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Upcoming Cyclocross Group Session – Collingwood – Saturday, Sept. 1st 2018

Labor Day Weekend Cyclocross Group Skills Session in Collingwood

This could integrate into a family trip up to Wasaga Beach or Collingwood.

The course is open to Smart Athlete Clients and to the public. I appreciate your sharing this with any awesome friends who would benefit.
You will learn and improve: 
 = Mounts
 = Dismounts
 = Carries (shoulder, suitcase, pushing)
 = cornering
 = Hopping, Pumping, Unweighting
 = Starts
Mountain bikes, Mountain Bikers, Gravel riders and those wanting to improve their bike skills are welcome.

Cost is $99+tax and includes access to Highlands private property (washrooms!), snacks, coaching, a course to ride and a solid workout.

    *You can use any 4-pack of skill sessions you have or purchase one to make this only $65+tax for clients or $75+tax for the public.

Register for Cyclocross Skills Session- Dismounts, Mounts, Corners | Smart Athlete Register Here!

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