by racing fast and competitively in the expert fields.

I hope this helps you check the right box for you this fall/winter. The worst case is you win a couple races and upgrade with confidence and race experience AND prove me wrong 😉

Please let me know if you agree/disagree or need someone to bounce ideas off of. (try athlete intake form)



Providence Cyclocross Festival 2014 – Links, Photos, Video

Providence was perhaps the best Cylocross race I have been at in terms of organizers planning for a festival and full weekend of events. With 1200+ racers and 8000+ spectators the numbers tell the story. Exiting courses, food vendors, and beer gardens make for a super weekend of spectating .

whip providence 2014 jules roazen

I wasn’t feeling super over the weekend but managed some mid pack finishes and enjoyed the beer garden jump and a few laps with Mike Garrigan on Day 2.


=> Cross results Providence Day 2

=> Cross results Day 1 –


=> Providence Cross on Twitter

=> Providence CX race facebook page ( many links / updates ) 

=> Cx Magazine report day 1 providence 

=> Powers Blog Day 1 

=> Canadian Cycling Magazine Day 2 Report 


=> Velo news day 1 gallery 

=> Velo news day 2 Providence gallery 

=> Black and white gallery by Hawksley


=> Behind the barriers TV Day 1 Providence 

=> BHB TV Coverage Day 2 Providence