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How to Hop Logs in 5 Steps

Have you been trying to get the log hop figured out?

Do you want to learn how to bunny hop your bike? This post outlines the 5-step system that I use in Smart Athlete bike-skills sessions around North America. We use this system for cyclocross racers learning to barrier hop, roadies wanting to hop curbs and potholes and, of course, mountain bikers bunny hopping logs.


Thanks to Canadian Cycling Magazine we have some super production of my 5-step system to share. This is the basic system I use to help athletes of all abilities get better at logs. This might be a pro looking to hop giant logs smoother, or simply avoid race-ending flats. For beginners getting that first front-wheel-lift is so motivating. Whatever point you at in your log hop/bunny hops give these steps a try.

Regardless of the step that you are on, remember all of these steps are used during a ride. Sometimes we jump things and sometimes we pummel over them!

Whether you are new to cycling or an expert, taking time to review the 5 steps we use on the trail and road to clear obstacles is worthwhile. There is always an element we can progress, using higher logs, more abrupt roll-overs, more speed / less speed. Enjoy the never-ending process of moving your bike over obstacles!

Beginners often need to work on level 2 and 3 (wheel lifting) while advanced riders, who can do the Level 4/5 (‘bunny hop’), often surprisingly need help with level 1 to be smooth and over terrain at speed (rolling over things smoothly / rear-wheel awareness).

If you are looking to progress quickly or finding you are stuck on one of the stages why not try a skill session with Smart Athlete?

You can book one now via email (peterglassford At Gmail.com  or Book Now

First steps to Clearing Obstacles ( log hop , rock over etc.)

clearing obstacles

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Today we talk about riding over obstacles on the trail. This could be a log hop or over a pile of rocks/ logs. We use this skill constantly. The first step is to get comfortable standing up (the ready and attack positions I like to get people comfortable in first) then using a very small and subtle weight transfer to let the wheels roll over the logs.

This is our first method to clear obstacles

You can also check out the 5-steps to hopping Logs below

Rear Wheel Lifting without Clipless Pedals – Ep98

Learning to rear wheel lift will help you get over logs. Learning to do it without clipless pedals makes you even better when you add clipless pedals back in. I like to think of this like using tools in swimming (ie. flutter board) , if we take out some of the assistance can we reduce the weakest link ?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyI2sVKAvR8&w=420&h=315]

Get all the attention (Check out the Top 5 Bike Skills Project Episodes of 2012)

~85 Videos in the year has ended. Please spread the word and let me know ideas / changes/ suggestions / questions to answer / skills to cover

Top 5 Posts @ The Bike Skills Project

Nose Wheelies or Stoppies – Episode 49

Slamming on the Front Brake and going into an ‘endo’ or ‘stoppie’ or ‘nose wheelie’ seems pretty crazy to many people but it is actually a really, really important skill and one of the best things you could learn to increase your confidence and safety.

If you are comfortable moving back on the bike you can suddenly ride way steeper things without putting yourself in a bad position.

If you can move forward you can climb and jump over things.

Start moving the bike around, keep your body in the happy zone (upright)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsOtY25Gcs0]

Drill to Understand J-Hop / Bunny Hop – Ep39 – Bike Skills Project

This is a stupid bike trick for sure (see tags at right to find more)

But it might be so stupid that it works. At least 2 ‘elite’ riders have had ‘ah ha’ moments

So if the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ is stupid then this should be on your next skill session agenda.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ozVC3IpdGk]

Bike Skills Project – Episode 33 – Joy Ride – Rear Wheel Awareness Tool

Today a look at an awesome tool to learn rear wheel awareness.

What is Rear Wheel Awareness ? It is the ability to know/anticipate what your rear wheel is doing so you don’t get kicked off line , ruin wheels or fall to a tragic demise.

Check out this tool or a similar one and then go to the trail and find places it applies .

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kknTQA2I7kY&w=560&h=315]