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The 3 Essential Cyclocross Skills (VIDEO)

I worked with Canadian Cycling Magazine on 3 videos to help enhance your cross experience. These 3 foundational concepts are key to review for the beginner and advanced rider to ensure you are getting the most out of your efforts.

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1) Dismount –

2) Mount –

3) Shoulder –


Want to re-energize- Unplug, put airplane mode on, and immerse in nature's finest.

How to Dismount Indoor Rollers (with style)

Worried about falling off rollers ? practicing getting off before you need to is a great drill and way to pass time indoor training as well. Make sure it benefits your outdoor riding by using techniques we would use indoors .

Remember your wall , credenza and Mom won’t be there to catch you outside ! (use your feet!)


Bike Skills Project Episode 11 – Cylocross Dismount, Hand Focus

Today’s Focus is on the Classic Cylocross Dismount but Biasing our skills and drills to improve (or try) the right Hand transfer to top tube BEFORE we do our step through dismount (classic old skool style) or the more trendy ‘skip’ dismount .
 -> Swing the leg around, Move right hand to top tube, dismount in choice style (REPEAT!!!) [youtube]